SA Garden Lahore – A Project Offering Serenity of Nature

This modish era has witnessed some phenomenal changes when it comes to living standards and styles all across the globe. With the passage of time, the core concept of housing schemes as well as community-based living has completely evolved. From being an unorganized and random housing scheme with a few inaptly planned scenarios, now the living styles have motivated ingenious and carefully planned housing projects, designed elegantly to provide pure essence of modern residency.

This evolution has also impacted Pakistan’s housing scheme and the real estate industry. Every city is now offering inspired and lavish housing schemes that are not just beautiful to look at but also luxurious to live in. The city Lahore is also not behind anyone and the metropolitan city is offering some mesmerizing housing schemes that provide all basic necessities and amenities of life. Today, luxurious and deluxe facilities are intrinsic part to the success of any housing scheme.

The latest real estate housing project of Lahore named as SA Garden is completely changing the concept of comfortable houses. SA Garden Lahore is not just a place to live, instead, a phenomenal blessing aided with vogueish amenities and exotic comfort.

SA Garden Lahore – An Introduction 

SA Gardens is one of the most prominent, well distinguished and naturally nurtured project of Lahore city. The housing scheme is constructed well in an open environment, surrounded and bounded by awe-inspiring greenery amid calmness and serenity of nature. It allows you to adopt a contemporary lifestyle in a peaceful environment, away from hustle and bustle of the city. The tranquility and composure of the neighborhood along with calm and serene surrounding enhances your mental health and provides you with an opportunity to wake up every morning with high energy and stamina to combat the hectic life
all day long.

Location of SA Garden Lahore 

SA Gardens is located on the prime area opposing main GT Street near Kala ShahKaku interchange, in the heart of Lahore. The peaceful and tranquil housing scheme is connected to many other popular commercial areas of Lahore with ease. Therefore, there won’t be any extra traveling to reach out to the main center of the city. You can find public transportation as well as private transportation easily reaching out to SA Gardens without any inconvenience and you won’t need to run helter-skelter for any convenience you are looking for. SA Gardens ensures the provision of every amenities with ease and comfort.

Contemporary Architecture and Development  

SA Gardens is a promising brand offering ravishing infrastructure backed with unique engineering. While building the luxurious and most comfortable housing scheme, the engineers kept all the needs, wants and demands of people in their minds and designed an exclusive and lavish modern architectural melodic monument that can be a dream for every house lover.

Exhilarating Features 

SA Gardens Lahore has one of the largest fonts on the main GT Road. The front is not just beautiful but also captivating to see. The best town planners precisely planned the whole housing scheme with a careful and sane mind, keeping the perspective of residents in their minds. This housing scheme is a gated community, therefore, you can find high-alert 24-hour security personnel’s roaming around the community to ensure safety and sanctuary.

At SA Gardens, you can find centrally located Mosques that are planned with modish infrastructural designs. There are several renowned schools as well as libraries in the community to support education. There are street lights everywhere along with natural greenery. The administration of SA Gardens
ensured every necessity of life being fulfilled with excellence, therefore, the system of sewage and water is made with perfection; there is water purifier installed too to make sure safe drinking water is reaching to the residents. There are different shopping malls and modern sports complex and gym for rejuvenating minds and body. You can find grocery shops in every block too with ease.

SA Gardens – Phase 1 

In SA Gardens there are two different phases. Phase 1 is constructed creatively with modish infrastructural designs. At Phase 1, you can find 3-marla and 5-marla plots inflexible prices. Majority of the houses in Phase 1 are already sold out due to high demand but still, you can find a few plots that are still available and up for sale. If you want to invest in SA Gardens Lahore Phase 1, our representative at ilaan.com can take you personally to examine the area with you.

In Phase 1 there are 5 different blocks namely, Furqan block, Faris block, Sher Afzal block, Sohail block, and SherAzam block. To reach out to SA Gardens Phase 1, you can find the front gate near the Shell Petrol Pump that is located at main GT Road Lahore.

SA Gardens – Phase 2 

Phase 2 of SA Gardens was constructed later and is huge as compared to Phase 1. Phase 2 is entirely different from Phase 1 as every plot has access to the wide road along with wide fronts as per the size of the plot. Phase 2 has more greenery and highly styled construction. Due to its brilliance and beauty, SA Gardens Phase 2 is among the talks and more investors are inclined towards it. If you personally wish to visit the site, our representative at ilaan.com can help you in every step.

There are three gigantic blocks at Phase 2 namely, Kamran block, Sohail block, and Arsalan block. In Phase 2 there are also 3-marla and 5-marla plots. Phase 2 is closely connected to Phase 1, it is just a few minutes’ drives away from Phase 1. From outside, Total Parco Petrol Pump at main GT Road is near to Phase 2 front gate.

Commercial Plots at SA Gardens 

The commercial plots at SA Gardens Lahore are situated at the passageway of Lahore City close to Kala Shah Kaku Interchange. The developers have developed the commercial area with high precision and as per international development protocol. The design and the architecture of the commercial plots are breathtaking. The ambiance of the plots is created with brilliance.

The broaden front of commercial plots add exclusivity and inimitability of the design never seen before. You can witness the finest and magnificent structures with unique construction planning. The lush green environment adds more serenity to the surroundings. The administration made sure that every commercial plot gets exclusive access to gas and water supply 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

SA Garden Payment Plan 

SA Gardens offers premium and high-quality infrastructures in prices you can only dream of. The prices are lower as compared to the real estate market of Lahore. You can find 3-marla, 5-marla, 8-marla and 10-marla plots in easy installment plans. All the individuals who are searching for completely secure,
well protected and modern architectural housing scheme, SA Gardens is worth the shot.


For a 3-marla plot, the down payment is just PKR 1.50 lacs and the installment per month starts from just PKR 6,500. The total amount for 3-marla plot is just PKR 600,000 and the installment plan lasts for 5 years.


For a 5-marla plot, the down payment is just PKR 2.50 lacs and the installment per month starts from just PKR 10,883. The total amount for 5-marla plot is just PKR 1,000,000 and the installment plan lasts for 5 years.


For an 8-marla plot, the down payment is just PKR 4 lacs and the installment per month starts from just PKR 17,333. The total amount for 8-marla plot is just PKR 1,600,000 and the installment plan lasts for 5 years.


For a 10-marla plot, the down payment is just PKR 5 lacs and the installment per month starts from just PKR 21,666. The total amount for 10-marla plot is just PKR 2,000,000 and the installment plan lasts for 5 years.

Considering the exceptional services and the amenities being provided by SA Gardens Lahore is a golden opportunity for getting a house of your dreams changing and advancing your lifestyle forever. In the same vicinity, there are other housing schemes too but it is up to you to decide whether to invest in SA Gardens or the other ones who are offering lower services as compared to SA Gardens Lahore. For more information get in touch with ilaan.com and if you wish to physically wish the location we will assist you in that too.