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6th September - A Day We Won't & Our Enemy Can't Forget

03 Sep 2021
6th September - A Day We Won't & Our Enemy Can't Forget

6th September - A Day We Won't & Our Enemy Can't Forget

Has this thought ever crossed your mind that what if you were born before independence? You can`t even imagine how much you would have to face as for now honestly, we got everything on the plate.

We do take our freedom for granted and do not realize that how much effort our defense services put in to make sure that we live with peace, and stay secure.

Wars are quite common in mankind`s history, while sometimes they are imposed, and others provoked. There is a famous saying according which weakness invites aggression, and the best way to attain peace is to prepare for war.

There have been high threats and security issues to Pakistan since day one of its coming into being, most of them from India, and this lead to three India Pakistan wars.

The value and character of a nation are tested during times of hardship and war. Defense Day, as the name suggests, is a remembrance of the day when our national armed forces effectively safeguarded the assault of Indian forces on our country in the 1965 war.

On 6th September 1965, individuals of Pakistan stood together, all united, to meet the attack of an adversary. India that professes to be the biggest democracy of the world violated the international charter of the United Nations and all standards of edified conduct among the states, picked the front of obscurity to accomplish its grievous wish of possessing our country, our motherland.

Our military shielded the regions assaulted them effectively as well as secured the existence of thousands of civilians and their houses. This fight endured till September 22, 1965, when the two sides acknowledged the United Nations-controlled ceasefire.

In this war, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed was granted "Nishan-e-Haider". Flight Lieutenant Imtiaz Ahmad Bhatti and Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmad Rafiqui also managed a solid hit to the foe noticeable all around.

Additionally, the Pak-Indo battle of 1965 also helps us to remember M.M Alam who became mainstream for bringing down five Indian airplanes in about a few minutes. Afterward, he was granted Sitara-I-Jurat. Commodore S.M Anwar drove the Dwarka activity which ends up being a bad dream for the Indians.

The nation prepared at each level, where each kid, man, or lady pursued the conflict exertion, be it to raise funds, train as civilian guards, or as medical attendants in hospitals in case of emergency.

Madam Noor Jahan and Mehdi Hassan took the wireless transmissions to sing their inspirational war songs in order to appreciate the defenders and ingrained another enthusiasm in them to safeguard their country.

Brotherhood and unity are in our blood, and the three famous words of Jinnah: "Solidarity, Faith and Discipline" are engraved on our spirits. What lesson of enthusiasm, patriotism, and love for one's country would you be able to see from 6th September 1965?

But tragically, our youth may not be able to feel it to that extent, and register occasions that are seen as a vacation to enjoy or sleep long. Consistently, 6 September unobtrusively passes by with small celebrations nation over.

We suppose to celebrate the nationalism on 6th of September. According to this nationalism, we should put the benefits of our nation, and the ones around us before the benefits of our own.

This day has to be celebrated to recall that pledge according to which we promised that we will stay strong, we are a proud nation, will remain so, and we will not be intimidated by any of the strong foreign nations.

This is the sort of reasoning which we need like never before in these hazardous times. Pakistan and India are remaining in a go head to head for seventy years and India is continually looking for an excuse to cease-fire the agreement to keep LOC hot.

After being reappointed as Indian Prime Minister, Modi took an evil action by disavowing Articles 35-An, and 370 of the Constitution, which gave an uncommon status to the disputed domain of India Illegally Occupied Kashmir.

The Kashmir dispute isn't just turning out to be most noticeably terrible from awful, yet it has also been holding the security of South Asia hostage. It was not without reason that the insightful Quaid-e-Azam said "Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and no nation can permit its jugular vein to be held by the enemy".

Pakistan always stands with the brave Kashmiris who have given exceptional sacrifices for freedom and supports it in every possible manner.  

Defense Day Celebrations remind us that India has never acknowledged the formation of Pakistan. Pakistan needs to live in harmony with honor and pride. The individuals who have their hostile stares set at our cherished nation, be careful! Since we dread just Allah and none else.

The whole Pakistani nation is standing side by side with its Army to guard our beloved homeland. This sensation of public fortitude represents the genuine soul of Defense Day.

 We should all appeal to God for the wellbeing and fortitude of Pakistan, and that Allah gives us the strength, boldness, and assurance, to secure and defend our homeland no matter what. Ameen!

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