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Reasons to have a property in Chaman Park Lahore

Area Guide
28 Jul 2021
Reasons to have a property in Chaman Park Lahore

One of the most economic areas of Lahore and highly suitable for the middle class and lower class sect of the Lahore, Chaman Park is known for its easy on-pocket prices.

residents from various areas of Punjab move to the city of Lahore looking for a superior norm of everyday routine and to live a superior experiencing. Since the excursion to a superior life is a battle, not at all like some other, discovering a spot to live in Lahore at a sensible cost isn't anything, not exactly a gift.

Most houses in Chaman Park face Canal Bank Road, and some huge worker courses converge, Chaman Park, including Jahangir Road, Shahjahan Shaheed Road, Qabristan Road, and Grand Trunk (GT) Road.

Muslimabad Railway Station and Allama Iqbal International Airport are additionally found close by Chaman Park. The rail route station is situated far off of right around 3 km, while the air terminal is 12 km away from Chaman Park, Lahore.

Reasons to buy a house in Chaman Park

Since Chaman Park is home to a large number of people belonging to the lower class and working class of the economy, a few occupants ordinarily utilize their motorbikes to drive, while others depend on open transportation for their day-by-day driving necessities. Fortunately, Chaman Park is set preferably at a mobile separation from a few public transportation alternatives. Some bus stations close to Chaman Park remember Naya Pul Bus Stop for Nabi Pura, Aziz Pulli Bus Stop and Ghazi Pul Bus Stop in Tajpura, Lal Pul Bus Stop in Canal View Park, and Jafri Pull Bus Stop on Jahangir Road, Mughalpura.

Residents of Chaman Park can get to these bus stations with no trouble in around 8 to 20 minutes by walking. Other than going in transports, occupants can likewise book vehicles and bicycles offered by ride-hailing application-based administrations, and surprisingly customary carts and cabs. Besides, individuals who travel to various pieces of Pakistan can consider the region as their location since Chaman Park likewise flaunts the vicinity to Muslimabad Railway Station. It goes for a stroll of around 14 minutes to arrive at the station.

Besides, Mughalpura Railway Station in Kumharpura, Lahore Junction Train Station in Swami Nagar, and Lahore Cantt Railway Station in Iqbal Colony are all at a drive of almost 15 to a little ways from Chaman Park, Lahore.

Another reason why people prefer purchasing properties in Chaman Park is the availability of a wide range of markets and commercial zones.

Fortunately, there are a few business sectors around Chaman Park, while a few stores are also operational nearby. Residents of Chaman Park can get a lot of stuff including food, breakfast things, dairy items, new organic products, vegetables, meat, and medications from a scope of Utility stores and staple business sectors useful in Chaman Park Lahore like Sunny General Store and Haseeb Bakers and Super Store in Chaman Park, Street 3. Concerning the business sectors situated in the prompt area, they incorporate Al-Madina General Store, Muzammil General Store, Imran General Store, AlRahman General Store, and Akbar Mian Home Store in Fatehgarh.

A few stores arranged somewhat farther away remember Qasim General Store for Nawab Pura Fatehgarh, Masi Sakina General Store in Gulshan Farooq Scheme, Hameedpura, Baba Gee and Kashi General Store on Dogar Road, and Mumtaz General Store in Canal Bank Housing Scheme.

These departmental stores are advantageously reachable in around 5 to 20 minutes by walking.

A few shops selling dairy items close by, inside strolling distance of 7 to 16 minutes, are Ambala Milk Shop, Hafeez Milk Shop, Ritaaj Milk shop, and Gujjar Milk Shop in Fatehgarh, Shahid Milk Shop, and Hajvery Milk Shop in Ghazi Pul Muslimabad Tajpura, and Hafiz Milk Center on Jahangir Road, Nabi Pura.

A wide range of houses of 3, 11, and 15 marlas are available for sale in Chaman Park, Lahore. Over time, more categories such as  5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal houses are also going to be included for the houses that are available for sale. It must be mentioned here that for now, plots and flats are not available in Chaman Park.

Talking about the pricing trends, you can easily get a 3 marla house for sale in Chaman Park in between PKR 55 lakh and 70 lakh, while the price for 11 marla houses for sale in Chaman Park, Lahore, can go up to PKR 4 crore. The asking price of 15 marla houses can be around PKR 3.5 crore very easily. The cost of homes is heavily influenced by their construction, their exact location, the number of storeys, and access to necessary amenities.

Reasons to rent a house in Chaman Park, Lahore

Establishing business zones in lodging social orders is calculated by numerous land engineers since individuals living locally will normally require a spot to look for necessities just as extravagances, day by day and sporadically.

Notwithstanding, as of now, just a set number of medium-size shopping centers can be found close to space. Some well-known shopping centers close to Chaman Park, Lahore remember Mian Meer Plaza for Tajpura, and Al Madina Plaza and Ashraf Plaza in Ghaziabad.

Moreover, for the acquisition of unstitched garments, inhabitants can go to Ismail Cloth House in Godianwala Salamatpura and Mashallah Fabrics Soekarno Bazaar in Gunj.

Additionally, Model Bazaar Harbanspura on Harbanspura Road is home to different supermarkets, retail outlets, home extra stores, garments, shoes, and writing material, and book shops, while Dharampura Pet Bazaar in Gharhi Shahu on Allama Iqbal Road is a sanctuary for individuals with pets.

The solitary huge super shopping center that is effectively available by street for inhabitants of Chaman Park is Fortress Square Shopping Mall in Saddar Town. This shopping center is home to numerous nearby and global brands, includes an appropriate food court, and a cinema.

The estimated monthly rental cost of a 5 marla house in Chaman Park Lahore is PKR 25 thousand. More homes of different sizes are under construction and will be offered for rent as soon as they are completed and available for rent.

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