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How to keep your homes cooler this summer

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10 Jun 2019
How to keep your homes cooler this summer

How to keep your homes cooler this summer

Are you also tired of racked up electric bills? I’m sure the answer is yes; because who isn’t?

During summers and days when temperatures are as high as 45 degrees, keeping the air of your house conditioned 24/7 or fanning yourself in front of the nearest fan are the only apparent solutions. However, it turns out that there are many other ways of keeping your homes cool during the warmer days, as well. Here is a list of some incredible tips and tricks that you might need this summer:

  1. Keep your blinds closed during the day: Most of the unwanted heat in your home comes from the sunlight coming through open windows and doors. Hence, in order to maintain your indoor temperatures, it is highly suggested that you keep your blinds closed during the day so that no unwanted sunlight or heat penetrates inside. You may open them during the night to let fresh, cool air in.
  2. Get yourself an evaporative cooler: Evaporative cooler is an amazing alternative for air conditioners. This product uses water and a fan that blows over a cooling pad to cool the air.  It uses less energy than air conditioners and is, therefore, cost-effective. Other than that, even its installation and maintenance is not that expensive either. Also, an evaporative cooler increases the moisture level in the air. What else do you want?
  3. Get rid of carpets: If you’re actually worried about your increasing electric bills because of constant air conditioning, you need to think in the long term. Any idea what this means? It means you have to compromise and give up your beautifully hand-woven carpets and get your floor tiled or laminated instead. Don’t worry, tiles look greater anyway! They stay cool all day long and are a real treat for your warm feet during the hot summer days. Just like tiles, laminated floors don’t absorb heat either and help you keep your home cooler. Looking for a bonus point? They’re even easier to clean. No more hectic vacuum sessions!
  4. Use blackout curtains: If your curtains are made of light fabrics, there’s no point in them being there at all. Light curtains make no difference whatsoever even if you keep them closed as sunlight still penetrates through. Using blackout curtains will keep your home cool as their thick, dark fabric will absorb all the excess heat and sunlight and won’t let it get inside your home.
  5. Start grilling: Utilize your garages and lawns for grilling your food. You surely don’t want to increase the already scorching summer heat in your house by cooking food inside. The last thing you want to do with your already 100 degrees home is turn on the 400 degrees stove and let your home boil. Besides, grilled food is healthier and tastier which should definitely be considered a plus point.
  6. Cover with green sheets: Using green sheets is a very common and effective way of keeping your home cool. We often see homes with a green sheet on all four of its sides or on top of the open area. This sheet absorbs all the excess sunlight and prevents your home from getting too hot. Moreover, they are super economical too! You can easily get them from your nearest market or even online. Get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.
  7. Use your exhaust fans: We usually forget to turn our exhaust fans on after cooking which adds to the already super-hot home. The steam collects inside making us feel even warmer. Just like that, when we don’t turn on our washroom exhausts after taking a shower, the heat traps in our washroom which again adds to the already extreme temperature of our home. Other than drawing out the steam, exhaust fans draw out heat as well. Try this hack when you’re not using the air conditioner and notice the difference.
  8. Spend on house plants: Who doesn’t like a fresh and cool environment? If you’re also fed up with the heat in your home, add some beautiful house plants in your living room and in front of sunny windows. They will absorb the extra sunlight and protect your home from the sun’s wrath. House plants are a great way of keeping your home cool and green.

These are the tricks you may try this summer to deal with the boiling heat and of course, the unbearable electricity bills. Let’s spend less on electricity and more on preparing our houses for the summers in the longer run. There are also houses for sale available that already have all these features and are no less than a treat in summers. In case you are looking for a house for sale or a house for rent, you must check out the properties to confirm if these features are available there or can be applied.  

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