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Tips for taking care and decorating your garden during Ramadan

30 Apr 2020
Tips for taking care and decorating your garden during Ramadan

As we all know that the time of the year when our only goal is to make infinite duas, worship Allah as commanded, and do good deeds. In such time, how can one forget about watering and maintaining the little creature we have blessed within our gardens. We understand that it might become tough for us to take care of the garden while fasting but it is as important as taking care of your toddler. If we have a pet or some flower pots in the house, they become our responsibility and we will be answerable about them on the Day of Judgment.

Here are a few tips that you can use to decorate our garden during Ramadan.

Cleaning of the pots

You are advised to clean the pots you are using for planting purposes every fortnightly and replace them with new ones after every 4-6 months, as per your ease. Soil is the first thing that attracts ants and other tiny animals. ants and other insects are capable of affecting the fertility of the soil and also the growth of your plants. During Ramadan when it becomes tough for you to stand in the garden in heat and deeply clean your pots, you can just pour some anti-insects powder at the boundaries of your flower pots to prevent the insects from entering inside the pot. Make sure that the power does not go inside the soil. These cleaned and protected pots will add beauty to your garden and make it a pleasurable sight.

Antibiotic spray

Take some time out of your busy schedule and get your garden sprayed. The antibiotic spray protects your plants against any kind of dangerous reptile and flying insects. These sprays take charge of protecting your garden while you are away or busy with your daily chores. Getting your garden sprayed will release the tension of your plants getting affected by the animals.  These sprays do not cost much but their affectivity is priceless. Your plants can grow in a protected environment without your 24/7 presence.

Arrangements for Iftar Dinner

The best area of the house at the time of dawn in the garden, and it becomes more valuable and pleasurable when it is time to break your fast with all of your peers. The pandemic situation we are going through does not allow us to step out of the house just for the sake of having fun with our friends.  So, if you are thinking about calling all of your friends for iftar dinner then we suggest you use your garden wisely. This open-air area of your will help as a lifesaver and also helps you in keeping the indoor area of your house clean.

Place a table at the corner of the garden and make an arrangement of bright lights and you will have one of the most memorable iftar dinners for sure.

Light Decoration

As we all know that plants need direct sunlight for their growth plus it also makes the soil more fertile. But what to do when the sun goes down? Yes, we have the solution to your question too. All you need to do is to purchase some fairy-light strings from the market and place them around the flowers in a way that they cover from top to bottom. So, when you turn the light on your entire plant lit up.  You can arrange the extension for electricity purposes or you can use batteries for uninterrupted power supply to these lights.

You can also hang the lamps at different spots in your garden to increase the light at night time. Not only yellow and white, but you can also use different light bulbs such as blue, green, and red. These different shaded lights give your garden an aesthetic feel and also helps in boosting your mood.


When there are plants, there are beautiful and sensational fragments that make your environment more calming and pure.  Every garden has its own fragrance. If you are planting fruits, all the plants as a team give you a unique fragrance. If you are planning different flowers then you will experience different fragrances every day. Each flower has its fragrance and each is unique and amazing.

But, if you do not have any fragranced plants in your garden, you can use the different air fresheners for the means of making your garden a place with a beautiful aroma.  Odor affects the mental state of human beings directly. Some people are allergic to some fragrances while some love to keep their rooms, cars, and offices fragranced all the time. This varies from people to people.

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