- Transforming the Real Estate sector!

Buying 22/12/2017

While digital transformation has disrupted almost every type of business, the real estate industry has been traditionally slow to move with the times – until now.

Whether running a business from home or shopping online, mobile apps offer a whole new world of possibilities. These advancements are also very prominent in the real-estate sector!

Today, people rarely refer to newspapers to check the listings of available properties in their city but they find it more convenient to grab their smartphone and get all the information they are looking for. If you haven't come across it as yet, allow us to introduce you to – a premium property portal. One of the best things about is its mobile app that offers a plethora of benefits to the users.

Wide Range of Properties

There is a large list of properties available at You can find houses for sale, houses for rent, plots for sale, and so much more in your own city of Lahore. The diversity in properties is very similar to the nature of this city. Users have the liberty to locate properties in their preferred areas.

Search Filters is a unique property portal that is all about convenience and flexibility. Users can use the search filters to find homes or properties according to their requirements. The segregation can be made with respect to number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, and price. If you are having a limited budget, you can find your dream house in your range without any difficulty.It is the fastest, easiest, and most expedient way of looking for properties.

Rewards, Rewards Everywhere

One of the best benefits of, the leading Pakistan property portal, is the rewards program. All the users, customers, and partners of can earn themselves some really cool prizes like exclusive merchandise. These rewards are just a gesture to show gratitude to the esteemed partners who have shown their interest and made what it is today.

Saves Time

Going out to finding suitable properties in a city like Lahore where the situation of traffic is very poor, can be a very time-consuming process. Time is money and you should use it in some more productive ways rather wasting it for searching properties. With mobile application, Lahore real estate is literally in your hands. You have the power to view properties at your will with just a few taps.

Peace of Mind

With a large pool of satisfied customers, you can trust completely. All the listings available at the property portal are verified and offered by reliable partners. Although you are using the mobile app, you can rely completely on for the authenticity of the property listings. Similarly, sellers get to connect with potential buyers remotely and finalize the deal.

There are many more benefits of using the mobile application for both buyers and sellers.So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and get the marketplace at your fingertips!.