Beware Students! Read it First Before Looking for an Apartment

University life brings so much excitement with it or at least college students think so - ultimate freedom, relaxation, friendly behavior of teachers, new friends and above all joy of stepping into a new phase of life. And the things get even more thrilling if you are a student living in hostels. Yeah, no more insults from mom and dad. Neither have you had to bring siblings back nor go again and again for bringing veggies grocery and most importantly, DAHI (yogurt).

But, staying out of home also brings many hassles with the biggest of them being outside food, poor hostels as well as complexities in finding an apartment for bachelors. Everyone talks about the first but forgets mentioning the second major problem faced by many students.

Might be we didn’t even bother about it if we had not come across two students who had trouble to find accommodation for the last two years. Those guys couldn’t adjust in university hostel because of unhygienic boys and filth all around. Thus, they started hunting for a house for sale or house for rent.

They have changed about seven houses only in 19 months that is a terrible figure. It inspired us to help out students seeking properties for sale or properties for rent. We fastened up our seat belts and approached students to study the real troubles faced by students and give them an appropriate solution. Our team found that the majority of the students underwent problems due to their inexperience and little familiarity with the real estate laws and regulations.

Here are some avoidable troubles to consider in advance.

Know Your Pocket First

Budget, the essential factor to consider while looking for a home, don’t underestimate it any cost. First, analyze who is going to pay your apartment rate and what maximum he can offer you each month. Then, look for the property for rent/sale ads. Know whether he or she has enough collection to pay three to four months of rental in advanced.  Talk them precisely how much they could pay for you. If rental is covered under your scholarship, then develop high precision.

Always Check Utility Bills

It isn’t only rent/lease amount matters while creating your budget, but several other factors also. You have to consider the essential electronics you have to purchase. You also need to look forward to the average monthly consumption of gas and electricity units to analyze bills. If you want, you would also need to pay for water and internet expense also list them down.

Locality, Locality, Locality

How can you afford a location that is too filthy, have poor sewerage system and lousy infrastructure? And what if it is at a vast distance from your institute or it has no metro station near it? It could ultimately increase your monthly expenses. That’s why we emphasize on locality matters most. Consider its all aspects while looking for property for sale or rent, so you don’t have to face troubles in the future. It saves you from the stress of hidden costs and frequent shifts.

Consider Social Factors

Do you think that only single ladies face troubles while living away from home? No, it’s not the case. In countries like Pakistan and India boys also need to consider several factors while living alone. If you are going to get a house for sale it’s you don’t need to worry a lot. But, if not, know that we encountered several guys who faced severe allegations in rental homes. Many average societies residential blamed bachelors for unethical activities just because of their fears. While getting a home ask your landlord clearly to manage up such things, better to involve society committee members.

Read Contract

The contract between tenant and landlord is never to ignore. Read it thoroughly; know the tenancy period, payment method and date. Know about your obligations towards the owner and vice versa. Don’t rely on word of mouth; remember that written is always better. Go for writing all the aspects you want, keep the copy and hand over both parties’ related documents to the concerned police station.

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