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Home Care Tips during the Monsoon Season

21 Jun 2022
Home Care Tips during the Monsoon Season

Home Care Tips during the Monsoon Season

Monsoon rains tend to break the heat spell caused by the summer months, however with the rain comes forth several different problems, which need to be dealt with effectively.

Dealing with the Negative Aspects of the Monsoon Rain

The heavy thundering storms of the monsoon season effectively break the heat spell caused by the peak summer months. However, accompanied by these heavy rains, is humidity? Wooden furniture is greatly affected during this time since the accumulation of water vapor causes it to become musty promoting fungal growths.

However, that is not the only problem that arises during this time. Leakage and seepage within the walls become a common conundrum as well. Usually, both these problems arise from an unkempt roof.

Cracks and crevices can appear on the surface and if not dealt with on time can cause extensive damage to your property. Such cracks appear during the dry and arid months of summer, which allow water to pass through them, into the roof and walls when it rains.

Seepage not only causes the paint on your walls to flake but also negatively affects its structural integrity. If the roof is left unkempt, then over time this problem will cause major issues. Over time, the extensive damage caused will result in bigger leaks. This will cause major damage to both the property and the furniture or electrical appliances. 

So, it is suggested to get your roof repaired every year before the monsoon rains so any cracks and crevices can be filled with cement.

Changing your bed sheets every night is also highly suggested since it can help remove any accumulated moisture from your bed.

Also, buy a pack of mothballs and place them on your bookshelf, wardrobe, shoe rack, and various other places to keep them moisture-free.

How Can We Keep Our House Clean and Dry?

Despite the rain being much required to counter the never-ending heat wave, it also causes several problems which can spoil the mood. This is why precautions are necessary.

Place a shoe rack at the entrance of your house so that clean and dry slippers can be worn when you enter the house. This can help prevent the entry of muddy shoes into your living room while also helping it stay dry.

Remember to turn on the exhaust fan once you’re done showering so the excess moisture can be expelled from the bathroom. Also, do not leave wet towels and dirty clothes in your bathroom either since this can promote bacterial and fungal growth. Clean the drains often as well, and keep the washrooms dry. Once you’re done showering, make sure to hang your towels in an airy space.

What Happens to Your House During the Monsoon?

When it rains, the relative humidity increases due to the evaporating water. The air tends to become saturated with water vapor during longer periods of rain because the air will continue drawing the water.

The increased moisture in the air has the potential to damage any wooden furniture, cupboards, etc. The accumulation of water vapor promotes the growth of fungus resulting in a musty smell arising from the swollen wood.

To avoid such situations, it is advised to use camphor and phenyl balls since they have the ability to absorb excess moisture from the air. Added to that, any accumulated rainwater in the house should be cleaned as well since it will further worsen the humidity in the house. 

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