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Housing deficiency in Pakistan – A blight for the region

28 Apr 2021
Housing deficiency in Pakistan – A blight for the region

Since the beginning, the Pakistani newspapers, magazines, news channels, as well as social media platforms are full of housing projects` advertisements, encouraging people to lift their lifestyle, make investments, or other property types in prominent cities of Pakistan, and get out of rural lifestyle.

Most of these large, and middle-scale residential projects target salaried individuals belonging to middle-income strata, who have one aim in life, and that is to have a house of their dreams which they can call their residence.

This is what private developers take advantage of by playing with their emotions, and transforming their innate desire into dream houses in Pakistan, offering 1st world countries lifestyle that would match buyers` needs, and fit into their budget.

As indicated by a gauge, out of 208 million individuals in Pakistan, more than 33% live in 20.01 million houses in Pakistan spread across urban communities, and the remaining live in almost 13 million houses in rural areas.

There is another estimation that gets the circumstance free from housing deficiency in Pakistan, and it portrays that as of now, the housing shortage is around 11.4 million homes which are probably going to develop to 17.2 million units by 2025.

Furthermore, this lack is common despite the milestone activity taken by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to develop 5,000,000 homes during his present reign.

Housing deficiency is an opportunity in disguise

The business-trained professionals, and real estate specialists at Homes Pakistan accept that the housing unit’s crisis is a tremendous open door for the developers – particularly if they take on the challenge to launch housing projects for the low-wage bunch.

A greater part of the populace moving from rustic territories to metropolitan spots, move to achieve a superior way of life, which on other hand adds more to the lodging crunch.

Nonetheless, whenever taken care of wisely, the crisis has a solution too like everything on this earth does, where the public authority will head towards providing incentives to such developers, and help them by eliminating administrative boundaries, and giving long haul arrangements, solid framework, metropolitan arranging, strategies, and changes to improve the sectors.

Also, real estate developers can take a step ahead, and announce low-cost housing projects, which can additionally be financed through government banks, monetary foundations, and renting organizations.

The housing shortage is a misery for the region

There is a serious housing crunch in the country, and the requirement for great quality houses in Pakistan continues expanding as time passes. It is an important issue that should be handled astutely through policies, and reforms.

In actuality, how insightful is it to destroy the regular equilibrium of the eco-framework, and demolish the fertile lands just to develop a concrete jungle? Blunder and lack of foresight may not take into account the housing crunch, however, can prompt food frailty in years to come.

The expanding populace and an immense convergence of populace in the metropolitan urban communities have destroyed green spaces that used to stamp the limits of metropolitan cities. A similar pattern has recently been seen in smaller cities, for example, mango tree gardens are chopped down to develop housing societies in Multan.

Countless concrete jungles have been seen in Punjab, and southern Sindh, which was previously famous for vegetation and yields.

The circumstance of the textile hub of the country is the same, as you can discover innumerable new gated “housing” projects in the upper east of Faisalabad city. It is difficult to process that these superior houses in Pakistan are based on once fertile fields, which were recently used to give wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and a few other occasional harvests.

In Faisalabad, many housing projects have jumped up in recent years, and also around major, as well as smaller cities, all around Pakistan.

The land is being bought from the farmer by offering them a superior cost for their property and baiting them with sweet dreams, and enticing proposals of an improved way of life, and overflowing sum, which has brought about a bigger number of houses than green fields.


 It is a crucial situation, as on one side we need to meet housing requirements, while on the other, food is also a necessity for life, and we cannot just keep on destroying fields for housing.

One can compromise on a luxurious lifestyle, but cannot survive without food. So, we should make food our priority in order to live, and take decisions accordingly.

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