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Tenancy Tips for Landlords and Renters

23 Aug 2022
Tenancy Tips for Landlords and Renters

Tenancy Tips for Landlords and Renters

Landlords face many types of issues and problems when they rent out their property to a family, or students. Sometimes, property owners face many challenges and suffers damage of their property. Tenants are responsible for the low maintenance of the property by their intentional or accidental negligence and carelessness.

Security for both Landlord and Renters

Rent agreement is a primary document and has vital role in tenancy. Rent deed provides due care so landlords should take it seriously by providing detailed paragraph about terms and conditions for the people living there. Property owners must inform tenants regarding the damage of respective property either intentionally or accidental. Furthermore, it should be categorically mention that damage done would be taken serious and not as ordinary damage or wear and tear.

The property owners have exclusive rights to charge against tenants if they damage the property, and after looking into the damages, theproperty owner can reserve the security of tenants or may deduct the expense according to the damage from the security or advance deposit. In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi renters deposit security of usually 3 months.

Dealing with the hassle regarding property damage become a daily routine of commercial shop owners, property owners, landlords, and other rental properties owners. Landlords must take a step forward to fic the damage of their respective property by providing the detailed repairs bill to the tenants according to the current market rates by mentioning the total expenditure and cost of damage. To figure out the real damage or wear and tear is definitely a task. Using simple, common-sense techniques and strategies and a gentle gesture towards tenants can easily assess the actual damage done by the tenants and collect the total repair bill from tenants. One should always fear God, both the tenant and the property owner. The property owner should provide the actual repair bill and do not deal with dishonesty. Whether someone knows or not, but God is all-knowing. Be honest enough provide repair bill to the tenants which he needs to deposit legally.

A thin line between Damage vs Ordinary Wear & Tear

There is a very thin line between normal deterioration and actual damage. Before charging the renters, landlords must examine wisely and keenly to differentiate between these two. The best way to thoroughly examine the damage, must have a look upon inspection list which contains active status of water, gas and electricity utilities and consumption. After having this status, have a look upon current condition of other utilities such as geysers, stove, switches, doors, windows, meters and others installation. Then comes to the appearance of the property including wall paints, water suction motor, fans are good in condition or not. Tiles or marble is in good condition and not broken. Door’s lock, wooden cabinet, kitchen and bathroom accessories and almirah are all intact and in good condition.

Get a Rent Agreement Registered in the respective Police Station

The best way to get secured for both landlords and tenants is to get a rent deed registered in respective District Court as soon to avoid any mismanagement and hassle. When rent deed get registered in district court, get it registered in local Police Station. Every detailed information needs to provide including number of family members, official address, number of vehicles they have and where they work.

The main reason of resources shortage is urbanization, when more and more people migrate to big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi to seek for a better living, education, health benefits which they do not get in rural areas.

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