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25th July – The Day to Mark New Beginnings for Pakistan

20 Jul 2018
25th July – The Day to Mark New Beginnings for Pakistan

With more than 12,000 candidates competing, Pakistan is all set to hold General Elections on 25th July 2018. It is our national duty to vote – for the better future of Pakistan and making our voices heard in the provincial and national assemblies.

Since each government comes with its own policies and manifesto, you should vote for the one that you feel is capable of delivering all the promises made. There’s no escape from the vote because when you don’t vote, you don’t have any right to criticize the performance of the government.

Just like every general election 2018, this year people are very excited and optimistic about the results and hope that the best party wins – a party that actually delivers and take some good steps for the betterment of the country. When we say that 25th July will mark new beginnings for the country, it holds true for every sector. Be it real estate, healthcare, education, industry, or trade, the impacts of elections will ring from everywhere.

Implications on Real Estate Sector

Currently, due to the unpredictable situation of the country, the real estate sector is going through a slump these days and the prices are decreasing gradually. The situation will remain this way even after the elections because it will take some time to implement new policies. A rise or fall in the prices is on the cards but the realtors are of the view that the situation will get better in the next month or so.

Real Estate & Caretaker Government

Even though real estate is a highly productive sector, no government has been able to devise some solid policies to govern it to date and the caretaker government setup is no different. Once the sector starts stabilizing, new policies are introduced that cause nothing but disaster such as the Prime Minister’s Tax Amnesty Scheme implemented this year. Although the intention of the government is in the good faith of the country, at times, it just causes more harm than good. However, the caretaker government setup cannot be criticized because their basic role is to organize the elections in a fair manner.

Due to this sort of policies and the destabilized political environment, the prices of plots for sale keep fluctuating which is also quite evident these days as well. The business is next to zero these days and no investor is ready to take even the minor risks let along with genuine buyers.

What Your Vote Can Do?

Being a citizen of the country, you may feel that things are not under your control but the power lies in your thumb. This election day, it is your right and duty to vote for the right candidate after carefully assessing their proposed manifestoes. When you vote, you play your part in taking the country in the right direction and secure your future.

Make your voice heard and please vote because it is the only way to take your voices to the assemblies and decide where we want to take our country to. We,, pledge to vote. Are you with us?

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