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Crucial External Features that are Devaluing Your Home

31 May 2019
Crucial External Features that are Devaluing Your Home

You can find a lot of information that suggests how you can improve the overall experience of your house in order to increase its resale value. There are many evident works of literature that gives perfect propositions on how to improve the interior of your house or if you are a buyer than what crucial points you as a buyer must consider regarding the interior while purchasing a home. But have you ever imagined that there are certain external factors and features too that can devalue a home?

There are several external features that can undervalue the worth of your house. If you are a buyer then there are some critical factors that should not be overlooked that are externally affecting the worth of the house you are planning to purchase. The most talked external factor is location, but the reality is that there are other external factors too that effects the worth of a house and there are chances that you as a seller will be losing your money in the long run.

Let us scrutinize some vital external features that are beyond human control and being a buyer can cause a problem for you later on.


A Better Location

One of the most evident external features that devalue a property is its location. Purchasing a house in such an area where access to transportation or reaching to main city area is difficult means bad news for a buyer. Convenient access to public transportation is a highly important factor and it can never be overlooked.

There are many areas where either public transport is not available or they are too far away from the house location. This means, for reaching out to a certain destination you always have to book a private transportation system, impacting directly on your daily budget. Sometimes the location of the house is in such an area where transportation coverage is not possible, for instance, broken or no linking roads, too narrow roads, bumpy roads and steep areas.

Therefore it is recommended to the buyer that before purchasing a house, consider the first rule of purchasing i.e. location determination. Determine the location and evaluate how the location can be beneficial or a problem for you in everyday routine. A house far from everyone’s reach is great only if you are tired of human interaction or involved in some sort of criminal activities.


Pollutant Area with Hazardous Surroundings

If the house is near some industrial area than this is also an alarming situation. Of course, you will be having access to the transportation system but sometimes there are other things as well that are important to be considered. If you are located near an industrial area, your house can be filled with smoke that is being emitted by the factories. Then there are factories wastes too that are being dumped here and there, this increases the chance of land pollution.

In hazardous surroundings, there are high chances of health deterioration and risking the lives of your family and children is something that you will never ask for. The houses can be cheaper but they will be playing with the health and life of yours, therefore it is important to leave such an area that is prone to high pollution and have hazardous and insanitariest surroundings.


Extreme Noise Pollution

After air and land pollution, there is noise pollution too. For a serious buyer, living in an area that is prone to noise pollution is also undesirable. Like, living near to the airport, railway stations, extremely busy areas of the city, crowded bus stops or industrial manufacturing units, there are higher chances that you will be surrounded with excessive noise every minute of your day, resulting in sleep deprivation, temper loss and health concerns.

No one likes noisy areas and earsplitting locations as they only cause inconvenience and problems in lives. As a buyer, if you purchase such a house that is prone to loud noise then there are higher chances of developing temperamental issues in life. This is a feature that devalues a home straight away and is beyond human control, therefore avoiding residency in such an area is the ultimate solution.


Poor Quality of Education – Less or No Educational Institutions

Access to a good educational institute such as schools and colleges are the most favorable desire of a buyer. This is the main reason that those societies and housing schemes that are near quality educational institutions have higher property rate and value.

On the other hand, the neighborhoods that are near to bad or weak education system are less attractive, have low property value and have lesser prospective buyers. Quality education is demand or every parent and right of every child, therefore buyers favor to live in those areas that are near to top-notch educational institutions and greater quality of education.

For a seller, it is beyond his hands to move his property to a locality where there is access to quality education, but for a buyer, it is always in their hands to choose wisely and prioritizes their needs accordingly.

Living near Cemetery

There are many superstitions regarding cemeteries and graveyards, therefore, people avoid living near or next to cemeteries. It makes people uncomfortable and many are even terrified of the idea of living near to a graveyard. It is a truth that cemeteries and graveyards are scary, especially at nights and for this reason, there are a lot of stories related to it, definitely the horror and scared ones. Therefore many people don’t prefer to live near them.

As per recent research, the localities that are near to churchyards are lower in price as compared to the localities that are away from any sort of cemetery. Another reason people come up with is that it is unbearable and heart-wrenching to see funerals every day from the window and witnessing mournful and crying faces every day makes them painful. Buyers are suggested to look for homes that are far from cemeteries so that they don’t get scared, especially at night times.


Bad Neighborhood

A neighborhood with dodgy neighbors and unkempt houses near the selling house is a thing that scares a buyer way too much. Before purchasing a house, it is important for the buyer to evaluate the neighborhood properly. Living next to a criminal or a person with a sinister reputation is never a good idea.

If the neighborhood is good, it is observed that the value of the property drastically increases whereas on the other hand, if the neighborhood is not good and have an untrustworthy background, there are fair chances that the property will devalue on its own. No one is ever interested to live next to someone who is shady and can be harmful anytime and at any moment. Living a life of fright is scary to think of.

These are some important external factors that devalue the worth of a house and are majority beyond human correction. But when making a purchase, it is important to look into these crucial pointers and plan the purchases accordingly. It is important to get connected to a reliable property advisor to get tips and awareness regarding these external features and the real value of the property. At we always welcome our clients to talk with us freely and we ensure complete client satisfaction. We take our clients on-site visits and after crystal clear communication we suggest purchases. Get connected with us now to explore potential areas to purchase that can provide you with benefit in the long run.

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