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Tips to stay hydrated during Ramadan

21 Apr 2021
Tips to stay hydrated during Ramadan

Tips to stay hydrated during Ramadan

Ramadan is the most awaited Islamic month of the year where the entire Umma fast together. Fasting is a healthy habit but it might make our bodies dehydrated due to less water consumption. To overcome this factor, nature has blessed us with numerous sources of eateries that help us in keeping our bodies hydrated during the long sunny days. Fluids benefit transport nutrients to your body’s cells, flush out the bacteria and pollutants from the bladder, maintain appropriate kidney function, and avert constipation.

Here are a few tips that are proven for staying hydrated during the long summer fasting days so you can stay hydrated all day long.

  • Consume a good amount of water in Suhoor and After

    It is suggested to take a good amount of water before making a fast and after breaking it. But an excessive amount can be dangerous. Our bodies are designed differently and can consume a specific amount of water at a time. If you consume more water then you may have to deal with some kind of pain in your kidneys. The water our kidneys cannot consume is left out and later discharged through urine while absorbed water helps our body to function well.

  • Eat Watermelon after breaking your fast

    Eating watermelon after breaking your fast helps in balancing the water need of your body. Watermelon has the tendency to quenching thirst. It also stops you from taking a large amount of water intake after breaking your fast. The particles of Watermelon are capable of keeping the needs of water in your body satisfied.

  • Eat yoghurt

    Experts are seen suggesting that using yoghurt in Suhoor can help you preventing water all day long. Yoghurt is good for keeping the skin hydrated and also to make the skin glow. You are suggested to take a fair quantity of yoghurt in your meal as it is very useful for multiple purposes.

  • Eat dates

    Eating dates is a sunnah as well as very helpful in keeping our bodies hydrated during the day. Especially when Ramadan is during summers and we long for water, dates keep our bodies mild and hydrated. you can use multiple ways to eat dates as such eating is as it is or making dates milkshake as well.

  • Energy drinks

    Energy drinks are the artificial sources of keeping our hydrated but not very liked by dietitians or experts. These drinks can keep us hydrated but for a very short duration only and the thirst, one has to deal with after some time is kind of hard. These drinks are not highly advised by the doctors but can be consumed to stabilize the body in a state of emergency.

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