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Different Ways to Incorporate your Hobbies into your Home Décor

29 Jun 2022
Different Ways to Incorporate your Hobbies into your Home Décor

Different Ways to Incorporate your Hobbies into your Home Décor

Your house is a physical representation of your likes and dislikes, making it common for your personal passions to leak out into the way you decorate your house. Therefore, despite being non-living your house acts as an extension of your mind. This is why, your house perfectly reflects who you are, making it more than just tasteful paint and leather sofas. This is why when you are surrounded by a selection of décor you love and deeply admire, you feel a stronger tug to be home. It is exactly what makes your house feel a lot more like home. To achieve this, however, you’re not required to let your passions seep into every single decision you make regarding your house. Since, in that case, it can become quite hectic to have everything fit into one singular aesthetic. But remember the golden rule: If something makes you happy, bring it out and let it shine.

Store your tools in arm’s reach

Different hobbies are made whole by different tools. So, remember never to hide the tools you utilize which help you outshine the ordinary folks! Whether it’s your paintbrushes or yarn, show them off by placing them on your study table or shelves.

Showing off the wide variety of colors you utilize in your hobbies is a good option as well. Whether it’s paint tubes or multicolored fabrics, place them on your shelves giving a nice colorful touch to your room.

Added to that, place your tools where you can easily access them so that when you are in a creative mood you don’t have to shuffle through three boxes just to find that one paint tube.

Put your talents to work

Give your creative passions room to shine in your everyday life. For example, painters can paint murals on their walls or give new life to their older vases. Calligraphers could write down an elaborate meal plan for their week or a set of rules for their house and frame it.

Woodworkers can make anything from cutting boards to furniture. If you embroider, make your own cushion covers and embellished hand towels. Potters, once you fill your mug cupboard, branch out into making planters and wall hooks.

Every hobby has a practical utilization and doesn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, it is true that incorporating them into your practical life might be difficult, but with enough brainstorming, ideas will start flowing through.

Let your collection tell a story

If you have been pursuing a hobby for quite some time, you’re bound to have a considerable collection. This collection, tells a story. Whether you consider it your journey or simply the interpretation of your art, both these possibilities are unique in their own way.

Keep your collection on display in a place of honor so that the whole story can come together. Display Cabinets are the best option since they work best for frames, 3-d objects, etc, making them perfect for your collection. Well plan the setting for the cabinet as well truly allowing your collection to thrive

Use decor to inspire action

If you require a little motivation to start working with your passions again, then it might be time to inspire some action.

For example, if you are not feeling your usual top-notch pastry snob self, display your antique bakeware in your kitchen. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, display your diploma or your favorite books over your desk. Hang athletic medals and photos of yourself at the finish line if you don’t feel like you’re in the mood to go outside for a run. 

Match the vibe of the room

When incorporating your room with your hobbies, then don’t forget what purpose the room actually serves. Lining up your prized possessions wherever you find empty space is the wrong move since not every room looks appealing when it’s filled to its brim.

A shelf full of your paintings might look soothing in your bedroom, or living room, but it could get distracting if placed in your office. Similarly, your football cleats or trophies will act as the perfect inspiration in your workout room, however, in your dining room, they will look less than appealing.

Mellow treasures set the mood

Some of your possessions hold a special place in your heart because the memories associated with them can be intense. This is something, which is responsible for speaking comfort in your mind. This is why it is important to place these objects accordingly as well. If the beach rock you collected years ago still makes you feel calm, then place it by your bedside.

If your grandfather’s old watch reminds you of how time-efficient he was, then keep it in a display case on your bookshelf or desk.

There are a lot more ways you could utilize to incorporate your passions into decorating. Hopefully, these ideas can help you utilize your passions to bring forth your most important passions up front and on display all over your house, helping you feel a lot more at home!

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