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Innovative Ways to Heat your Home

23 Dec 2020
Innovative Ways to Heat your Home

Innovative Ways to Heat your Home

The winter is here, and this time it is freezing cold! There are gas issues too with the advent of winters because of the insufficiency of gas as compared to the number of users. With the increasing population, it is not easy to meet the demand of all.

These days, especially after the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown, when life has become hard and survival has turned into misery because of increased prices of everything and loss of jobs, it is not at all a good idea to go for buying expensive heaters or building up of fireplaces to overcome this out of blue weather.

People are looking for different ways to keep their homes warm as much as possible and whatever it takes to do. But, imagine! What if you get this opportunity of keeping your house warm without any spending money at all? Sounds cool, right? oh, I mean warm, because obviously, you are already feeling cold.

Well, here are some of the brilliant and innovative ways which would help you heat your home, naturally, with the help of natural and already present facilities at your home.

  1. Utilize Natural Sunlight

The very first and most convenient way to keep your home warm is by consuming the natural light that is sunlight by keeping the curtains apart, exposing the window, and letting the sunlight enter your home, warming up the house.

When the sun goes down, shut down your curtains that will act as another layer of insulation and will maintain the warmth in your room.

Make sure that there are not any gaps or leaks in the windows so that the warm air can stay inside and cold air can stay out, also do not open the windows.

  1. Use heat from Stove

We all know there is load-shedding of gas in winters, especially when it comes to the Southeast Asia region. But there are fixed timings for this load-shedding and you can utilize this advantage of knowing the timing best in your favor.

When there is the availability of gas, keep at least two of the sections of your stove open and lit up at moderate speed. This will warm the upper portion of your home the most, also the surrounding area will stay warm, keeping the entire house warm.

Even when you will switch them off, the house will remain warm as the walls of the house would have absorbed the heat by that time, to maintain the warmth of your home. 

  1. Keep the rooms occupied

When there are a smaller number of people in a room, it stays cold, on the other hand, when the room is filled with people, you will feel the heat and warmth in the room. Similarly, in hot weather too, it gets congested to stay in a room filled with people and you start feeling hot.

When all the members of the house stay in one room, the room will be warm because of the radiation of heat energy as well as increased carbon dioxide ratio in the room. Therefore, try sitting in one room, all together, when it is too cold outside. Also, keep the door shut in the specific area of the room.

The same is the case with things, when you will keep your house occupied with furniture, or other things, leaving less area unoccupied, your home will stay warm.

  1. Spread Carpets

When your home is carpeted, then the layer of carpet and its stuff will keep your house warm. We see people lifting up the carpets in summers to avoid heat and have open look.

But in winters, it is a great idea to spread your carpets back in all rooms for keeping your house warm, otherwise, naked floors will make you feel cold.

 If there is no availability of carpet, you can use any other clothing similar to the stuff of carpet which will not cost you anything at all.

  1. Choice of Bricks

While building the house, keep all the aspects and seasons in mind when you choose ingredients used in its construction.

Especially, the bricks you use in the structural phase should be researched over first, and then use the best suitable ones which will help you keep the house cold in summers and warm in winters.

Some bricks are too good at going against the temperature and that is all we want, for keeping ourselves safe from cold and warm, whatever is our requirement according to the season.

Now you are aware of all the innovative techniques to heat your home, economically and most of the ways have taught you the utilization of already available things in almost every house.

I hope all these ideas will help you with making your winter burden-free and enjoyable. May you have a great winter season!




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