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Monthly House Maintenance Tips And Tricks!

Home Inspirations
15 Apr 2022
Monthly House Maintenance Tips And Tricks!

Monthly House Maintenance Tips And Tricks!

Facing the scorching heat of the summer months is hard as is. However, it can be made worse if your house hasn’t received the proper maintenance it deserves.

So, remember to take care of one of the biggest investments of your life, even during the summers. Hiring a handyman might seem like the easier option, but you can contribute as well by keeping a check on the smaller details.

Exterior Paintwork

Any flaking or patchy areas should be addressed and repainted. This can give your house a fresher and cleaner look. Make sure the paint you buy is the same color as the one previously painted since the newly painted areas might stand out otherwise. Addressing a paint-related issue early on doesn’t only prevent a major paint job, but it can also help you in identifying possible leaks.  So, make sure that house repainting is on your list of repairs as well!

Cleaning the glass windows

Any glass windows facing outwards should be thoroughly cleaned since when the sun sets it can reveal the state of your windows. Added to that, this would be the perfect time to identify any damage to the windows. It is better to perform a small repair on the root of the damage before it turns into a bigger problem.


Checking the plumbing is a good idea, which is often overlooked by most homeowners. It usually turns into a huge issue later on, if not addressed properly at its initial stages. So, giving your pipes a good once-over is preferable.
Check the faucets and showers for any possible leaks, and decide whether anything needs replacement now, for example, the flapper in the tank of the toilet. This can help you in saving money as well as water.

Ceiling Fans

Almost all ceiling fans have the option of turning them in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. So, turn your fans back in the clockwise/anti-clockwise direction according to the weather and clean their wings while you are at it.


The use of an A.C. spikes up during summer so it is important to clean out the filters during these months. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the filters are supposed to be cleaned every month if you regularly use the A.C.

Kitchen Exhaust

The kitchen exhaust is subjected to an immense amount of grease and grime, which makes it somewhat undesirable to be cleaned out. However, cleaning it can be easier if it is done on a regular basis. To get started, remove the grease filter from the exhaust and submerge into a large pan or container with baking soda and dish soap. Leave it in the container for a few minutes, after which you should start scrubbing it.

Cleaning the fan is an easier task, as you don’t need to spray any chemicals onto it. Simply wiping away any grease stains is enough.

Bugs and Pests

The summertime is known to welcome all sorts of bugs and pests into the house, making it vulnerable to all sorts of infestations. However, it is possible to prevent and control these infestations by following these simple tips.

The two majorly affected areas by pests are the kitchen and bathroom.

To keep your kitchen pest-free, it is suggested to keep the countertops, racks, and stovetops dry. Secondly, it is important to clean them regularly with a disinfectant cleaner. Added to that, leaving any leftover food on the counter is an undesirable option since it attracts all sorts of bugs and pests to it.

To keep your bathroom clean, it is suggested to use a heavy-duty washroom cleaner for your sink and drains. Also, after every shower, make sure that the drain is not covered with soap particles and hair. Cleaning the toilet with a toilet cleaner once every week is also a necessity.

Lastly, make sure that there isn’t an unnecessary amount of garbage anywhere in your house waiting to be thrown out. It can attract a huge number of pests since not only does it attract pests, it also promotes the growth of bacteria in your house.

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