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Ramadan - A month of blessings not feasts

28 Apr 2020
Ramadan - A month of blessings not feasts

Ramadan - A month of blessings not feasts

The time of the year is around when the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven are wide opened for the entire world. While the rest of the world is busy worshiping god, some may take Ramadan as a food festival. Numerous dishes are prepared daily which are not commonly consumed in our daily routine. To maintain the balance between overeating and a healthy diet during Ramadan, a few useful tips are mentioned below.

Don’t skip Suhoor

Our holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “ Eat suhoor, surely there is a blessing in suhoor”.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when we enter Ramadan, it becomes more important. Some people may skip suhoor for uninterrupted sleep but it affects your health. Skipping suhoor meal extends the fasting period and it forces your body to keep moving forward depending upon the previous meal you ate. You will feel dehydrated all day long because of not taking the needed amount of nutrients and water in the suhoor. This will result in unhealthy weight gain.

Iftar is to break the fast, not to overeat.

Overeating at the time of iftar can harm your body in many ways. It can cause you to gain unhealthy weights which further results in many diseases and also keep you lazy, dizzy, and too tired to worship at night. Eating a less amount of food at the time of iftar and keep taking the missing nutrients all along till the next suhoor can be a good way to maintain balance.

Drink a lot of water and consume a less amount of fried food because that causes your cholesterol level to rise and may disturb your digestive system as well.

More water, less acidic drinks

Make sure that the time you are given between iftar and suhoor, you drink as much water as possible. Water helps in stabilizing your metabolism and also keeps you hydrated all day long. In Ramadan, when ladies also forget to continue skincare routine, water proves to be a lifesaver. It keeps the skin cleansed and glowing. Do not drink acidic drinks like cola, soda, or any other liquid that makes it harder for you to digest the meals.

Eat green

Make sure that you are taking an appropriate amount of green vegetables during the month of Ramadan. As we all know that green vegetables have a special tendency to keep us healthy, fresh, and hydrated. Instead of cola in iftaar try Mint Margareta. Instead, fried pakoras try to eat salad that keeps you healthy, boosts your energy level, and prevents you from unnecessary weight gain.

Here is the list of some unhealthy habits that you should definitely avoid during Ramzan. Observe your actions and make sure that you are living a healthy life to its fullest.

  • Prevent taking a huge amount of liquid at night and at the time of suhoor for the fear of thirst during the fasting period. This will lead to abdominal disorders and also cause you to gain extra weight.
  • While eating suhoor, make sure that you are not eating a wide variety of food just because you think that the food eaten at the time of suhoor will help you to overcome hunger during the fast. It is a myth. Eat only what is necessary.
  • At the time of Iftar, we are likely to eat everything at the table which is, in fact, a very bad and dangerous habit indeed. No matter how hungry you are, try not to overeat. Overeating increases weight and it becomes nearly impossible to shred it off later. Not to forget that it also affects your digestive system. Overeating also makes you too lazy to move and keep you sleepy while in Ramzan you should be worshipping Allah attentively and thank Him for all of His blessings upon us.
  • Try not to make sweets a part of your iftar. They will just make you fat and increase your sweet craving daily. Try to eat less but healthy.

Lastly, as we know that we are going through a pandemic and the only way to avoid it is by maintaining the best hygiene practices. Stay safe, stay at home, stay clean, and stay healthy! Ramadan Mubarak from all of us at!

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