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10 Easy Ways to Secure Your New House

01 Mar 2021
10 Easy Ways to Secure Your New House

It takes a lot to build or buy a house of your own in today`s era when the prices of every little to the major sector are increasing. No matter it’s the education sector, industrial sector, or real estate sector; rates are raising high with the passage of each day.

After one has bought the “expensive” house with the savings done with difficulty, keeping your desires aside, just to get a house of your own, you can never think of facing any damage to your property.

Most of us focus more upon decorating the house rather than keeping our focus to its full security on priority. Some of us even like main gates and walls which are not so high because it will spoil the overall look of the house.

It is fine to have such choices, and the appearance of the house surely matters a lot, but then there are ways to secure it too, whatever design you choose for your home, it can be secured in the best manners. Here are some easy ways to secure your new house:

  • Use Fence Over the main gate:

As I mentioned earlier, many people like to have small main walks and a gate. It is totally fine. You can implement upon your desire of giving a wonderful look to your front gate and walls. But, for that please do buy a fancy after measuring the area and get it fixed over your main gate and the walls. 

So that if someone ever tries to break into your home, they will be welcomed with current to warn them in the most appropriate manner and an alert alarm`s shrill voice.

  • Protect your sliding Glass Windows.

With advancement and modernization, we want our houses to look advanced and modern too. While doing so, we surely need to keep in our mind the consequences of it if we will not secure our stylish windows. 

You can reinforce the glass of your window with window security film. Also, can install glass break sensors or window break sensors. Moreover, you can add window bars to the windows of your house.

Another idea is to plant heavy bushes outside if it’s a first-floor window. This will be a hindrance in anyone`s path who would try breaking into your house.

  • Change your locks

If you have bought a house that was already in someone`s use before, do not waste even a single minute in getting the locks of your house changed. There is no need to keep them the way they were after all why should you take a chance for no reason!

If you have bought a new house, even then after 6 months or a year, change your door locks for security purposes.

  • Keep the lights on

When the darkness falls, turn your main gate`s lights on to give the impression to the outsiders that the residents of this house are fully awake and aware of their responsibility towards this home and you cannot even think of breaking into it.

If you are going out, even then keep the main lights on to give the impact of someone`s presence inside. You can put the lights over timer, and make sure you use solar-powered lights for it or energy savers to save energy and reduce your electricity cost.

  • Keep your garage safe

if you have a garage in your house, then be concerned about its security too. Remember, it is the entry point to your house and if anyone reaches here, they won`t have any difficulty in breaking in further. 

Moreover, anyone can place something harmful in your garage even if they do not get excess to the inner areas of your house. So, make sure you upgrade to a smart garage door opener and secure your garage doors with excessive locks.

  • Installation of security system

It is best to install a security system in your new house to keep a check and balance over the activities taking place outside and in certain inner areas of your house. It can be a DIY system or any other security system which you can afford to have.

Security alarm will help you the best in keeping your house safe from any kind of harm it can get from a human.

  • Appoint Guard at Main Gate

If you cannot afford to implement it in all ways mentioned above, then there is the easiest way of protecting your house which I can tell you, and that is appointing a reliable person on your main gate to look after it. 

But, before you take this step, you need to investigate that person deeply and make sure he does not have any criminal or suspicious record.

  • Trim the trees and bushes

When you have long bushes and trees outside your home, then this increases the chance of anyone hiding in any of these, before breaking into your house. Hence, do not keep any chances of it, and get your bushes, plants, and trees trim every other week.

This will prevent any sort of mishap which can happen due to the presence of these hiding places.

  • Keep Expensive Goods Safe

Please do not show off your expensive goods by exhibiting them on your door, and every part of your house which is exposed to the outsiders, from where anyone can peek in. These expensive goods can attract a thief and lead to much harm to you and your house.

Hence, avoid any such act!

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  • Place security cameras

At your main gate, walls, and main door, it's better to fit security cameras with its monitorization on your phone. Also, avail of the recording service to check later on if you are busy with your work and cannot keep the check constantly.

This way, even when you will not be at home, you will be aware of the happenings of your house and can make sure it's safe. 

Ah! So now you are aware of all the precautions you can take to secure your new house in every possible manner. Now implement upon it and may you and your new house stay safe!

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