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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Shifting Your Home

16 Sep 2021
Common Mistakes to Avoid while Shifting Your Home

No one does the home shifting for fun's sake, and no matter how many times you have moved already to another town or another city, it will always be difficult to shift a house. Apart from the emotional factor, physical hindrances also appear while shifting. There come different challenges when you shift home, and during this conduct, you do many mistakes and common delays. People misinterpret it as an easy task in which you just have to pack your bags, call the cab, and move to your new property in Pakistan. Wrong!

Well, you have to keep in mind many things while shifting, and after the entire shifting process has been completed as it leaves behind a lot of stress in case a single step goes wrong. Hence, you should be careful on every step, and write down all pointers so that your day would go smooth. There are multiple common drawbacks, and you will for sure make mistakes, but try reducing the number of mistakes you do.

Now let us discuss the mistakes done by the majority so that rest can avoid them while shifting to a new house, make this whole process accelerated, and hurdle-free.  

Keeping packaging for last minute

It is not an easy task to pack your entire home within few hours, it takes weeks to pack everything in an organized manner, separately in carton boxes. Hence, you need to plan your packing at least one month prior to your shifting. During this time, you will also sort out what you require, and the ones you need to give away or throw away.

In last week, there can be left few boxes to be packed. Else, if you think you cannot take the burden of managing it all on your own, then you can also take help from professional companies which will provide you with expert packing service, and materials.

Giving yourself sufficient time to pack

Starting too early is an equally damaging mistake to starting too late. This will prolong the packing process, and you might need something during this time that you have already packed which will lead to unpacking again for the sake of finding it. This will increase your fatigue, and your stress level will be accelerated too. Hence, for your peace of mind, do not go to any extreme.

Additionally, don`t you think it will be hell irritating finding packed boxes laying in every corner, and middle of your rooms, hall, etc.? No one likes to have this sort of environment with packed things around, you will see them, and get stressed. Therefore, it is significant to set a timeline and follow it religiously. Start packing only when you are sure that you will be moving in some days.

Choosing a moving company without proper research

There is a large number of moving companies you will come across, but none of them will have the experience that would make their expertise. You are the one who will distinguish between genuine and ingenuine ones to choose the right service company for yourself.

You can ask your near ones for referrals, go for reading online reviews, and also call various companies famous for their expertise, offering at reasonable rates. Another way of finding the right one is to search for results in Google`s search engine.

But this way, it will be risky as no one will be there to give a guarantee of those companies. Your things are required to be in safe hands, and you need to keep this thing in mind.

Not ready to throw away extra stuff

When talked to professional movers, we found out an important factor that this is the best time to let go of your personal belongings when you are shifting to a new house. When you will start packing your stuff, you will see that there are numerous things you would have not used in months, or for a year. This will be useless to you but still, you pack it, and take it along to your new house, increasing your burden.

Additionally, the less you have, the more convenient it will become for you to move easily. Also, it will not be an easy task to pack, and unpack those things again, and again which you have not used for so long, and have no plans to use ahead. So, when you start packing, give away stuff not required by you anymore, and the stuff which isn`t in good condition to be used again, throw it away.

Messing up packing to save money

Do not try to save some money, and mess up your packing. Always choose good-quality cartons to pack your stuff in an organized way. Also, do not compromise over the number of cartons. Make sure stuff kept together should not harm each other, but should be kept safely.

Moreover, if you think that doing all the shifting on your own without taking help from the professional moving company will help you in doing shifting perfectly, without any mistake, then you are wrong.

By now you will be thinking now this is a publicity stunt of promoting some moving company, so let me wave away this misunderstanding of yours by telling you that this is no promotion of any moving company, but it's all for your awareness.

Some professional moving companies offer valuable protection, and some kind of liability coverage, plus insurance along. So, if any mistake occurs in shifting your stuff (damage or ill-treatment), they will give you compensation for it. This agreement takes place for security purposes, otherwise, they are professional enough to handle it well.

Such moving companies also do provide packing services too when it comes to your delicate items, and also provide services for assembling of your furniture items too. It is hard to lift heavy furniture, and you will need such services to stay as relaxed as possible.

Unaware of how to pack stuff

Definitely, there must be some personal stuff which you cannot get packed by any moving company, you will have to handle it yourself. Now if you are not aware of how to pack your stuff for shifting in such a manner that it won`t be harmed, then you need to read about it.

If you are not good at reading, then you can also see the tutorial over it which will help you in picking up packing techniques and learning ways to pack your different stuff.

There are also some valuable goods you cannot leave to moving company for packing, as you will never want to take a risk over it. If you have no time at all to put in effort in learning, then take a bag of good material, and arrange your valuable stuff in it packing them all separately. You will be thankful for this advice.

Never forget to compare your new house with the current one

When you are living in one home for a long period, you will be very well aware of how much space it has to keep your stuff, arranging it properly, no matter its appliances, furniture, or decorative items. In your new home, the space will vary, and you need to calculate earlier that how much stuff the new property will be able to attain.

It is better that you measure the space of your new home, and then decide which stuff you need to keep, and which one you will have to give away due to lack of space, and adjustability. You might have much space to keep extra furniture in your previous house, but may not be able to keep all of it in a new one. Be prepared for it!

Now you are aware of all the common mistakes most people make while shifting a house. You should not make them, and the best solution is to hire a professional moving company to avoid any mistake at all. As such little mistakes can cost you much in near future.

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