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Bahria Nasheman – Why it is a Top Attraction for Investors

07 Feb 2019
Bahria Nasheman – Why it is a Top Attraction for Investors

Bahria Nasheman – Why it is a Top Attraction for Investors

Bahria town is one of the most well-known housing schemes of Pakistan. To be exact, it’s a brand-one of its kind. It has marked its name all over Pakistan and is preferred by people for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Bahria Town Lahore recently launched their project called Bahria Nasheman. It is a completely developed project situated at Ferozepur road and is connected to Multan Road and Ring Road. If compared to the traditional projects of Bahria Town, Bahria Nasheman is a relatively smaller one. However, the facilities provided and the prime location is excellent and catches the eye of investors along with people looking for a residential place. Bahria Nasheman has recently launched an extension to attract investors and genuine buyers. And why wouldn’t be anyone attracted?

Houses for sale as well as plots for sale in Bahria Nasheman are available at reasonable prices and their possessions are promised soon. Investors from all over Pakistan are ready to play their cards and take over the ever-precious lands of Bahria Nasheman. Then what are you waiting for? Confused? Can’t make up your mind? Here’s is a list of things that might help you make the right decision at the right time.

Reasonable Rates

Investors, as well as genuine buyers, are taking a keen interest in 5 marla plots for sale in Bahria Nasheman Lahore because of the reasonable and stable rates. People are ready to seize this opportunity as soon as possible so that their money is not wasted and is spent the right way. Obviously, what could be better than a plot or house in a project of the ever-shining Bahria Town?

The commercial plots are at such commendable rates that you cannot buy them. The 2.5 Marla plot is priced between 8 to 9 million rupees. Not just this! The 5 Marla plots are currently being sold between 19 to 20 million rupees only. Can’t let these offers go, right? On the other hand, the residential plots are at equally amazing prices. The 5 Marla plots are in the range of 35 to 40 lakhs whereas the 8 Marla residential plots lie between 45 to 50 lakhs. Now is the time to spend those savings! Go ahead and get your bookings done.

Profitable Returns

In a place like Bahria Nasheman, profits are guaranteed. With such a huge number of people living around your commercial plot, don’t you think profits become inevitable? The advantage or plus point of housing schemes like Bahria Town is that commercial and residential areas are combined which means both the residents as well as the businessmen benefit simultaneously. The residents don’t have to go outside the society to get their basic daily life items whereas the businessmen sitting in the commercial area make good profits by providing the residents with their needed household items.

Prime Location

Bahria Town is always located either outside the city or at the far end of it. Bahria Nasheman, however, is launched in a perfect location in every city it has been launched so far. In Lahore, for example, it is situated at the all-time busy Ferozepur road which is one of the reasons why people can’t wait to grab their tokens for its plots. Furthermore, its connection with Multan Road and Ring Road makes it even more ideal and allures the investors into making their bids. Who wouldn’t want his business to grow in a place as noble as Bahria Town especially when it’s right in the middle of the city?


Sick of paying heavy-duty charges to guards for your shops? Don’t worry! You don’t need to do that if you buy a shop in a full-fledged secure place such as Bahria Nasheman. Reasonable rates combined with no extra charges for guards-what are you waiting for? Make your move!

This is most probably enough to give you an idea of what a precious place Bahria Nasheman is and you surely don’t want to miss your chance. Be it a start-up or a running business, you really need to check out Bahria Nasheman. For further details, contact and get your plot booked before the rates increase and time spills out of your hand.

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