Get your home ready for cooler weather

Lifestyle 12/01/2018

The season never knocks your door! You will most probably get to know when days are getting shorter, sun heat starts getting cut down and kids are trudging off to school again.

 Yes, you got that right. Winters are officially around the corner. It is the time to get over summer gossips and get you prepared for coffee sessions.

Here we got a quick and easy to follow checklist to keep your home warm, cozy and perfect choice for winters.

Exterior Preparation

Doors are enough for ventilation, fix the asphalt and cracks. Small cracks allow cold wind to hit your rooms and won't let your home be the cozy one. So, hunt the cracks and fix them using plaster of paris.

Clean out gutters and sewerage pipes. Get someone on board or do it yourself, cleaning pipes is another good start of winters even if you don't love this job. This act can serve you in later hours in a better way. And once you are on a mission, you will probably get to know other minor bugs in the ceiling or somewhere else – like your chimney might need attention too.

Think of shutting down outdoor plumbing. Check all the faucets and make sure if any draining is required or not. In case the faucets are damaged, try to cover them to stop freezing weather to come.

Composting is a better act for winters. If you don't already have compost bins, you must be unaware of its importance in winters. This is the right time to stick with compost bins. All the effort made by you will collectively bring the gold next summer.

Set back sunbath chairs and give gardening tools a clean. This might sound like not the right time to set bath chairs back but if you are thinking to be prepared for winters, this is one of the must do's.

Set plant bulbs for romantic cozy nights. Winter season is full of charm and not only for humans but for all the living things. Flowers always have the potential to make small things special and if you lighten it up with tulips and daffodils nothing can be beautiful than this.

Interior Preparation

Winters are the interesting part of life and here is an amazing tip to keep your inner house environment suitable to have a bowl of soup peacefully.  

If your house isn't covered and has cold air inside, you will probably be freezing all the time. Instead just keep the warm air inside and cold air outside by keeping a check on your doors and windows. Such cozy environment in winters is so welcoming for guests and at the end of the day - they would love visiting your home.