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Is Citi Housing Multan A Lucrative Investment or Not?

12 Jul 2019
Is Citi Housing Multan A Lucrative Investment or Not?

Multan has been becoming the city with a myriad of housing schemes over the past few years. The news that Citi Housing Scheme is going to be launched in Multan came with a bigger impact as it is one of the major projects in the city and has attracted a lot of investment. Citi Housing has been focusing on the portion of the medium-sized urban communities of Punjab province that has majorly altered the real estate market. It has not only given a chance to every size of the investor, but it has also provided an opportunity for the house owners to enjoy high standard living. The standard of the lodging in the urban communities has been influenced by a set of high standard development and the contenders have to work really hard to match up with the same pattern.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Citi Housing Multan is one of the most inquired projects of real estate in the city. You can easily find property for sale or rent in Citi Housing Multan in fact, there has been an increasing demand for residential properties for sale in Citi Housing Multan due to its salient features and the location of the project. The project has been built by QKP Real Estate that has been involved in building a lot of project since 2011, in fact, all the projects have proven to be extremely successful and have served a state of the art infrastructure through the communities.

The project developer also includes Aon Malik who is the nephew of the renowned builder of the country, Malik Riaz and he is one of the essential temporary contractors for the Citi Housing Scheme. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that since the announcement of the project, the investors from not just Pakistan but from the foreign world too have been eyeing the documents and the booking details of the Citi Housing Multan so that they could find plots for sale in Citi Housing Multan and invest their money in it.

Location of the Project

The project is located on Bosan Road, which is just opposite the DHA Multan. Citi Housing Multan has very good and close proximity to the Bypass Road, Multan Bypass, and the Northern Bypass. The location of the scheme is selected in such a way that the residents of the community do not just get a slice of calm and suburban living but they are also in close proximity to all the facilities of the city. There was quite some speculation before the start of the project in terms of the location, because people were very interested, in fact, majorly the competitors who wanted to know where they are going to build the scheme so that the investors like brokers and agents could buy the commercial as well as residential plot files and the registries.

Now here are some reasons why you should be investing in the scheme or buying residential plots for sale in the Citi Housing Multan:


The Citi Housing projects have known to incorporate amazing global standards school and as a matter of fact, Citi Housing Multan is also going to one too. The schools would comprise of qualified teachers that would help in granting quality education to the children.

Secure and Gated Community

The scheme is being built with great security measures so that the people of the community feel safe. The CCTV cameras and the scanners cover the passageway of the project and it leaves points to each square and the road. The area is observed on the television with guards in the security room so every move in the community is monitored.

The secure boundary wall is the most fundamental part of the community. The premises are always being watched. If you look at the location of the Citi Housing Multan then you would know that it is being built in an uncrowded area.

Electricity Back Up

The scheme is backed up by power generation, which is then linked with the T-underground power supply system. It will help to ensure that there is a continuous power supply to each of the family that adds more value to the scheme overall.


The housing scheme is all about providing a genuine feeling of class with its advanced facilities to provide entertainment to its people. There are also services of luxurious spa and medications for the residents of the community, silver screens that will provide you and your family with the best cinematic experiences, and then a luxurious China Restaurant that will satisfy your taste buds. The open parks have been build that will help in providing for physical and mental health betterment.

Health Facilities

The hospitals are built with the most recent innovation. You would be offered world-class human services under the supervision of the qualified doctors and the paramedical staff that will offer high standards of medical attention.


The community is being built with the facility of a Jamia Masjid, spacious yard, restrooms and there will be sufficient car parking that will bring feasibility to the house owners of the community. A royal marquee hall is also being built.

Payment Plan

You can find the residential plots for sale in Citi Housing Multan in the sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots that can be made available at an easy installment plan of 2.5 years. Here is a detailed payment plan of the Citi Housing Multan below that you can find:



If you want property for sale or rent in Citi Housing Multan then you would be given the choice to select a plot that is based on your own requirements. You would be offered to select the plot on your desired location and buy the property on a monthly basis installment system that is approximately 2.5 years. There are gold features available for some plot. You can get home from a real estate expert on to get the best deal. You have to be careful in dealing with the other agents as there are a lot of fraudulent activities going on regarding the project.

+Here is a list of extensive booking details that will provide you with an overview of the entire investment plan:


Total price = 26.5 LAC

Booking = 2.5 LAC

10 quarterly installments = 2.4 LAC Each


Total price = 48.5 LAC

Booking = 4 LAC

10 quarterly installments = 4.45 LAC Each


Total price = 89.5 LAC

Booking = 7 LAC

10 quarterly installments = 8.25 LAC Each


Total price = 149.5 LAC

Booking = 13 LAC

10 quarterly installments = 13.65 LAC Each

The Status of Development

The Citi Housing Multan is known to enhance the lifestyle of the city. Even if you look at the previous ventures, it can be seen that there are advanced facilities with installment plans. The accessibility of the facilities is expected to be of high quality and will be known to be one of the biggest projects of real estate in the city.

There aren’t just residential plots, but commercial plots for sale in Multan. The front of the lodging plan is long, whereas the business plots will be moved to the front, which will be near the entrance of the Bosan Road. It will also help the community to surge very rapidly in terms of value.

It is evident that the cost of the plots is slightly less than as compared to DHA Multan. It has been providing a guarantee of a substantial piece of land of the market in an ideal location and that too at a lower price. The prices will enable all the potential speculators to be ready for any kind of investment that they want to make.

The Effect of Citi Housing Multan on The City’s Real Estate

Ever since the announcement of the project and the entry into the market, it has significantly started a boost to the real estate of Multan. The presence of DHA Multan, Royal Orchard, WAPDA Town, and Citi Housing has made the market to be developed into something very new completely.

The housing scheme will also be bringing a large number of Bahria Town investors to the city. It will also support the opposition between DHA Multan and Citi Housing Multan as well as the growing city’s market.

After reading all the interesting details about the Citi Housing Multan, would you be interested to invest in Citi Housing Multan? Do you have any queries about it? You can easily get in touch with a real estate expert on to know more about this scheme.

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