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DIY Home Inspection before making an offer

11 May 2021
DIY Home Inspection before making an offer

DIY Home Inspection before making an offer

We know so many people who always tell us about the good things about their properties but do we believe them like 1,2,3? The answer is NO!

We cannot believe anyone telling us that the walls are not leaking, the windows are perfectly fitted and the plumbing work is done to perfection. But one should now trust every word they hear without actually inspecting yourself.

For quality inspection, keep a notebook and a pen with you. Write every product you check and give it numbers out of 10 accordingly. Write a quick review and also point out anything that you need to take care of in the future regarding your house.

There are so many things to take care of before making an offer that fits your budget and the condition of the house. And the best part behind DIY Home Inspection is that you do not need any builder to bring with you for the purpose. Now if you are thinking about how to do a Home Inspection, here is how you can do it.

Floor Inspection:

Start with the floor inspection and keep doing that throughout the house. In every room and every corner of the house. Check for cracks and unevenness in the floor and find any fault that can cause you any harm in the future.

Window Inspection:

It is time to check if the windows are working fine or not? Mostly in Pakistan, we see multiple layers of the windows. That consists of a steel grill, rolling glass, and then a layer of steel net. All three of these have their own importance and can be modified as per the demand. But before making an offer to the client, you have to make sure that all of these are working perfectly fine.

Taps Inspection:

one of the most affected objects of a used house is the water taps. No matter if it is about kitchen or bathroom or laundry area, taps always get loosen after some time. You really need to make sure that the taps installed in the house are not leaking and are in good condition so that you do not have the need of calling a plumber right after moving in.

Walls Inspection:

look deeply for the cracks and holes in the walls. Sometimes the defaults are sugar-coated and hidden under a single layer of paint. Don’t let the fake perfections make you fall for the wrong properties. The cracks may cause walls to fall off in near future and it is not safe for your family.

Installed Electric appliances:

if you are purchasing a house with any already installed electric appliance like light bulbs, fans, air-conditioners, electric geysers, or any other device. Try switching the devices on and off several times to make sure that they are working perfectly.

Wooden Objects Inspection:

Check for perfection in the wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, doors, and shelves that are made of wood. Make sure that all of the wooden doors are installed properly and do not make any voice. Try knocking on the wooden doors to have an idea of the condition of the doors.

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