Cape Monze Beach Karachi – A Perfect Tourist Point

There is no doubt that our lives are way too bustling and hectic, and treating yourself with some unwinding opportunities to relax the tiring soul is one of the most essential aspects of human life. Everyone needs a positive vibe and viable energy to smoothly calm down the psyche, mind, body and the soul. For such relaxation mode, being with Mother Nature can be one of the most effective ways to express the gratitude to your existence and reshape your senses. From high range mountains to exceptional desserts to awe-inspiring rivers to irresistible beaches, Pakistan has every beauty to offer.

There are many exceptional views and incredible sights in Karachi that cannot be missed. They help the tiring souls to unwind in a cozy and calmer environment with fresh air and mesmerizing wonders. Cape Monze Beach is one of the most ravishing beach offering a unique setting with valuable excursion value.


Geographical Location

Cape Monze Beach is also known as Cape Mount Beach, it is located at the Arabian Sea, near the Hub River and the Gadani Beach. It is typically 80 km from Karachi on the Arabian Sea coast and sometimes also referred as Ras Mauri. It stretches from the village of Mubarak to the Yousuf Goth in the west side of Karachi. It is a 25-kilometer coastal belt comprising of rocks and sand. This part of the coast is actually the property of Sindh Revenue Department.This picturesque picnic point is accessible from a number of popular neighborhoods in Karachi. For example, DHA Karachi is located just 51km distance while Bahria Town Karachi is just 83.2 kilometers away. Those who want to travel to a far-off place for outing and recreation, Cape Monze Beach is the ideal place.


Reaching to the Destination

To reach the destination, you have two routes, i.e. the Mauripur Road, which was formerly known as the Hawk’s Bay Road and the other one is via Mubarak Goth Road. You need to bypass a string of other ravishing beaches of Karachi such as Hawks Bay, Sands Pit, Paradise Point, French Beach, and some others, till the end of the road to reach to the mesmerizing Cape Monze Beach.


Historic Side of the Beach

At Ras Muari i.e. Cape Monze Beach you can find a lighthouse that was basically built by the British regime 1914 for the purpose of navigation of the vessels. During the British government rule in India, this masterpiece was built. During World War I, the lighthouse actually sat off the Iranian island of Qais and at that time it was quite treasured in assisting and supporting the maritime traffic.

It is said that the light from the lighthouse was visible from a distance of 10 miles away. Contrasting to the Manora Point Lighthouse, this lighthouse at Cape Monze beach was not in reality visible from Karachi. It was not visible from any other spot of the popular beaches as well. Back then, for the construction of this beach and making it accessible for the general public, construction material was carried with the help of the camels.

Pure Solitude and Natural Beauty

There is no doubt that Cape Mount Beach is one of the most spectacular tourist points in Karachi. People from all over the world love to visit this beautiful beach with their friends and families. It is nearly impossible to forget even a glimpse of this heaven on the Earth beach. Right from the highland, after parking your vehicle, you can witness a sensational long stretching pristine beach and once you get down near the shore getting through mountain rifts, the spectacular beach becomes an experience for you that will stay with you forever.

Attractions and Beauty

Since the beach is really far away from the main city, therefore, it is unspoiled and less crowded as compared to many other beaches of Karachi. It is quite remoted and this is the main reason you can easily find Cape Monze as one of the perfect beaches to unwind your tired body and mind while cherishing every moment of life.

There are a lot of activities at the beach that can help you in rejuvenating your lost energy such as riding at the back of a camel with your friends, having a long horse ride or enjoying with the beach buggies and racing around the coastline. In addition to the beauty and amazement of the beach, the coastline also offers offshore fish nurseries.

A Perfect Marine Life Spot

Cape Monze Beach is not just a spot of the amazing view of deep horizons and dark blue sea, but it is also home to many endangered species of Pakistan. In the majority of the sea areas, the crowd spoils the sea resulting in death and loss of many marine animals. But Cape Mount beach is clean and clear, nurturing the inhabitants and protecting them. There are dolphins, whales and even turtles. There is no need to be frightened as whales are only in the deep sea area, they will not come to harm any human in a shallow water area. It is also hatching and feeding ground for the endangered turtles.


Best Time to Reach and Enjoy

Getting to a beach just requires energy and a plan to hatch, as everyone is always up for some enjoyment. But for Cape Monze Beach things are relatively a bit different. People prefer to visit the beach earlier in the morning and likes to leave their homes for the picnic before the dawn time. It becomes hard to reach the destination in scorching heat waves. Getting started this early gives you a chance to see the silence and peace of the city and clearer roads with no to lesser traffic. This is a luxury that you hardly sees in Karachi. With the humming of the birds and soft sunrays, the journey towards the destination becomes appealing and soothing.


There is no doubt that Cape Monze has a clear beach to offer to the residents of the Karachi city and it is not just beautiful but also has spectacular views to enjoy. It is a perfect spot for enjoying picnics with families, friends or even for university or college trips. Excursion value of the place is way too high with cool and calm surroundings and incredible marine life including colorful fishes. Cape Monze Beach is a must visit spot this summer to unwind and relax the true spirit of nature.