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Safety Precautions to Follow while Visiting Property Post COVID-19

08 Apr 2020
Safety Precautions to Follow while Visiting Property Post COVID-19

Safety Precautions to Follow while Visiting Property Post COVID-19

“This too shall pass” – this phrase is the beacon of hope for everyone around the world as all of us continue to live with the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides taking the necessary precautions, staying positive is the key here. Among all the depressing news, there is good news that has spread a great vibe of positivity around the real estate community and investors alike.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced an incentivized package for the real estate sector in which he made various announcements. For your recap, let us give you a quick overview of the important pointers of the package:

  • No declaration of income required for those who invest in the construction sector.
  • Tax on the construction industry to be levied on the Final Tax Regime (FTR).
  • Sales tax on construction material except steel and cement to be lowered.
  • Construction Industry Development Board to be established for the promotion of the sector.
  • Industry status granted to construction.
  • Government to pay a subsidy of PKR 30 billion on the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.
  • Capital Gain Tax not to be applied to those who are selling properties.

The details of this package suggest that very soon things will get better and the dealings will start. Surely, you will also be going out for properties either to buy or rent them. In both cases, there are some safety measures that you must follow. Being safe is important and no one knows how long the virus will survive even when it is declared as extinct. So, if you plan to go out for visiting properties, follow these safety precautions to make sure that the virus does not affect you.

Do Not Shake Hands with the Dealer

Social distancing is the need of the hour and it is not just for your betterment but the people around you as well. When you go out to visit the property, avoid shaking hands with the dealer and the homeowner if they are present. These days, everyone is well aware of the situation, and no one would mind you not shaking hands with them. Saying Hi with a wave is the in-thing these days.

Do Not Touch the Door Handles or Electric Switches Directly

Door handles and electric switches are the most touched surfaces in a house. When you are visiting a house, try to carry a tissue paper with you for the purpose of opening/closing or turning the switches on/off. It will make sure that you are not coming in direct contact with the surfaces. You can also we. ar gloves if you want to be extra careful.

Maintain a Safe Distance

If you are going for a rental home, there are chances that the previous tenants are still in the home. This is a very common practice in Pakistan. With a lot of people being in the house, a safe distance of at least 5 feet is crucial and can prevent all types of germs. The best way to maintain the distance is by walking in a line and not entering through the door at once.

Sanitize Hands Regularly


If you have forgotten to wear gloves or keeping a tissue paper with you, make sure to always carry a small hand sanitizer with you. Use it frequently after small gaps. You can use it while leaving your vehicle and soon after coming back to the vehicle also before touching the steering wheel or the handle.

Wear Safety Mask

The significance of a safety mask is undeniable these days. It can prevent you from dust and debris also besides keeping you safe from the virus. Not all masks are recommended for COVID-19. Use only the prescribed n95 mask to stay safe.

Buying or renting a property post-COVID-19 should be a happy moment for your family. Make sure it stays a happy moment by following the above tips.

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