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High-rise vs. low-rise apartments - Which one to choose?

02 Jun 2020
High-rise vs. low-rise apartments - Which one to choose?

Over time, the population of the world has increased which introduced the concept of apartments. Now, one of the most appreciated living styles is the apartment system all over the world. Some countries are even making new records in making the highest building in the world. Now imagine if you are looking for an apartment to live in. Rent fits your pocket, accommodation fits your family needs, and location fits requirements, besides all these facts you would have to decide which floor you would like to live at. Low-rise apartments are the apartments that are located on the first four floors while high-rise apartments are the above ones. There are different reasons for living on different floors of the apartments. To help and guide you in selecting the best apartment level to live at, we are presenting the differences between the high-rise and low-rise apartments.

Low-rise apartments:

Low-rise apartments could be your best and worst choice, depending upon your needs and requirements. The independence you can get from low-rise apartments is unmatchable. These apartments are slightly expensive but easily accessible and the best choice for your elderly people who have problems with climbing stairs. We will start with the pros and cons of low-rise apartments.

Pros of low-rise apartments:

  • The lower floor apartments are free from the need of installing elevators.
  • Evacuation from the low-rise apartments at the time of need is very easy as compared to the high-rise apartments.
  • These apartments behold more resale value as compared to the high-rise apartments.
  • These ground floor apartments allow you to take the privilege of gardens and utilize the area better.
  • These apartments are closer to the street which enables you to get to the market in the shortest duration.
  • You have more parking area.
  • Being a little expansive, these apartments contain very high resale value when compared to the high-rise apartments.

Cons of low-rise apartments

  • The low-rise apartments are easily affected by floods.
  • These apartments do not give you a good view from your window as compared to the high-rise apartments.
  • Everyone residing on the above floors would pass through your door more often which makes your corridor busy at the time.

High-rise Apartments

High-rise apartments are the ones that are located above the 4th floors of a building. These are less expensive yet they give the best view. There are some countries in the world that have constructed buildings higher than 100 floors. In such buildings, high-riser apartments are higher in demand. We will discuss the pros and cons of living in the high-rise apartments here.

Pros of high-riser apartments

  • These apartments provide the best view. The higher apartment, the better view it gives.
  • These apartments are ventilated which keeps the temperature moderate and moist.
  • You can find the best security system in these apartments. Only relevant and residing people would effort to come up there.
  • You can easily access to your apartment through the lift. Elevators are widely consumed by elderly people who cannot take the stairs.
  • High-riser apartments offer a noise-free environment along with cleaner air.

Cons of high-rise apartments

  • These apartments are highly affected by natural disasters like earth quack.
  • While residing on the higher floor, it becomes a bit difficult for residents to evacuate in case of emergency. It becomes even worse when there is a disabled family member.
  • The construction cost of the high-rise apartments is much more than the low-rise apartments which make these apartments a bit expensive.
  • Outer cleaning of such apartments is very costly yet extremely dangerous.
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