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Roles and Responsibilities of HR in an Organization

ilaan Exclusives
03 Jun 2021
Roles and Responsibilities of HR in an Organization

Roles and Responsibilities of HR in an Organization

The human Resource (HR) department is one of the most important departments in an organization but very few people know “why?”.

We are here to answer all questions that may arise in your mind when you think of the word “HR”. The duties of HR are no doubt undeniably important. Here are 8 key duties of an HR.

Recruit Candidates

One of the most important duties to perform by HR is to find the best match for an available position. This process is not as simple as 1,2,3. They have to go through many in-depth interviews and background studies of every candidate and then make a decision.

Process Payrolls

Processing payrolls is a very responsible task. This requires a lot of time and concentration. HR’s doing the processing of payrolls and other tasks can get hectic at times but the HRs are entitled to perform this and every other task with perfection.

Conduct Disciplinary Actions

It is one of the duties of HR to make sure that all employees including senior and juniors are abiding by the rules and there is no such thing as undisciplined employees in the office premises. They make sure that the employees are accommodated in a comfortable environment.

Updating Company Policies

policies of a company need to be updated or at least examined every year. HR is a person who knows what happened in a year and what changed should be made to improve the company’s performance, looks after the company policies, and make changes accordingly. HR makes the right decision to make the company moving towards success. The policy includes all pre-existing laws, rules, and regulations while more rules are always welcomed.

Maintaining Employee Records

Keeping an eye on the activities of an employee and maintain a record seems fun, but when there are hundreds of employees, serving different departments, performing different tasks, can get a little difficult. But HR needs to maintain records of every employee. Records of an employee are needed at the time of performance evaluation or when the employee is found guilty for a cause and expels.

Supporting Employees

HRs are expected to give potential support to their employees in different situations. Sometimes employees are in deep need of help and support from HR. An HR is always making sure that employees never let go of the company policies and give them concessions staying behind the line.

Selection of the right person for the right position

As already mentioned, HR needs to do a deep analysis before finally selecting one right person out of hundreds of other ordinary applicants. They go through your resume many times, study your certificates and compare it with many people to finally choose one.

Leading the change

It is said that when you want to bring change in society, start with your own self. The same is the case when it comes to an office and HR. when HR is looking for bringing and implementing change in an office. For example, when HR wants the employees to wear their Employee cards, he/she starts doing this first. The same is the case with encouraging employees for formal dressing, being punctual with the time and other rules.



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