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9 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

Home Inspirations
25 Mar 2022
9 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

The word comfort is associated with the word bedroom, most of us can agree upon that. The reason is, we seek the warm confines of our bed whenever we’re tired so we require a comfortable spot to relax in.

However, if your room is bland and boring then, you wouldn’t want to spend time in it. Therefore, we have a few simple ways you can utilize to transform your bedroom into a comfortable space.

Add a Mirror

Having a small room can be a nuisance as it can look somewhat cramped even when it’s not. However, it is fairly easy to avoid this predicament by placing one or two mirrors in your room.
Mirrors are known to give an illusionary effect of making any room look bigger than it really is, this trick is known to be utilized by a lot of smaller stores. Not only will the mirror make your room look bigger, it will also occupy space on the walls if they are empty.

Bring in small house plants

House plants not only liven up any space but also brighten up the room. So, keeping a house plant on your dressing table and a few on your windows can brighten up the room if it seems dull most of the time.

Use the correct type of lighting

If your room doesn’t get enough natural light, then it’s important to make sure that you have relatively bright lights installed in your room. However, if you don’t then the easiest way to solve this problem is to buy led strip lights. Added to that their color can be changed anytime through your phone so you can set them according to your mood.

Repurpose furniture

Old furniture that you have stared at for years can eventually kill the vibe of your bedroom making it look unusually bland. This is why it is important to repurpose some of your older furniture and use it for different purposes. For example, if you have a worktable in your room you can repurpose it by using it as a storage space and placing storage boxes underneath it. Decorate it by placing pictures frames on it and placing a few house plants on it as well.

Rearrange the layout

Having the same layout for years can also add to the “boring bedroom” factor. Try changing the layout of your room and try different settings for it. See which one suits better, and looks better. This can freshen up your room and give it an entirely new look.

Change the curtains and drapes

Most of us don’t even notice our curtains anymore because we get so used to the same old style and design. Use brighter colored curtains if your room doesn’t get enough natural light, however, it’s recommended to get curtains that have an earthy tone to them since they fit alongside almost every other color scheme.

Hang a few pieces of art on your walls

Now you might be thinking that getting actual art pieces is not cheap, and you’re right but there is a way to work around that. Print out the pictures and buy a few different-sized frames. This would also allow you to swap out the pictures every other month to refresh your room every once in a while.

Buy a few throw pillows

If you struggle with incorporating different colors into your room, you can try getting a bunch of throw pillows. They can be colors that pop out of colors that mix in with the rest of the room. Nonetheless, having throw pillows makes everything look and feel a lot more comfortable, so getting throw pillows is always a yes.

Go for a minimal look

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to transform your bedroom, which is why it is recommended to use a minimalist approach. However, it can also look bland if you don’t do it correctly which is why sticking to simple color palettes and streamlined pieces can make your room look purposefully sparse.


Transforming your room on a budget doesn’t have to be unimaginative and boring, in fact, smaller changes work better in giving your room a new and fresher look. Added to that, your bedroom needs to be a place where you can unwind and relax therefore it should match your energy and vibe as well. So, use some of these tips to change the look of your room according to your preferences and entirely transform it today.

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