5 Tips to Maintain Good Relations with Your Landlord

Renting 02/03/2018

The relationship of tenants with the landlord can have a huge impact on the living experience!

No matter if you plan to live in a certain house for a year or more, you should try to be as cautious as possible to avoid getting into serious issues. If you want to build a great relationship with your landlord and ensure that they become more responsive to your needs, follow these 5 tips given below.

Pay Rent Timely

It shouldn’t be difficult to understand that the foundation of this type of relationship depends on the consideration which in this case, is the rent. Being a tenant, it should be one of your top priorities to pay the rent on time to avoid getting a demand call from the landlord. If due to some reason the rent is delayed, you should inform the landlord right away. It will give the impression that you are a responsible person and in more than 80% cases, the landlord will consider increasing the term of the contract.

Do Minor Repairs Yourself

One of the biggest reasons why the tenant-landlord relationship does not work out in most cases is because the tenants always expect the landlord to pay for the minor repairs. Even if the renter pays for the minor repairs, it will make them frustrated and they will not be willing to spend the money after some time. Being a tenant, you should make sure that you are dealing with the minor repairs on your own so that the renter can be accessed in case of major issues.

Always Be Appreciative

Small words of appreciation are always a good way to value the good work done by others and creating goodwill. If your renter has just installed a heating/cooling system in the home or completed a paint job, you should always try to show your gratitude. A small thank you card or just a text message is enough to win him over. However, if you can invite them for a cup of tea, it would make them feel that you value their effort. Such small gestures will create your good impression on the renter and the relationship will strengthen as well.

A Good Neighbor

No landlord would like to receive complaints from the neighborhood that you are being too loud or you are not maintaining the cleanliness standards. If you are playing your social responsibilities perfectly, your renter will be happy with you and look forward to extending the tenancy contract.

Keep Your Home Clean

Always try to keep all the visible areas of your home clean such as your parking lot, entrance pathway, and the front room. This shows that you enjoy living in your landlord’s property and making sure that it stays in its best possible shape. In Pakistan, most renters extend the contract based on how a tenant keeps the home.

These tips can really pave way for a long-lasting relationship with your landlord. If you follow these tips, your renter will make sure that all your needs are met without any delay.