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Tips for effective work from home during COVID’19

31 Mar 2020
Tips for effective work from home during COVID’19

Tips for effective work from home during COVID’19

As we all know that the outbreak of the Corona Virus all over the country has made it very difficult for all of us to continue going to the offices or outside the house for any cause. Children are not going to school, graduating students are not getting their degree done, offices are closed, shopping malls and other food spots are closed. The country is lockdown yet many people are supposed to do work from home. Since it gets bore to stay home all the time and not meeting your co-workers, our productivity level might get decreased. To increase the effectiveness of work from home during this pandemic situation, here are a few tips that are going to help you in increasing and maintaining your interest in working from home.

Maintain Regular hours.

Creating and maintaining a schedule is not tough for an employee who has been doing the 9-5 job before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Set a schedule and stick to it. Try to keep up with the 9-5 timings as you are already adjusted to this routine. And if you want to work at different hours make sure that none of your family members interrupt you as it may result in bad performance.

Schedule pauses

When working from home and working alone, you might forget to take a break. Working continuously may get you tired, bore and decreases your productivity. Take breaks every 30 minutes. Listen to a song, check social media, walk around your home or street, talk to a friend or do any activity that helps in refreshing your mind. Take meal breaks; do not eat your food while working.  Do some exercise during the break that helps to refresh your brain and keeping your body fit.

Develop a morning routine

We understand that these unexpected vacations are going to ruin our sleeping habits, working out routine and many other objectives but there is a way that you can save your basic life routine. Develop a morning routine and maintain it. Start your day with a  cup of coffee or tea, try to finish your work from home tasks in the morning so you will have a whole day to spend with the loved ones. Developing a morning routine will help you in falling asleep at the time and your basic routine will not be disturbed by any pandemic situation.

Set ground rules for people at home

It is time to mark some limitations while you are working. If you have some kids who like to spend most of their time with you, make sure that they know about when to play and when to stay out of your room. This rule might be a hard one but this is necessary to accomplish the tasks in the give time period. Same is the rule for your siblings, parents, or friends. Work from home becomes tough when you try to work and talk with your pals at the same time. Your productivity level falls and your tasks take longer than usual for completion.

Do not hesitate to request for what you need

If you are an employee of an organization that allows your work from home setup, do not be shy to ask for what you need. Obviously, the supply of gadgets, services, and facilities are comparatively less at home as compared to the office. In order to complete the tasks ask your organization for everything you need because your responsibility for completing tasks has nothing to do with the unavailability of any product.

Keep an organized office space

In an ideal world, employees do not tangle things when it comes to start working from home. You have to keep an organized space for your office things only. Be it a corner of your bedroom, study room or a mini library that we usually have in our homes. Keep the place nice, organized and tidy that it feels like you are working in the office. This is the most effective tip as it helps in keeping the office separated from your house.

Attend every online meeting and be heard

 Attending meetings in the office is an easy thing as everybody can see your presence even if you do not say a word, but when it comes to the online meeting you have to pay attention, participate and make sure that your voice is heard. Be attentive in the meeting, keep a pen and a notebook in your hand and note every point you hear. Ask a question and make others feel your presence.

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