5 Picturesque Hill Stations in Pakistan You Should be Visiting During Winter

Winters are just about to end and it is not long when we will be at the mercy of the scorching summer season for the rest of the year. To make the most of the remaining period of the winter season, traveling to hill stations should be on the top of your list. Interesting, isn’t it?

Before you set out to find the best travel destinations abroad, you should take notice that Forbes has listed Pakistan as one of the best travel destinations for 2020. So, if this doesn’t compel you to choose a Pakistani destination, nothing will. Let’s take you through the 5 scenic hill stations in Pakistan that you should visit this season before the winters bid goodbye.


Most popularly known as Malaika-e-Kohsar, Murree is a popular tourist hill station in Pakistan. Located near Islamabad, this hill station is secure, easily accessible, busy, and full of colors. This hill station is a center of attraction in all seasons. People from all over the country visit to eat delicious foods, shop for their favorite handicrafts and dry fruits and enjoy at different sightseeing spots where chairlifts and other amusement swings are placed.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is a popular hill station for tourism purposes. This is located at just 55-minutes’ drive from the Mingora – another hill station. This hill station in Pakistan is popular for a number of reasons. First is its weather that is moderate in summers and cool & breezy in winters. This place serves as the ideal place for skiing lovers. The roads are not well paved but still, it is thrilling to explore this place in the winter season. The snowfall sight is so pleasing to the eyes if you are able to catch it.


Who doesn’t know Chitral? This world-famous hill station is famous for its rich history, jaw-dropping sceneries, and the Kailash valley. The hill station made headlines across the world during the recent trip of the Royal Couple. Those looking to travel to the Northside of the country should keep Chitral to their bucket list. The Shandur Polo Ground that is the world’s highest polo ground is also very close to this area.

Kaghan Valley

Those of you who are in the capital city for a good 4-5 days, heading up towards Kaghan Valley is the coolest idea you can come up with. Beautiful locations, fast-paced rivers flowing down the hills, small waterfalls, and the serene sights are all that makes this valley a must-visit. The Lake Saiful Maluk, Lulusar, and Lalazar are the best places you should visit during your trip.


Hunza – even its name is beautiful! However, the beauty of the hill station surpasses its name’s counterpart by a fair margin. This picturesque place is blessed with high mountains. The sight of the flowing river between mountains cast a magical spell on the tourists. Enjoy the scrumptious food here and don’t forget to shop for the handicrafts to make your tour more memorable.

These hill stations are the best that you must visit this remaining winter season to bid farewell to this season in a grand manner.