5 Potential Ways to make the landlord pick you

Renting 04/12/2017

As a renter, you have many obstacles ahead of you. Here are five strategies that will help you to make the landlord pick you.

Ever face the disappointment of getting rental home denied?

You need to relocate, and you have been really worried for a place. After spending many weekends, you finally treasure out a unique property that fits your requirement. After all the hassle, out of the blue, you came to know that there are many other people interested in the same property and landlord is kind of a picky person. Now you are fear about your application for a rental home denied? You start to panic. Here we believe overthinking thinking is not the solution.

To give yourself best opportunity to WOW potential landlords and get settled in your rental home – we bring you some ideas for creating a lasting impression on the prospective landlord.

Rental resume

You might not be familiar with rental resume but the document is the most important ingredient when competition is fierce. Rental resume is a general document but a powerful one. It includes all the basic information about you and your family, source of income, your rental history along with previous landlord’s signature and references. This piece of paper can help you to get on the top of landlord’s list when there is a long awaited cue.

Be friendly and presentable

Landlord’s no.1 concern is - if you are capable enough to take care of their home the way they look after it. To overcome this concern, you are supposed to be well dressed. No, I am not talking about impressive clothing – it’s about the way you share your thoughts about pre shifting agreements and advance payment.

Be on time

Don’t ever make the landlord wait for you, be on time even for casual meetings. No landlord will appreciate you being late but he will for sure appreciate your punctuality. Your punctuality will make a huge difference and could result in the landlord being less likely to select you as their tenant.

Think ahead

Most of the landlords will do rental inspection, so why not assure them that rent will be transferred to their back account on time! This is again a satisfactory point. Prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges (if you are renting home), for example your bank balance should be enough to pay off the security deposit.

You must know the general rules of renting

Educate yourself with the general rules of renting; in most of the cases landlords charge you fee before you are approved, an application fee and security deposit is must, credit check fees, broker fees and even the last month’s rent. These are the general rules that every landlord expect their tenants to know to avoid future clashes. Most of the above mentioned payments are refundable but keep in mind that application fee is non-refundable in any case.
These were the first impression counts and will surely get your foot in the door. Goodluck!