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Home Decorating Hacks for the Rental Area

02 Aug 2019
Home Decorating Hacks for the Rental Area

Home Decorating Hacks for the Rental Area

People who are living in a rented apartment or a house, they always find it difficult to add some personal touchups to their living spaces. They are always fearful of losing their security deposits or breaking any clause of the rental contract. This is the main reason the tenants are never able to renovate their living space as per their taste and hence ends up compromising on those things they are never comfortable with. Indeed, living in a temporary rented space is difficult, especially when you are settling or give in for most of the things.

But it is never the end of the world, if you are aware of handy and right steps, you can still have access to the liberty in decorating your living space as per your desires, without retracting rental agreement or going against it. For instance, if you are not comfortable with boring wall paint and the color than no more worries as there lies a solution to this problem. There are tons of options that are budget-friendly as well as affordable allowing you to renovate your rented space into a more lively and sparkly

In this blog, we are going to discuss some tricks and tips on how to personalize your rented home or apartment without disregarding any rules. With simple changes, you can change the look of your living space completely. We are going to discuss the top 10 home decorating hacks that are pocket-friendly and tenants are allowed to adopt it.

Indoor Plants for Home Décor

One of the most affordable hack for indoor home décor is getting plants for yourself. It is unambiguous that indoor plants and terrariums tend to add instant warmth to your house, elevating the freshness to the next level. It is a simple and inexpensive decoration with the lowest risk or breaking any rule of the rental contract.

There are numerous benefits of having indoor plants such as the indoor plants help in cleaning the air, purifies it from toxins that come out from perfumes and aerosol sprays, provides fresh air in the morning and absorbs carbon dioxide in the evening, ensuring the health of the residents throughout.

Paint Furniture instead of Walls

Sometimes, when you move into a new rented house or an apartment, you find the first thing that drains out your energy is boring white walls. Plain walls hurt most to those who are in love with trendy wall colors, therefore, for such stylish people, settling down is painful. So, if you cannot touch the walls then you can touch your furniture! You can paint your furniture in color you like, don’t paint the whole furniture, instead, you can accent parts of it with regular paints.

A quick DIY hack for painting your furniture is to clean the furniture first, later use sandpaper on it to even the surface, apply a coat of primer and now apply two coats of the paint you have chosen for your furniture. In this way, your furniture will also become fresh and it will add a new breathe to your living space without doing a lot.

DIY Bookshelf or Storage Space

In a rented space you are never allowed to install a bookshelf by hammering the nails on the wall. The quickest and cost-effective way is a DIY bookshelf made out of old shoe and cardboard boxes. Use decorating wrapping papers around it and install each shoe or cardboard box on top of each other with glue. If the containers available are large, use it as a bookshelf and if the boxes are smaller, use them to organize your jewelry on the dressing table.

For making storage spaces, get large containers, wrap them with colorful sheets and carefully place them to make laundry bin. You can also get yourself plastic crates that are available in affordable prices, paint them in your favorite color and attach each crate with plastic cable ties. Voila, you have your very own movable storage space for your books or clothes or anything you want.

Minor Bathroom Changes

As a tenant, there are numerous options you can use to update the look of your bathroom. You can change the normal head of your shower to rain shower head instantly, without extra spending. You can also hang a colorful organizer with the bathroom door to keep your small belongings. You can place artificial plants in the bathroom to add life and spark to the surroundings. These simple things can entirely change the look of your bathroom, just remember to swap back the old things back to
its place once you are moving out.

Moving or Rolling Furniture

The portable furniture is relatively cheaper and helps in home décor too. For a renter, moving or rolling furniture is the best option. A tenant is always moving house to house and apartment to apartment, therefore having a piece of moveable furniture is always the best choice.

In the bedroom, you can have a rolling Chester instead of hard to move cabinets. You can move your furniture from one room to another only if you own moving furniture. In the kitchen, get yourself moving cabinets that are easy to assemble and easy to dismantle. Near the door, get yourself a movable shoe rack to store your shoes. Once you are moving out, fold the shoe rack and take it with you easily.

Detachable Wall Stickers

Give your walls a trendy look but placing detachable wall stickers on them. Wallpapers or other decorative items are supposed to stick on the wall permanently, whereas, wall stickers are not just easy to apply, but they also can be removed instantly. Several abstract designs and calligraphic poster come now as wall stickers, paste them on the wall and when you are moving out from the house or the apartment and peel them off. As a renter, wall stickers are the perfect choice for having a customized wall.

 Using Washi Tape

There are many colorful washi tapes available at cheap prices, which can be easily applied to the furniture or the cabinets to give a lively look. Using washi tape, you can enhance the looks of your fridge and freezers. Get the trendier look with a bit of glitz and glam and modify your living space, beautifully.

Update your Walls with 3D Paper Art

Being a renter, here is the idea to update your kid’s room. Make 3D flowers and butterflies for your kids’ room and give it a 3D look. According to a study, children love 3D sort of home décor. Make the mobile decoration of sea animals or even fishes and hang them around the room. In this, your children can also take part and help you with the decoration.

Usage of Lighting Wisely

In rented houses, the options for lighting is limited. But it is possible to replace the ordinary lights with fancy ones on the same spot. Once you are leaving the house, you can swap the ordinary ones again. Using fairy lights is also a great option, you can use fairy lights on your dressing table to ensure better lighting and can even place the fairy lights on your main door too to elevate the looks to exceptional heights.

Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

In the kitchen, the easiest way to update the looks is by changing the cabinet knobs. Keep the original ones safe and install personalized and trendy knobs on your kitchen cabinets. You can even place LED light strips on your kitchen cabinets to give a lively feel in your boring kitchen. Hang artificial vegetables and fruits with sticking hanging hooks for your cleaning cloths.

All of these ideas are budget and pocket-friendly, not costing you a fortune at all. Being a renter, you can easily replace anything you want with careful steps, while securing the original items to replace when you are leaving the house. Your living space will become livelier without any compromise over the rental contract and your landlord will also have no concerns at all, trust us. For more updates on home décor and elevation of living space, stay tuned to one of the leading lifestyle blog of Pakistan.

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