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5 Key Features of a "Perfect" House

11 Feb 2021
5 Key Features of a "Perfect" House

We all do have a dream house of our built-in our minds in all possible idealistic manners. But, while imagining our perfectly made and settled dream home, do we ever think of how convenient it will be for us when they will jump out of our mind and will land into our life in real?

For sure no! Because dreams and imaginations are two different than the realistic approach. When things come in real in front of us, our thought process shifts from its idealistic range to the realistic range.

Obviously, in our imagination we won`t focus upon how we will react to the inconveniences we will face and the points we need to keep in mind to avoid such problems. These steps can be taken during the building process of your house because once the house is ready to live in, you will hardly be able to bring any major changes to it. 

Hence, the prominent factors you need to keep in your mind when your house is getting built are: 

  1. Location of your house
  2. South-facing windows
  3. Taller ceilings
  4. Low-maintenance exterior
  5. Secure Area

Location of Your House:

The major factor which plays a vital role in making you decide the place you want to build a home in and that is the location. 

If your location is not up to the mark to give you a fresh, healthy, and pollution-free lifestyle (it can be dirt pollution or noise pollution) then it will affect your moods, your living conditions, and will be a big hindrance in the life you have dreamt of spending happily. 

The roads should be wide enough for you to walk upon it taking time for health out of your busy schedule. Moreover, the market should be nearby so that you can buy anything within walking distance, including Vegetable shop, General store, Medical store on priority. 

Also, there should be a mosque within walking distance from your house so that one can easily offer his prayers with no difficulty in religious practices.

Windows Facing-South:

 If your windows face south, then it is best for you in winters as well as in summers. This is an environment-friendly idea and would reduce the cost spend on heating and costing the house. 

In summers, south-facing windows will serve best to the house as well as the plants in the house. It will keep the house cold in this hot summer season. 

While on the other hand, in winters, the south-facing windows will benefit by keeping the house warm and decreasing the need for the usage of heaters to increase the temperate of the home.

Taller Ceilings:              

Taller ceilings will give an open impact on the house. While building your home, it is a necessity to keep in mind the pros and cons of every step you are implementing upon, starting from the material and bricks used to the finishing part. 

If you will keep the ceilings of your home tall, then it will increase the demand for the house too. But again, everything looks good when it is in a limit, so, 8 foot-tall-ceilings will be most ideal rather than having any less or more height. 

Moreover, according to the National Association of Home Builders, a survey revealed that 65 percent of buyers of the house look for the 8-foot-tall ceiling. 

Low Maintenance Exterior:

The exterior that you choose for your home should be solid and of excellent quality to last long. Whether it is about the paint that you have applied all over your house or any other beauty enhancing ingredient of it, you cannot compromise over its quality no matter how much it cost you because you need to focus on long-lastingness.

In short, the exterior which you choose should be a low maintenance one which you will not have to renew or improvise again and again. Therefore, be careful during the construction of your house. 

Secure Area:

The area you have chosen for building the house of your dreams should be all secure with fully secured gates, guarded society, and CCTV camera footage provided. 

If you live in a place that is not secure for you and your family, especially your children because they will be going out to play with the neighboring kids, then there is no point in choosing that area of society for building a house.

Your security is the superior concern, also when so many lives are connected to yours and it concerns their security and safety too. Moreover, no one should be able to break into your home and to avoid such a circumstance you can fit in the fence around your house. Apart from that, there should be houses in the surroundings to make the area more secure. 

Make sure no criminal activities are taking place in the neighborhood, investigate about surroundings before booking a plot for building a house. 

Hence, it is easy to dream about a dream house but when it comes to turning your dream into reality, it takes a lot of effort, time, and correct sensibility. Now you are aware of all the major features of a perfect house. Congratulations! 

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