Al-Jalil Garden Lahore – Is It Worth Your Investment?

Al-Jalil Garden is a phenomenal development project located in Lahore city which is undoubtedly offering dreamlike living structure. Developed while considering the housing needs of the people in Lahore, Al-Jalil Garden is offering incredible property investment opportunity with splendid amenities and modern facilities.

At Al-Jalil Garden you can find incredible business as well as residential opportunities to invest in. The developers promise an elite lifestyle in prices that are not just affordable but the modern infrastructure of the housing project also delivers high-quality living standards. The project offers a complete world of
luxuries and possibilities of a lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

But are these facilities worth your investment in Lahore city? Is Al-Jalil Garden better than other housing projects in Lahore? Is this housing scheme better for living as well as a perfect investment destination? We will scrutinize the possibilities Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is offering and how it can be a better investment opportunity in 2019.

Developers of the Project

Al-Jalil Developers is a professional name in real estate industry building heritage-based infrastructures on international lifestyle standards for more than 2 decades. This real estate development company is based in Lahore, Pakistan and have trusted and innovative developers, designers, personnel and technicians. Currently, Al-Jalil Developers is a leading brand in the field of metropolitan infrastructure development.

Designing and developing premium infrastructures adheres the standards set by Al-Jalil Developers. They follow the professional conscience, ethics, and integrity while providing exceptional services to their clients. It is their proven record of delivering services with par excellence, pursuing glory and attaining
incomparable brilliance. Since Al-Jalil is paying attention to every single detail when it comes to construction and designing superior buildings, therefore it is regarded now as a trustworthy brand name in real estate industry of Lahore.

Location of Al-Jalil Garden Lahore

The housing project is located at a premium locality which has great importance in Lahore city. The gated community is located in front of the famous Faizpur Interchange and just a few minutes away from the Mall Road of Lahore City. From the main city, Band Road shortens the route to Al-Jalil Garden.

The Mall Road of Lahore is just 8 minutes’ drive away from this housing project and Faizpur Interchange is almost in front of it, therefore, reaching anywhere in the city from Al-Jalil Garden is not a hassle at all. The well-known Babu Sabu Interchange is also 5 minutes’ drive away from the main gate of the society. Due to the finest locality and easily reach out to main city area, Al-Jalil Garden Lahore
enjoy much importance.

Idiosyncratic Features and Amenities

Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is an envisaged housing scheme that is well-planned and made with precision. It is an affordable housing project that ensures aesthetical and state-of-the-art designs offering premium as well as luxurious facilities to its residents.

With gated community, Al-Jalil Garden provides a highly secure environment, promoting a lavish lifestyle with 24 hours and 7 days a week security process. In each block of the housing scheme, you can find lush green parks, scenic landscapes, and natural greenery along with wide roads for easy traffic flow and
walkways in a complete pollution-free environment.

Some of the exceptional and mesmerizing features and amenities being offered in Al-Jalil Garden Lahore are as follows:

Legal and Approved Society: Al-Jalil Garden Lahore is a completely approved and a legal entity. It is an approved project, permitted by TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration). The spatial and dimensional regions of the project are well approved by TMA.

Secured and Gated Community: Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme is a completely gated community developed by Al-Jalil Developers. The housing project provides proper security with an active patrolling team, making the rounds all- around the society with an alert team. The security team has specialized dogs too to guard the area and save it from every possible threat.

Natural Greenery: You can find greenery outside every house and along the streets. At Al-Jalil Garden there is up to 210 feet long and wide main boulevard area covered with natural beauty, lush green trees making the area cool and well protected from scorching sun rays.

Electricity & Well Lighted Society: The housing society has proper underground electricity wiring ensuring proper supply of electricity in every block of society. For continuous electric supply to the roads, all the street lights have LED system in them.

Incredibly Designed Mosque: At Al-Jalil Garden, there is a wonderfully planned and elegantly designed mosque named as Jamia Masjid. It is made on a land size of 50 canals that holds a capacity of 12,000+ persons at the same time, praying with comfort and ease. It is a fully air-conditioned mosque aided with every modern technology that can allow peaceful prayer time for the worshippers.

 Recreational Parks: The fact that kids enjoy playing around in fresh air under the natural setting is not overlooked at Al-Jalil Garden. Many beautiful and uniquely designed parks are part of this housing project. There is a theme park too that is specifically designed for kids as well as adults to enjoy their spare time with happiness. The theme park has different sort of astonishing and marvelous rides and bizarre eateries that can help the residents in unwinding themselves from tough and long schedules.

Recreational and Frivolous Area: There is a huge sports complex that has latest and modish recreational facilities, all under one roof. From table tennis to tennis ground to swimming spot to squash area to cricket ground to boxing court, Al- Jalil Sports Complex offers every possible frivolous and frolicsome activities to its residents.

Entertainment Corner: At Al-Jalil Garden Lahore, you can find a mega shopping mall named as Al-Jalil Mall that offers international as well as local brands. There is a cinema house named as Cineplex too, offering huge filming screens along with latest structured sitting arrangements for the spectators.

Educational & Healthcare: For the residents of Al-Jalil Garden, the developers ensured that every person can get easy access to healthcare facilities, therefore, there is a large hospital in the vicinity that operates 24/7 with international standard amenities. There are top educational institutions too in the locality so that the kids can get proper access to education without any inconvenience of
moving away from the area to get an education.

Basic Necessities Coverage: At Al-Jalil Garden Lahore, there is a water filtration plant, so that the residents can have their own water without any stress and tension. To ensure 24 hours power backup, the society has full access to big and powerful generators. The sewerage system of the society is made as per the modern and international standards.

Property Types

At Al-Jalil Garden Lahore, you can find residential plots available in different sizes i.e. 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla and 1 Kanal. Now, there are Al-Jalil Homes within the purlieu of Al-Jalil Garden that offers 3 Marla and 5 Marla homes that are ready for possession.

There are commercial properties also available for potential buyers. The sizes that are available are 2.44 Marla and 4 Marla commercial plots in affordable as well as manageable rates.

Al-Jalil Garden is made as per the latest and modish infrastructural designs and models that add distinctive features to your living style and standards. If you are planning to invest in Lahore, Al-Jalil Garden is one of the finest projects you must consider. If you are still confused and perplexed with the idea of investing in Al-Jalil Garden Lahore and curious about your investment, contact us at ilaan.com and our dedicated representative will go with you to the site to help you examine the area until your satisfaction.