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Bahria Town Lahore – Reviving the Historical City

23 Aug 2019
Bahria Town Lahore – Reviving the Historical City

Lahore is a city having significant historical value dating from the Mughal era. The city was built in the era of 1524 and since then no major changes took place in the city. After partition from India, the region of Lahore came under Pakistan, since then no new work of renovation has been done in the city.

The house, the streets, the places; everything belongs to older times, the complete infrastructure of the city belongs to ages back. The city has never seen hi-rise buildings, elevated infrastructure, and state-of-the-art designs. But the renowned Bahria Town came up with the idea to revive the historical-cultural city of Pakistan with a modern touch of International standard structures.

The house, the streets, the places; everything belongs to older times, the complete infrastructure of the city belongs to ages back. The city has never seen hi-rise buildings, elevated infrastructure, and state-of-the-art designs. But the renowned Bahria Town came up with the idea to revive the historical-cultural city of Pakistan with a modern touch of International standard structures.

The phenomenal design of Bahria Town Lahore has revived the communal settings alongside the famous Lahore Canal. The housing scheme is providing every modern facility and amenities to the residents, ensuring a complete ravishing lifestyle for all.

Location of the Project

Bahria Town Lahore is a gated society, completely secured from any threat outside the society or within the premises of the project scheme. The housing scheme is located within the union council 122 (Maraka) in the Iqbal Tehsil of Lahore city.

The housing scheme is divided into six sectors that are further divided into various blocks. In Sector A, there is Babar Canal block, in Sector B, there are Umar, Shaheen, Ali, Ghouri, Awais Qarni, Usman, Takbeer blocks. In Sector C, you can find Gulbahar, Janiper, Iris, Nargis, Tulip and Tulip Extension, Chambelli, Gardenia, and Gulmohar blocks. In Sector D, there are AA, BB, CC, DD, and EE blocks. In Sector E, there are Talha, Rafi and Rafi Extension, Jinnah, Iqbal, Quaid, Johar, and Nishtar blocks. Whereas in Sector F, there are Ghaznavi and Ghaznavi \Extension, Ghazi, Tipu Sultan, and its Extension, Shershah, Sikandar, and Alamgir blocks.

Residential Areas in Bahria Town Lahore

There is no doubt that the property in Bahria Town Lahore is available at phenomenal rates, where the project is catering to all the income groups in Pakistan. The value of the real estate in Bahria Town Lahore is increasing over time and it is considered one of the finest housing projects of Lahore. It offers different residential areas within the premises of society that are as follows:

Awami Villas

“One home for every Pakistani” is the motto of Bahria Town Lahore. Keeping this aim in view, Bahria Town Lahore is catering to the low-income class and is aimed to provide the most cost-effective housing solutions to the people of Lahore. This welfare project is located on the main Raiwind Road that is just 13 kilometers away from Thokar Niaz Baig opposite Lake City Holdings.

For the residents of Awami Villas, modern infrastructure is ensured with amenities such as hospitals, schools, mosques, provision of electricity, gas, and water is provided throughout the day. All the housing units are pre-fabricated on the latest technology imported from Malaysia.

Safari Villas

Safari Villas is a ravishing housing unit that is based on the Master Planned Community theme; which is a replica of the renowned and exotic London’s Trafalgar Square. The residential area is a modish piece of art with high elevated buildings, the therapeutic use of the interior colors with liberating internal layout.

It owns a thematic central garden having animal sanctuaries accompanied by the sprinkling fountains and a royal ambiance. The villas are available in different sizes such as 25, 175, 200, 250, 300, and 500 Square Yards respectively. Each Safari Villa is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and all the villas are available at affordable prices.

Bahria Orchard

Nature Park themed Bahria Orchard is a country-style modern community with spanning green fields, mesmerizing fruit trees, a bed of breathtaking yellow flowers with a sophisticated contrast of clean roads. Bahria Orchard is regarded as a fairytale community that weaves dreams into realities.

It is a master-planned community comprising of 1 Kanal Bahria Orchard Villas, 5 marla Bahria Cottages along with 5 and 10 marlas with 1 Kanal developed plots, furnished apartments, and 5 marla commercial plots. You can find property for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore with ease and Bahria Orchard is just a cherry on ice cream due to its exclusive facilities.

Bahria Nasheman

Bahria Nasheman is one of the most exotic and beautiful residential parts of Bahria Town Lahore located on Ferozepur Road. It offers a luxurious lifestyle with exceptional comfort and ease of life. It combines exceptional quality, excellence along with high international standards, ensuring modish living standards for all the residents.

The residential area features a mini-golf course, community center, and a club. With a pristine environment, there are mesmerizing beautiful parks. With 24/7 provision of electricity, water, and gas, Bahria Nasheman offers a lifestyle loved by everyone. You can find the houses for sale in Bahria Nasheman Lahore of your choice.

Bahria Homes

Innovatively and precisely planned Bahria Homes is situated 20 minutes’ drive away from Canal Road. It is located at a prime location, away from the hustling and bustling of Lahore city. Due to its peaceful and tranquil location, Bahria Homes provides a lifestyle cherished by all.

It offers 6 marla homes that provide 3 beds stylish villas. It has a gold class cinema, mini-golf course, and international standard eateries. Bahria Homes offers affordable and pocket-friendly homes and apartments with facilities never seen before.

Canal View Residency

Exquisite plots with exceptional tropical landscape for the overseas Pakistanis. It is a limited edition property scheme, developed for foreigners and investors. The residency is tailored to suit the elegant and sophisticated lifestyle of the elite with imaginable entertainment and facilities, uplifting the living standards with delicacy.

The Canal View Residency offers a central thematic park with gymnasiums and international standard shopping arcades. Available residential plots in this area are at least 2000 square yards plots.

Overseas Enclave

Overseas Enclave is a western residential area on eastern soil. It is a master-planned community with residential plot land sizes from 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 square yards. The Overseas Enclave is regarded as a “Return to your roots” for the overseas Pakistanis, ensuring a replica of the life they are used to live abroad.

The exclusively designed Overseas Enclave is a gated community and heaven for overseas Pakistanis with an international standard lifestyle. It offers a basketball court, tennis court, convent garden, and other recreational areas.

Umer Usman Ali Blocks

Apart from different residential areas, Bahria Town Lahore has six sectors from Sector A to Sector. In these sectors, property for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore is easily available.

All the basic amenities such as the provision of electricity, water, and gas are provided 24/7 with continuity. The roads and streets are paved and well-maintained with solar-powered street lights installed. Every sector has access to parks and mosques and in front of each house, there are lush green trees, bushed, and shrubs, creating a scenic view.

Excursion & Other Residential Spaces in Bahria Town Lahore

Along with phenomenal and luxurious residential areas, Bahria Town Lahore has some mesmerizing facilities that are completely changing the horizons of real estate. The real estate in Bahria Town Lahore offers not just high rise elevated infrastructures but also offers excursion opportunities with families. There are houses for sale in Bahria Town Lahore, allowing the residents to live their lives to the fullest.

Executive Lodges

With an exquisite touch of nature, beautiful meadows, green fields sprinkled with a bed of lavishing flowers, Executive Lodges at Bahria Town offers a life full of privacy and happiness. Located in the most tranquil area, the lodges are top-class farm houses blended with luxury, comfort, convenience, and natural serenity.

Executive Lodges at Bahria Town Lahore are Pakistans first as well as an only farmhouse that ensures a modern lifestyle with modern urban facilities. The investors can find large format residential plots in 2000 square yards and ranging to 18,000 square yards.


A gated community with modern and state-of-the-art farmhouses built with subtle Mediterranean stylistic references. The unique vista ensures incredible views with unpreceded luxury and comfort. All the farmhouses built within the Oasis community are well-planned and have complete access to an elite life near seen before.

Each farmhouse is built on a land size of 11,700 square feet to 20,250 square feet. Fully equipped farmhouses have swimming pools, rejuvenating facilities, classic landscapes, and mesmerizing scenic views. These farmhouses are private and suitable for private occasions in Bahria Town.

Park Lane Tower

Park Lane Tower is one of the largest shopping and residential complex with high rise multi-purposed buildings. It is a prestigious commercial and residential tower of Pakistan and an important landmark of Bahria Town in Lahore.

It has 650,000 square feet of space for residential areas, corporate offices, and different shops. With space for parking more than 400 vehicles at a time, Park Lane Tower is regarded as a smart building with electronic systems. 


A supermarket owned as well as operated by Bahria Town. It received International Property Awards 2012-2013 due to its finest design, outclass quality, and customer-centric services.

The supermarket offers a diverse range of products from fruits to vegetables to poultry to meat to toiletries to bedroom accessories to entertainment to electronics to ceramics etc. it ensures a healthy as well as nutritional lifestyle to the residents of the Bahria Town.


It is a gated community that is built on an Egyptian theme with high luxurious villas. It is an extraordinarily brilliant concept of modern structures with a touch of ancient civilization from Egypt. The whole community reflects the rich Egyptian architecture in an opulent and sumptuous style.

Ahram-e-Misar community has life-size structures of famous “Sphinx” and “Cats” in every street, giving a true essence of Egypt in the Lahore city with an enhanced version of Egyptian lifestyle.

Properties in Bahria Town Lahore and Its Future

Property For Sale in Bahria Town Lahore offers exclusive properties at affordable rates. There was a time when investors were having ambiguity regarding investing in Bahria Town Lahore, but over time, the housing community has received such praise that today Bahria Town Lahore is considered as one of the finest options for the investors to invest with security and safety.

Property for Sale in Bahria Town Lahore

In Bahria Town Lahore, the investor can find a 5 marla house in a price range of PKR 58 lacs to PKR 85 lacs with 2 or 3 bedrooms. The prices are different in every sector, therefore in the popular sector such as Sector D and Sector E, a 5 marla house may cost around a crore easily. For a 10 marla house for sale in Bahria Town Lahore, the price may range in between PKR 90 lac to PKR 2 crore, whereas, infamous blocks such as Overseas Enclave, Umar, and Safari Villas the prices hikes to PKR 5 crore easily. Every block and sector have their return on investment.

When it comes to apartments, Bahria Town Lahore offers phenomenal prices. Fo a 1 bedroom apartment, the price ranges to PKR 12.5 lac only, but in popular sectors, the price hikes to PKR 50 lacs in no time. A 2 bedroom apartment will cost around PKR 90 lac but infamous sectors, the price will hit to around PKR 1.25 crore easily.

For a rented space, a 5 marla house can rent between PKR 20,000 to PKR 65,000 per month, whereas a 10 marla house can easily be rented in between PKR 45,000 to PKR 80,000 rent per month. But if the sectors are having a high ROI, then the 5 marla house can be rented at PKR 50,000 per month minimum and a 10 marla house in PKR 90,000 rent per month on the minimum side. For a flat, a 1 bedroom unit will be available in just PKR 15,000 rent per month to maximum PKR 20,000 rent per month. Whereas a 2 bedroom apartment will cost around PKR 25,000 per month to PKR 35,000 rent per month. The same implies to famous sectors, where the rent for flats increases when the ROI for the sector or
the block is high.

Currently, you can find plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore where the most affordable plot can come in PKR 35 lac to PKR 40 lac only and a more expensive one can come around PKR 65 lac to PKR 95 lac only. 1 Kanal plots are regarded as the most expensive, therefore they will cost around PKR 1.55 crore to PKR 2 crore.

Most Popular Sectors to Invest in Bahria Town Lahore

As per the buying trends in Bahria Town Lahore, it is studied that Sector C is regarded as the most popular area when it comes to buying and selling of properties. Sector E is regarded as the next big hit after Sector C and offers good ROI. It is followed by Sector F and Sector B, which offers affordable houses and apartments and is also beneficial when it comes to the sale. Overseas Enclave is the most expensive one and therefore it is recommended for the elite class only to invest. Investing in Overseas Enclave is definitely fruitful but the property buyers for this area are less as compared to other areas and sectors.

For the rental phase, Sector C is considered the most fruitful sector, attracting a massive amount of tenants and offering more ROI. It is followed by Sector B, Sector D, and Sector E, where the tenants prefer to live and agree on good monthly rents. Overseas Enclave comes at the end because it is a high ended society and finding a tenant for this area is difficult as compared to other sectors.

There is no doubt that the value of property in Bahria Town Lahore is progressing at a rapid pace and soon the real estate in Bahria Town Lahore will reach new heights. It is still a beneficial time to invest in the housing society before the rates take a new turn and the acquisition of houses and apartments becomes more of a challenge. To find the latest information regarding the prices and exquisiteness of Bahria Town Lahore, you can leave a message at and a dedicated representative will get back to you with more information and the latest insights.

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