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Effective ways to prevent your house walls from seepage

25 Aug 2021
Effective ways to prevent your house walls from seepage

The external walls of your house will have you face every good and bad weather, and they have no other option. When it rains continuously, you will see that time by time cracks will start appearing in the wall`s plaster which will lead to damping of walls because of never-ending water seepage.

This has to be stopped at any cost, otherwise, this will harm the interior of your house, making it look ugly and uneven. To help you prevent this huge issue which most people face, we will bring effective ways to prevent your house walls from seepage into your knowledge, but before that let's figure out how you can identify the problem.

First of all, you will identify the areas on the walls of your house, having water spots over them. Then, you need to ensure that what caused this seepage. Is it because of leakage in the water tank, due to rainwater, or some other reason behind it?

Additionally, if there is a gap between your exterior wall and the neighboring house wall, this will also make water seep through the wall. The main reason behind water seepage is improperly plastering of exterior walls of the house or else due to usage of low-quality plastering materials.

So, we have identified the reasons which cause water seepage, now let us head towards the effective solutions to this problem:

High-quality paints: 

Whenever the paint used to paint the exterior walls of your house is of low quality, moisture will seep through the concrete which will damage the walls. In today`s timeframe, high-quality paints have resistance to water and consist of silicon that gives extra strength to the walls

Do filling in the cracks

Mortar is a solid and cohesive mater that is waterproof, and this can be brought into use for sealing the cracks on your house walls. Structural cracks, which can be damaged water tiles or roofs, will be fixed by using putty that is white cement. This will also help in long-lasting the paint and will save it from chipping off during monsoons too.

Have a Proper drainage system

Make your house drainage system inspected, as leakage in water tanks also makes the water seep through the plaster, causing moisture in it. Make sturdy water pipes get installed, and make sure that joints are also properly sealed

Consult expert over it

Call a professional who will make a thorough inspection and scan the walls of the house and other relevant spaces in a proper manner, with the help of tools used for this purpose, such as, moisture meters. Then go with whatever they recommend for the welfare of your house walls, providing an appropriate solution.

Carry our basic checking

Also, keep a check over the drainage, gutters, and pipes to see if there are any blockages. Also, if you feel the guttering has got old, change it. Additionally, fix all cracks seen in walls, your room, and also window frames along. If you cannot handle it properly on your own, then call a professional to resolve this issue for you.

Warm your house frequently

It is significant to keep your house warm. To carry out this, install a heater or else set a thermostat for maintaining a certain temperature in your house. This will bring prevention to the fluctuation in the level of temperatures that will cause condensation. You can also bring into use smart home devices to monitor the temperature level of your house. Make sure that the radiators should not be blocked by the furniture.

Keep the ventilation system of your house updated

Moreover, fit exhaust fans in the kitchen as well in bathrooms to make sure that proper ventilation takes place. Also, check that washing machines, and tumble dryers are vented too in a correct manner. While building or choose a house for yourself, ensure that it possesses maximum windows for proper ventilation.

Avoid production of moisture at your home

People do put their washed clothes to dry them over the furniture, indoor. This leads to creating moisture in your house. So, you should avoid this, and dry your clothes outdoor. If you have no other option than drying them indoors, then use a dehumidifier. This will help in removing an excessive amount of moisture from the atmosphere.

Additionally, you will find your home warmer, and more comfortable this way. Moisture absorbers suit best to your cupboards and congested spaces too. Avoid bringing change in the interior of your house when the weather is cold, such as painting the house. The best time to carry out such changes is whenever you can easily open all windows of your house.

Keep these tips in mind while cooking

In your kitchen, whether it is an open kitchen or a closed one, pans and cookers do create a considerable amount of steam in your house. While cooking, if you cover the pans with a lid, this will help in preventing the steam from spreading all over the house. Additionally, keep replacing the filters of your cooker`s lids time by time.

Now you are aware of all hacks you can use to keep your house safe from seepage. Apply them now to overcome such issues, and keep the interior of your house fresh, and perfect looking.

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