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Things to Expect During Socially Distanced Property Viewings

25 Feb 2021
Things to Expect During Socially Distanced Property Viewings

Things to Expect During Socially Distanced Property Viewings

Coronavirus outbreak in the entire world has left all of us in such a mental state that we cannot let go of the thoughts of being affected by Covid19. But with all the fears, we have the precautions to follow. Life does not wait for anyone and we have to keep up with our social and commercial activities.

There are many ways to adapt if you are finding ways for socially distanced property viewings. We understand that it will take some time for things to go back to normal since we have been experiencing lockdown in several areas of the country for the past 1 year.

At you are accommodated with every kind of solution you need for the sound continuing of your real estate business.  Here are some of the most useful ways are mentioned for you to carry successful business activities during Covid19’s outbreak.

  • Virtual Property Viewings

At you are given the opportunity to view the property online. Our professional photographers and videographers visit the property and capture every part of the property including internal and external parts of the property. You are also provided with a detailed video of the residential or commercial property you are looking for. Make the best use of this exclusive feature of and find your desired property right now!

  • Property viewing without an Agent

To keep up with the social distancing precaution stated by the government of Pakistan, you are now able to have a look at the property all alone, without any agent. The process is very smooth and easy to keep up with. When you arrive at the destination, your agents go inside the property, clean the door handles with a sanitized sprays, and come out. Now is your turn to go inside and have a look at the property. It also helps you deeply analyzing the property. You can make notes of your likes and dislikes of the house.

Anyhow, along with many other benefits of visiting properties all alone, it saves you from coronavirus and enables you to take a good watch of the property.

  • Write your questions down

As it is already stated that you will be viewing property all alone, you are suggested to bring a notepad with you. Write down all the questions that come up in your mind regarding the property. Also, write down the concerns you have with the property. You might forget the tiny pointers as soon as you step out, so it is important and useful to make notes. Make the best use of notepad and do not miss a point.

Discuss the questions and pointers afterward with your agent or the landlord.

  • Avoid Touching

It is highly recommended that you avoid touching the objects on the property. Do not use your hands for opening or closing the door. Keep a piece of cloth with you. Do not touch anything that is of no use. Avoid touching cupboards, shelves, doors, furniture, plants, walls, or anything that can cause you any harm in such an alarming situation.

You have no idea who came to see the property before you and who touched what part of the property. Keeping with all of the precautions, it is important to take care of the tiniest things to stay safe from such a disastrous virus. 

  • Do not take off your mask during a property viewing

Make sure that you do not remove your mask in the whole process. Even if you are viewing property all alone. Keep on the mask during distanced property viewing because you never knew who came here before you and if that person was COVID19 negative or not.

Keep every possible measure to make sure you do not get affected and keep conducting your business activities in a sound atmosphere.

  • Bring your sanitizer and gloves

You are highly recommended to wear your gloved while property viewing and also keep an extra pair with you. Use sanitizer more often and keep your hands sanitized during your visit to your property.

These precautionary measures are recommended so that you can make the most out of your social distancing property viewing and make the best decision of purchasing or rejecting the property without getting affected by this virus.

At, you are offered all of the mentioned ways to make sure that you do not get affected by the coronavirus outbreak and stay safe during this pandemic!

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