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Add Attraction to Your Boring Walls in a Budget-Friendly Way

Home Inspirations
17 Jun 2019
Add Attraction to Your Boring Walls in a Budget-Friendly Way

Upgrading the walls of your house is one of the most appealing and stylish ways of décor, but managing the budget is what requires immense attention. There are a lot of ideas of upgrading the look of the walls but not all are budget-friendly, therefore it is important to evaluate the budget you have before brainstorming the décor.

Decorating a bigger space is always a challenge but when it comes to a smaller space, it is definitely tricky. The idea is always making your place feel cozy and comfortable, as well as stunning and expensive to look around. Home décor experts suggest that by enhancing the look of walls, you can add exquisiteness with a touch of trendiness too.

Plain painted walls appear boring to a lot of people, but always remember an empty wall can give birth to countless possibilities. With elegance and sophisticated décor, you can always claim an empty spot with magnificence while adding an essence of your personality into the design. Here we are going to discuss some exceptional wall décor ideas that can add life to your house and are pocket-friendly too.


Wallpaper Art – Adding Exquisiteness to the Walls

Hanging large paintings on the wall has always been an option and an idea when it comes to home décor. But it is the 21st century, being different and being unique has its own charms and virtue. Painting your walls is beautiful but covering them with a vibrant colored wallpaper can add serene to the scene. By getting a patterned wallpaper, you can not only get an expensive look for your wall but can also add value to the rest of your home décor.

Now the problem is which wallpaper to purchase, as there are many wallpaper options available in the market and selecting the one that can enhance the look and feel of the space is important. It is suggested to purchase that wallpaper that complements your interiors, furniture along with the upholstery. If you have the budget, you can purchase completely new wallpaper or else in a situation of tight budget you can get your hands on discontinued wallpapers on massively discounted rates from online stores.


Spray Painting using Stencil Art

Another effective way of completely changing the appearance of your walls is to use spray paint with stencil art. While using a brush or roller to paint, it restricts the freedom of painting but by using a spray gun to paint you can get full liberty to paint as creatively as you want. You can move your hands the way you want, making a design or pattern of your choice.

Stencils are easily available in various shapes and exceptional patterns. By using some fancy and sophisticated stencils such as flowers, birds or even landscapes you can paint ravishing scenes with your own imaginative mind expanding the horizons of your creativity.


Love Nature – Set Up a Vertical Garden

If you are thinking to add not just color and brightness to your room but also seeking an opportunity to be near to nature while enhancing the environment of your house, setting a vertical garden is a perfect solution. Not every house has a garden or the apartments don’t have enough balcony space to place large pots, setting a vertical garden on the wall or hanging potted plants on a blank wall will be easy enough to upgrade the feel of the entire house.

There are several ways to set up your own garden on a wall, but before that, there are a few pointers to be noted. Chose that wall that receives enough sunlight, should be near a window to receive oxygen and fresh air to grow and a clean spot where it looks beautiful.

There are a few people who are not much fond of plants and are not comfortable in taking care of them. Therefore for them, the alternative is artificial plants. With artificial plants, you can add color to your walls that will look pretty and refreshing every time you see it.


Hang in Around

Incorporating your personal taste on your walls can be an exciting way to demonstrate your passion. Displaying your prized possessions or enchanting items as décor on the wall is a perfect source of inspiration. For example, if you a collection of old vintage clocks you can hang those on walls as a decoration item. Or if you have a huge collection of guitars you can also hang them in a different style to cover your wall and show your passion and madness for music and guitar.

There are other items too such as hats, old photos, movie posters, etc. that you can display on the wall to fill it with colors and making it look overwhelming. Trust us, this DIY (Do It Yourself) idea won’t cost you much, as whatever you are hanging is something that you already have with you. At most, what you are paying would be just the hooks that will be used to hang the things firmly on the wall.

But if you are living in a rented place than of course you can never drill the walls so you can order stick-on hooks online at reasonable prices with discounted coupons.


Customized Bookshelf

If you are a bookworm and owns a huge collection of books than it is amazing to show it off too. People who love to read and are a fan of literature and history possess a perfect collection of books. Design a bookshelf for yourself with different styled shelves in it and fill them with books with different colors.

This décor idea is not just going to compliment your boring wall but also can serve as storage capacity for your miscellaneous items. You can place your awards or trophies on the shelf to give more exotic appeal and place some artificial flowering plants to give a color of green and happiness.

It is important to note that never fill your shelves with bulky books, always leave some space to giving a light touch of elegance and sophistication. You can place some old photo frames or decoration items to give a look of freshness.


Piece of Bright Rug on Wall instead of Floor

Another budget-friendly option is getting yourself a bright colored or flashy fabric rug and hang it on the wall instead of laying it on the floor. Through this hack, you will not just add color and brightness to your wall but will also add some depth to your room.

Like for example, if you have dark-colored walls than it is best to choose a small pastel-colored rug to compliment the color of the wall with freshness. In the same way, if you own light colored walls with lighter shades than it is better to go for a flashy colored attractive fashioned rug to hang around as a perfect piece of décor.


Pay Your Regards to Traveling by placing a Giant Map

If you are a lover of traveling and thinking to bring your passion for traveling right in front of you than placing a giant map on the wall can be a perfect idea. The map will be having colors in itself and to make things more passionate, you can cover most of the empty spaces with adhesive pins or assorted colored thumbtacks. You can also use some colored threads to link the places you have already traveled and the other places that are in your wish bucket.

Of course, the map would be in your budget and so do the pins and thread. It will just bring colors to your life with perfection while complimenting your love for traveling across the globe.

Accent Walls – Temporary Wood Planking

In the world of home décor, the most leading idea is using wooden planks on the wall, it gives a feel of the vintage while creating an exceptional thrilling ambiance. To add this weathered style to the walls of your home, get some peel-and-stick wooden panels online and give a look of warm accent wall without any sort of heavy lifting.

You can even afford it easily as these peel-and-stick wood panels won’t cost you much but will be adding amazing glory to your wall, giving an enchanting feel of expensive décor.


These are a few handy options that are not just pocket-friendly but are also going to add charming looks to your simple walls. The trick here is to understand which home décor is perfect for your wall as per the space available and what sort of decorations will make it feel simple yet ravishing for a fresh start. Are you ready to change the looks of your walls? It is never too late to think to renovate your surroundings with some brilliant ideas.

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