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Pakistan Property Portal, Website Post Property FREE

Videography : Reasons Why You Need it in Your Real Estate Marketing

28 Sep 2018
Videography : Reasons Why You Need it in Your Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing is changing over a last couple of decades. With the advent of the internet and several such other modern technologies and new media of communication, real estate marketing has shown a 180-degree shift in its marketing approaches and drive.

The new technologies and approaches are now being utilized to make the most of marketing opportunities and reach the highest number of potential audiences, making the maximum possible impact. It is no longer optional but has become essential for the real estate players to add videos with the property listings to generate more leads through it. If these property listings are not accompanied by the videos, they would be left behind in the fierce competition on the internet and would not be able to crawl up through the search engine results.

So, how exactly do you think videography can be beneficial in real estate marketing? The following are a few points that highlight these reasons.

  • The Statistics

The statistics say it all. The property listings along with videos get more clicks as compared to the ones without videos. As more than 80 percent of people look for a house for sale or house for rent on the internet, it is these videos that primarily help them decide. Some people are of the view that a greater number of clicks do not always guarantee more sales. Well, yes that is totally understandable, but if you again look at the statistics, you will find out that most of the properties sold are the ones that were listed along with the videos.

  • A Branding Tool

Videography is not just used because of the visual effects and benefits. It also is used as a branding tool, as the use of videography with property listings can potentially improve your image as a realtor. It has been observed by the realtors that properties that are listed along with videography are usually priced higher than the property of the same value and worth, but listed without video coverage. This is primarily because a video alone can boost the image of the property as well as the realtors.

  • Virtual Tour of the Properties

Property video tours can cover a lot more than the photographs alone. A lot of aspects of the property that cannot be viewed in pictures can be seen in videos. These videos are regarded as a virtual tour of a property, which means that the potential buyers do not have to go visit the property themselves but can take this virtual tour through videos.

  • Time and Cost-efficient

Videos are a one-time investment and are then meant to save time and costs at multiple points in the future. The time and costs associated with the visit of potential buyers are saved. It is also said that taking professional photos sometimes takes more time than a video recording. You have to take several shots to then decide the best one out of them that goes with the property listing. This is not the scenario in the case of videos. Videos are just recorded and uploaded. You do not need certain angles or light intensity as you do in the case of pictures.

  • Boosts your Social Media Reach

As we all know, social media is now video-driven. Our timelines are all full of videos now. Hence the use of videography in real estate marketing can support and sustain the social media presence of the realtors as well. The views and clicks received on videos have been recorded to be more than that of photos, so record the videos and upload them on your social media to enhance your reach further.

  • Creates a Sense of Attachment

Videography is primarily used because of the feel that it can potentially create. Seeing a video of a property creates a sense of attachment, a sense of familiarity with that property and hence the impact is different than the one created without videos.

So, if you are a realtor and struggling with your online marketing and sales, this is what you need to know. Start adding videography with the property listings and see the results yourself. is one such platform that is leading the trend and capitalizing on the benefits of videography in listing the house for sale and house for rent.

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