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How To Brighten Your House The Right Way!

Home Inspirations
19 Apr 2022
How To Brighten Your House The Right Way!

How To Brighten Your House The Right Way!

A house lacking natural light can often look dull if the lighting isn’t properly done within the house. This is why ample light must be available in a room to set its ambiance and highlight all its nooks and crannies.

Added to that, lighting can help make or break the room, since not only does it illuminate the room, but it also acts as a decorative piece that can help make the room seem fuller.

Follow these simple tricks and tips to help enhance your room’s lighting and turn it from dull to an ambient space.

  • Include at least three sources of light in each room. This includes the general lighting (overhead or pendant), specific lighting (task or table), and ambient lighting (sconces, candles, or decorative)
  • Maximize the natural light within a room by keeping your windows clean. Not only does this make the house look cleaner, but it also makes a difference in the amount of light that enters the house
  • Choose the right colored curtains. Curtains allow a lesser amount of light to pass through the room but they can also control the kind of shades that enter your room. You can decide whether you want the cooler or warmer shades according to your personal preferences.
  • Adding reflective surfaces into your house is one of the biggest ways of utilizing natural light and using it to your advantage. The reflective surfaces you could include in your room include mirrors, glossy floors, metallic finishes, etc. They can help you bounce light around the room.


If you are someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then it is necessary for you to have proper and good lighting in the kitchen. Not only will this lighten up your mood, but it can also help you keep the hangry people in check. It also helps you in identifying the right color of the food when you’re preparing anything.

  • Under-cabinet lighting can be extremely useful. They can help illuminate the countertops while you are working on them. If you find it hard to install other lights underneath the cabinets the easier solution for them would be installing LED lights.
  • Light up the darker corners of your kitchen such as shelves, cupboards, pantries, etc. You can achieve this by installing overhead lamps and installing LED lights inside the shelves which can be turned on and off accordingly.
  • Install pendant lamps above the kitchen sink and breakfast nooks. This can help illuminate the working area when you’re prepping your food.


The bedroom has to be one of the coziest spaces in the entire house. That is not only because it is personal to you, but also because it is one of the rooms that you spend most of the time of your day in. That is one of the reasons why multiple different options should be available to set up the lighting according to your mood.

  • Get a lamp light with warm bulbs. The reason for this Is, not only are they great for setting up the mood, but they also help you in quickly light up your room in the middle of the night if you wake up
  • Using candles to set up the ambiance. They can quickly turn your room in a cozy space due to their dim warm light which keeps flickering from time to time.
  • Apart from the normal bulbs and tube lights, use decoration lights as well. These lights are responsible for setting up the ambiance of the room. It can also act as a night light if nightlamps bother you.
  • Replace all your fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Use brighter colored curtains. These will not only allow more natural light to enter the house but will also turn it into a warmer shade accordingly.

Living Room

The common gathering place within your house is usually the Living Room. Whether you’re chilling with your friends after work or watching a movie with your family, it is this room everyone gathers in when they want to spend time together. This is exactly why having different options for lighting works better since they can match up with the activity better.

  • Before you install any lighting within the room, consider their size first. It is important to note how well the light would fit into the theme and ambiance of the room.
  • Having a chandelier might be a must in a living room, however fitting pendant lights instead would achieve the same goal. They fit in perfectly with a minimalistic look and are also great for providing localized light
  • Adding a dimmer to any overhead light also works out perfectly since it provides you with multiple options for different kinds of lighting which can match up with the occasion.
  • Add lamps to the darker corners of the room that are left in the dark once the sun goes down and turn them into comfy reading spots. Added to that the subtle glow that they provide amps up the coziness of the room.


The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to good lighting despite it being one of the most important parts of a house. However proper lighting can turn a heavily lit or a dull bathroom into something which is a lot easier on the eyes.

  • Add vanity lights onto the bathroom mirror. These are a lot better than the overhead lights which create odd shadows on your face. Added to that their softer glow is a lot more preferable when you wake up in the morning with your eyes half-closed.
  • Prefer installing bulbs with warm light, or halogen light bulbs since they best imitate sunlight. This can be helpful for you if you wear makeup since it will give you a clear idea of how it will look once you leave the house.
  • To cozy up the surrounding during a bath its best to either install fairy lights onto the ceiling or use candles to provide a soft glow
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