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5 signs that you need to change your house

01 Sep 2020
5 signs that you need to change your house

5 signs that you need to change your house

No matter how affiliated you are with your home, there comes a time when you are in deep need of changing your house. There are several factors that force you to move and a major of them is the increased number of family members. In Pakistan, families usually increase to an extent where it becomes impossible for children to live in the same room. Other times the rotten and old condition of the house proves to be a sign that secretly tells you to move.

You might never notice but your house shows you some signs that indicate you to change your house. Take a read to make a better understanding of why and when to change your house.

Number of a family member is greater than the number of rooms in a house

Over time when the number of your family members increases, it is a definite matter of fact that you are in an immediate need of extending your existing house or to move to a larger one. Kids love to share a room and have a playmate at the tap. With the passage of time, you will see that your children need more space to keep their belongings safe. Each child will have a different routine and different habits. It becomes hard for all of them to live in one room. This is the time when you should start looking for a larger home with equal numbers of rooms as of children.

Unapproachable by better schools

Another reason that stands behind the home moving act is the lack of availability in the nearest areas. Parents cannot let little children go to a school that is located far away as it is not secure in a few areas of Pakistan. Another reason that parents prefer nearby schools is for easy pick and drop of their children. For this very reason, a large number of families change their location and houses so that their children can get access to the best educational institutes without traveling much.

Financial problems

Selling a house at a higher cost and getting a new one in less amount is the solution for overcoming your financial problems. Property is an asset and an asset never depreciates.

Most of the time when people are moving the major reason is the tight financial budget. People tend to move into a smaller house to increase their financial resources and to manage their expenses they move to a cheaper area to bear low prices of electricity and lower property taxes. A smaller house also helps in reducing electricity bills. 

Downsizing the home

There comes a time when you realize that your house is too large for your family. When the daughters are married and sons are left for their higher education and all those huge rooms are now empty. This is the time when you should move to a smaller house for its easy maintenance and also cut down other expenses. Moving to a smaller house makes it easy for you to take care of your house.

Cracked walls and leaking ceilings

Your house speaks to you in many ways which you have to listen with your eyes. Sounds weird, right? Well, when it comes to the house you have to look into every defect with detail as it may result in the destruction which would cause harm to your family. You need to make sure that the walls and ceilings are stronger and flawless as compares to the outer look of the house.

After a few decades of construction of the house, there comes a time when your house’s walls become cracked and the ceiling starts leaking from different points. At this stage, it is advised to move your house rather than renovating the previous one.



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