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Pakistan Property Portal, Website Post Property FREE

Droning the Real Estate - The Future is Now!

25 Sep 2018
Droning the Real Estate - The Future is Now!

With the soaring competition in online real estate environment, all realtors are looking for ways to stand out among the rest!

Don’t forget- sellers can hand over their property to just anyone to get it sold, but you, as a realtor, need to stand out to have opted, not just as the first or a preferred choice, but as the only choice for them. To achieve such motives, the realtors are getting out of the box and coming up with innovative ways of marketing and promoting their real estate businesses. One such innovative approach is the use of drone photography for the aerial coverage of the properties. It is said that the use of drone videography is the most ground-breaking approach in real estate marketing, after the Internet.

How Drone Photography is used in Real Estate Marketing

Some of the best drones with cameras are used to highlight the features of a property from about 200 ft. above to cover all the details from the surroundings, the main entrance to the innermost area of it. It enables a complete virtual tour for the target audience to check out the desired property in detail just so they can witness all the details without having to visit it physically. Since the world is now virtually driven, people now want things done electronically, with the consumption of lesser time and energy. While photographs do cover the property to quite an extent, there are still a few aspects that cannot be shown completely in the pictures. Those dynamic attributes, connectedness between the spaces, and other details can be viewed through this aerial coverage.

Identifying this potential advantage, realtors all over the world have now started offering drone coverage with the property listings of their clients. The three most popular drones that are used by these people are Phantom 4 Pro, Typhoon H, and DJI Inspire 1. All these are ready-to-fly drones available with the cameras and programmed software installed to ensure uninterrupted functioning. With the use of these drone cameras, the realtors are in a better command to show and include more flattering angles of the property.

Benefits you get with Aerial Photography

It is obvious why the use of drone cameras in property marketing is a great idea. The coverage that it provides highlights all major to minor features of a property with enhanced visibility. It provides a dramatic view of not just the property itself but of the surrounding areas too, for the potential buyers to have a better idea of what they are opting for.

The compelling images and videos created using these drone cameras are a marketing tool in itself. The quality of these images and videos speaks for itself and convince the viewers of the details of the property being viewed. Viewers also get to have a more realistic picture of the property under consideration and are not disappointed in seeing it live later, which is usually the scenario in the case of pictures.

In addition, the use of drone videography also adds an element of interest to the property viewings. Since it is a newly adopted technology, particularly in the context of real estate marketing, the viewers are generally seen interested to watch a video based on drone coverage. It sparks an element of curiosity and interest even among the non-buyers as well, which is something realtors can capitalize on for the time being. Once the technology becomes common and a matter of routine, which may not take too long from now, this benefit may waive off; but for now, it is there to be benefitted from.

Drones with cameras installed also are a great security resource as well. Buyers can opt to continue using the drone coverage service for security concerns. Commercial properties can particularly be secured with the use of licensed drone surveillance. is one competent real estate solution that offers drone coverage with property listings. Different packages are available for clients to choose the one that suits their requirements. So, come fly it… Come buy it! Amplify your real estate marketing by adding drone coverage. Whether you want your listing of a house for sale or a house for rent, adding drone photography by can boost your visibility as well as increase the chances of quick sales as well.

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