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Kund Malir – A Place of Solitude and Beauty

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13 May 2019
Kund Malir – A Place of Solitude and Beauty

Kund Malir – A Place of Solitude and Beauty

There is no doubt that road trips and excursions are one of the finest ways to release tension from your body and letting your soul unwind from every possible problem bugging you inside. Pakistan is a country with pure blessings from Almighty and is enriched with exotic views and sensational tourist’s points that help in rejuvenating your tiring soul with a hint of freshness and relaxation.

A perfect road trip to Baluchistan is one of the best ways to allow the release of excess stress from your body and refreshing your mind with perfection. When talking about Baluchistan, it owns stunning and glaring beauty bounded with geographical diversity and perfect expedition opportunities, making the province a platter of delightfulness that is being offered to the tourists all across the world. In fact, the province has pulled itself out from terror and fear while opening a gate of beauty and incredible views to the tourists with wholeheartedly.

One of the most beautiful and precious gems Baluchistan is offering is Kund Malir. It is not just a place of pure solitude but also a wonderland with recreational activities allowing the visitors to enjoy and cherish every moment of life with delight.



Kund Malir is located in Hingol National Park which is nearly 150 kilometers from the Zero-Point on the Makran Coastal Highway. It is considered that the drive between Kund Malir and Ormara is too scenic and picturesque. It takes nearly 4 hours of drive from Karachi to reach to Kund Malir and 3 hours of the drive if you are going from Gwadar.

The road that is leading to Kund Malir is exceptionally beautiful having deep slopes and lofty mountains that are stretching to the end of the road. All the region is densely covered with plants making it an awe-inspiring view to relieving eyes-strain, and this is the reason this lush green area is also referred to as ‘The Botanists Paradise’.

Kund Malir is known as desert beach due to the Arabian Sea deep blue water and large sand dunes. The water at the beach is crystal clear and refreshing, whereas the sand alongside the beach compliments the natural beauty. As per a few tourists, the azure blue sea water and the pristine sand makes this beach a dream turning to reality.


Hingol National Park at Kund Malir Beach

Along with the trip to Kund Malir, there is another attraction where tourists can spend their time with happiness. Hingol National Park; it is one of the largest national park made in Pakistan. It is along the southwestern coastal side, Makran Coast and lies within the sections of Gwadar District, Lasbela District, and Awaran District. The park is spread on a vast area covering 6,100 square kilometers. The park has a river too that has hundreds of beautiful and colorful fish and other marine creatures. This park was basically established in 1988 and opened for tourists to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature.

You can find a wide variety of topographical features as well as for habitats in the arid subtropical forest. There are more than 250 species of plants and the Hingol National Park also supports nearly 35 different mammal species and home to almost 65 species of amphibians and reptiles as well as almost 185 different sorts of birds’ species. There is no doubt that Hingol Park offers a wide variety of beauty to its tourists and every time you visit Kund Malir, going to the park is also must to enjoy the pure beauty of nature.


Exclusive Mud Volcano

When talking about Pakistan, you can find the mud volcano only in Baluchistan. There are more than 80 active mud volcanoes that can be found all over the province. Majority of largest and exciting mud volcanoes can be seen in Hingol National Park, therefore all the tourists love to visit these mud volcanoes and experience exclusive active volcano.

One of the most famous and the highest mud volcano is Chandergup, which is 300 feet above sea level. It is the main attraction for many tourists as this mud volcano is considered to be a holy and sacred annual pilgrimage site for the Hindu community, who pays their love and respect while going to the Hinglaj Mata Mandir.


Hinglaj Mata Mandir – Nani Mandir

The famous Hinglaj Mata Mandir also known as Nani Mandir is one of the oldest Hindu temples located in a dark cave in the high mountains along the banks of Hingol River. It is the most iconic Shakti Peethas of the Hindu religion of the goddess Sati. This temple is nearly 10 kilometers away from Kund Malir Beach and is also referred to as the most interesting tourist point.

Every year, thousands of people from the Hindu community come from all over Baluchistan and Sindh to pay their regards and worship. This temple is a perfect spot for experiencing traditional as well as the cultural heritage of Hindu community with exceptional sculptures and caves with other attractions as per their belief and religion.

On the route of Hinglaj Mata Mandir, you can see a small but attractive mosque named after Muhammad Bin Qasim. It is the spot where he entered Sindh in the 8th century with his battalions and army.


The Iconic Princess of Hope and Sphinx

One of the most amusing attractions of Kund Malir is the Princess of Hope and Sphinx because of their natural formation. The visitors at the beach appreciates the beautiful and stunning formations and clicks photos with these monuments.

There are several rock structures at Kund Malir, but the most appreciable and commendable is Princess of Hope. It is a structure of a woman with hands folded and wearing a flowering dress. The history behind this structure is the visit of Angelina Jolie in Pakistan back in 2002 and hence this monument is named after her as Princess of Hope.

There is another beautiful sculpture named Sphinx and it is another center of attraction to the tourists visiting the beautiful beach. It resembles the iconic Egyptian Sphinx and is considered as the main place for worshippers and attraction to everyone.


Security Arrangements at the Beach

Even though the law and order situation of Baluchistan is unpredictable but there is nothing to worry at all. The area is well protected by the army and other security forces and there are enough arrangements for the tourists to ensure life and safety for them in times of any mishap or concern.

There are checkpoints every now and then made by the army, the naval staff and coast guards to ensure peace and perfect enjoyable moments for the visitors.


The Exotic Beach

The beach is beautifully surrounded by plants and greenery. The water on the beach is clean and there is no sign of pollution at all. The visitors are always happy with the arrangements and the serene atmosphere of the beach gives satisfaction with breezy times. The crystal clear water of the beach allows the visitors to enjoy their times with their friends and family and unwind their tired soul with ease.


World’s Best Beach Award

According to Flight Network’s, Kund Malir is labeled as ‘The World’s Best Beach for 2018’. It is declared as one of the top tourist’s attractions of Pakistan. Kund Malir has made to the list of Top 50 Asian Beaches in 2018 which is definitely a remarkable position and a pride moment for the country. The reason for selecting this beach among the top 50 beaches is that even after millions of visitors, the shoreline is untouched and is free from pollution and trash. This indicates the dedication of the administrable staff of the beach and how calmly the general public behaves at the spot.

There is no doubt that Kund Malir is one of the most exotic and refreshing beaches of Pakistan, offering numerous excursion points with crystal clear azure blue water. Visiting Kund Malir in these summer days when the scorching sun rays are making it difficult to survive, this beach is sure to offer relaxation with lush green scenery to calm your inner self. The natural beauty of this beach along with colorful marine life and historical monuments, Kund Malir is a perfect tourist point to spend your day with your family and friends.

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