Capital for your Capital- Why Islamabad is a great place to live

Area Guide 04/04/2018

Yes, it is the capital of Pakistan we are talking about- Islamabad, and yes it is your financial capital we think would make a great investment in the said city. Do you want to know why?  Read the account given below.

We all have seen how beautiful and serene the city is, but that is not all that this city has to offer. It is not just a great tourist attraction but an ideal place to live as well. From an exquisite environment to the easy access and availability of resources, there are numerous reasons that make the city a better choice to settle in.

The Environment

If you ask the tourists what’s the first thing they notice in Islamabad, they will always point out the atmosphere of the city. It is so clean and peaceful that getting out in fresh air at any time of the day is no less than a treat. The city is so green and the cleanliness is surely admirable. The temperature of Islamabad is also mostly on the moderate levels in all seasons. Cool breezes at night keep the climate pleasant throughout the year. The proximity to the northern side of the country also influences the atmosphere and keeps it balanced. The winters are cozier and the summers are less scorching.

Commercial Activities

Because of being a great tourist attraction, Islamabad has some best commercial and entertainment activities. From the shopping malls to the restaurants and cafes, Islamabad offers a range of leisurely activities to offer its citizens and the tourists. A variety of sports activities are also available for people of all ages. For being the capital of the country, a number of events keep taking place throughout the year on sports, fashion, education, trade and commerce and of other industries and sectors. Some of the places like Faisal Mosque, Monal Restaurant and Centaurus mall have further added to the popularity of the city at international levels as well.

Better Security

Since Islamabad is the official hub of the country, with most of the public events being held and offices located there, the security is far better in Islamabad in general than the other major cities. The city has years of records of peacefully managing the protests and processions on various social and political issues.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Islamabad happens to be one of the most planned cities of Pakistan. The disciplines can be witnessed from the infrastructure as well as from the traffic on roads. This discipline in transportation also contributes towards environment protection as lesser pollution is created by traffic.

Lifestyle in general

They say that the city sleeps at 8 o’clock. Where 8 o’clock might be a little bit of exaggeration, it is still not a bad thing at all. The nights are to sleep anyway. This is not only good for health but brings an overall stability and peace as well. Research shows that people who sleep earlier at night exhibit a greater productivity level during the day. This is also probably one of the reasons behind the cool and calm attitude of people generally seen in Islamabad. There is no frustration or hype like that of people in Karachi or an overdose of energy that Lahore is known for. If you are an introvert and not much of a socializing fan, this place is hands down the ideal one for you.

Hence in case you are looking forward to making a move and make a wise investment, Islamabad is a must to be considered. You will be happier in your later retirement years that you took the decision at the right time. Areas like Bahria Town and DHA are developing at a fast pace there attracting huge investments from people all over the country.