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Easy Ways to Clean Your Home before an Event!

16 Aug 2018
Easy Ways to Clean Your Home before an Event!

Easy Ways to Clean Your Home before an Event!

Since cleanliness is half the faith, everyone wants their house to be cleaned, tidy and want it to look as presentable as possible for themselves and for the people visiting their place.

Before you embark on any upcoming event, there’s a lot to do and the only hurdle coming your way is your inability to take the right start.

Even though we are not experts in this field, we can give you a few tips and a headstart to make your home look clean and tidy before any event.

Start with the Décor

Before you start with the decor, there is a lot of cleaning that needs your attention. The furniture items are dust’s best pals! This is where dirt and debris accumulate and make your home untidy. You can remove the curtains, wash them and hang them the night before the event, and for furniture items like sofas and chairs; either you can hire professional cleaning services or you can clean them yourself with a cloth soaked in detergent water. It will be time-consuming so make sure to include other family members as well.

Clean the Walls

Walls get dirty with spider webs and dust that sticks to them. While some people don’t take it seriously; trust me, it looks unpleasant. To give your home a clean effect, clean your walls with a brush having a large handle. The brush should have a flat structure otherwise it will not clean the narrow spaces and corners effectively. If your walls are painted with waterproof paints, you can also clean them with wet cloths.

Scrub Your Floor

No matter how regularly you clean your house, the approaching of an event makes you do it all over again and this time you have to do something out of the box. Without scrubbing the floor, you cannot accomplish your objective in a cleaner house. To begin with, prepare cleaning agents in a bucket and start scrubbing the floor. Your main focus should be the inaccessible corners of the house that are often neglected in the regular cleaning sessions.

Declutter Sitting Area

In eastern homes, it is a common mindset to include as many decoration items as possible in the sitting area. Even if you visit a house for sale, you would notice the same thing that the homeowner will have a lot of items placed in the sitting area. While there is no harm in doing that, but as the saying goes by, less is more, it applies here as well!

The best thing about decluttering is that it will make your home look spacious.

You can also include someone in this expedition of yours who is looking to earn some extra money and involve them in your house. Moreover, the extra items you have removed from your home can also be donated to those in need.

Happy Cleaning!

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