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Model Town Bahawalpur Area Guide

Model Town Bahawalpur Area Guide

Model Town Bahawalpur is one of the most established areas of the city and considered a posh area because of the amenities it offers to the residents. Located in the center of the city, Model Town Bahawalpur is surrounded by some of the most prominent areas of Bahawalpur. This area is famous for a number of reasons and a home to a huge number of people.

Model Town has been divided into several blocks for the ease of the management and comfort of the residents. One of the blocks that are quite popular among the masses is Block A of Model Town. It comprises of well-developed houses, plots, commercial area, educational institutes, parks, hospitals, and other amenities.

A key factor that makes Model Town Bahawalpur a significant area in the City of Nawabs is its close proximity to the major areas of the city. There is a wide network of roads that gives it easy access to other areas and makes commuting easy on a regular basis. Some of the major roads located nearby Model Town Bahawalpur are Ghaznavi Road, Railway Road, Shabbir Shaheed Road, Rashid Minhas Road, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Muhammad Bin Qasim Road, Abbasia Road, and more.

Model Town Bahawalpur Highlights

Model Town Bahawalpur can be defined in a few bullet points. Let’s give you a brief overview:

  • Well-connected to other areas of the city
  • Hub of commercial activities with huge markets
  • Home to a number of prestigious educational institutions
  • Medical complexes provide quality healthcare services
  • 24/7 water supply

Facilities in Model Town Bahawalpur

Model Town Bahawalpur is the hub of all those amenities that are needed to enjoy a comfortable life. We shall discuss them one by one in detail.

Shopping Facilities in Model Town Bahawalpur

Residents of Model Town Bahawalpur are quite lucky to be living in an area where quality markets are available. There are grocery stores available within the area and neighboring areas as well. The Model Town Bahawalpur market in Block A is one of the most sought-after markets in the town for a number of reasons. In the market, you will find all the items of your daily use. Groceries to bakeries and confectionaries, everything is easily available in Model Town Bahawalpur.

One of the most popular stores in Model Town Block A market is the Time Store that is a departmental store. Meat Mart, as the name suggests, is a meat shop where fresh meat is available 5 days a week. Besides the meat and grocery shops, there are stationary and gift shops available as well.

Model Town Block B has its own market as well near Saraiki Chowk where utility store is also located. The general stores in the areas include Adnan General Store, Aamir Karyana Store, Yasar AkramKaryana& General Store, and others. All of these stores are located at a walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes only.

Transport Facilities in Model Town Bahawalpur

When it comes to public transport in Model Town Bahawalpur, this area enjoys everything that other societies and areas do. There are two main bus stops in Model Town A-Block that are Islamia University Bus Stop, and Gardezi Bus Stop located on Railway Road and Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road respectively. People living in Block A can easily travel to these bus stops to move into the city at very reasonable rates. Besides the buses, there are rickshaws and cabs available almost all the time.

If you go to the B Block, there is a Mini Bus Stop on Fawara Chowk, Khatam-e-Nabuwat Chowk on Circular Road, and Islamia University Bus Stop on Circular Road. No matter which block you reside in, it will take only a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes walking for you to get to these bus stops. Thanks to the evolution of technology, you can now easily call your cab at your doorstep using the cab-hailing services like Uber and Careem.

Educational Facilities in Model Town Bahawalpur

Since Bahawalpur is a small yet fully developed city, almost all the educational institutes located in the city are quite accessible very easily. However, in the area, there are a few schools and three popular universities. Talking about schools, there is Foundation Montessori School located on Sawar Mohammad Hussain Shaheed Road that caters to toddlers. Parents of primary and secondary school-going children can get their children enrolled in Beaconhouse School System, Dar-e-Arqam School, Al-Farooq School, Alpina School, and other public schools.

Alpina School is a school for boys and Dar-e-Arqam has separate classes for boys and girls. If you want to get your child enrolled in the co-education system, Beaconhouse School System is a good option that offers quality education. Talking about public schools, there are also quite a few of them. CB Public Girls High School and College is a renowned name for secondary education for girls. Sadiq Dane High School near Farid Gate is also quite close to the area that has the largest number of students registered in Bahawalpur. This historic school was established by the Nawab of Bahawalpur years ago and to date, this school is providing quality education to children.

Moreover, students of higher education can get an education in the College of Tourism & Hotel Management, UK College of Technology Bahawalpur, and Superior University Bahawalpur located in Block A, of this wonderful area people call Model Town, Bahawalpur. The UK College of Technology a boys-college that provides intermediate education to students looking to make a career in science and technology. 

Banks and Financial Institutions in Model Town Lahore

There are a number of banks and financial institutions located in Model Town Bahawalpur. Considering the huge population of people living in Model Town Bahawalpur, almost all banks have opened their branches in this area. Not everyone has an account in the same bank after all, and even if they have, the market for banks is quite vast in this area and a golden opportunity to secure more people and improve their revenues.

Not only does this area has branches of all the popular banks, but each bank has its own 24/7 facility of ATM as well. This ATM facility courtesy of the technological growth and the competition among banks comes with one link feature also. This feature allows you to withdraw cash regardless of the bank you have your account in. Some of the popular banks in this area include the National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, MCB, Meezan Bank, Allied Bank Limited, Soneri Bank, Bank Al Habib, Faysal Bank and more.

Restaurants in Model Town Bahawalpur

If you are a foodie, another factor that will help you make your mind to buy or rent a property in Model Town Bahawalpur is the presence of several restaurants and eateries in the area. You can find several restaurants offering Pakistani and continental cuisines in model Town Bahawalpur at very affordable prices. Some of these restaurants include the Lahore Chicken Shawarma point, Desert Grill Tandoori Restaurant, Qureshi Karachi Khatakhat Restaurant, and others. Besides the local restaurants, there are some popular food chains available also that can add valuable choices for your eating. These include Subway, Salt’n Pepper Bahawalpur, Chicken Cottage, Almeida Fried Chicken, and others.

There are some bakeries located in model Town Bahawalpur as well. Here you can find delicious cakes and fresh bakery items in abundance. Some of these bakeries include the Gourmet Bakery, Data Sweets, Haji Rasheed Sweets & Bakers, and others. All of these are located at convenient locations within your reach. 

SS World Family Park in Model Town Bahawalpur

For recreation purposes, there are a lot of facilities in Model Town Bahawalpur. There are a number of parks and playgrounds in the area where children play sports and families and senior citizens enjoy morning and evening walks. Out of all the recreational areas in Model Town Bahawalpur, there is the SS World Family Park that has become a top choice for an outing in the recent past. This is a theme park that has multiple rides and recreational facilities that are not exclusive to this park only. Not just Bahawalpur but people from other nearby cities also visit this park to have quality time with their loved ones.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers in Model Town Bahawalpur

Besides other factors, what makes Model Town Bahawalpur a good residential choice is the availability of top-class hospitals and healthcare centers. There are a number of hospitals and clinics that provide the best healthcare services to the residents. A clinic known as Dr. Khurram Shehzad Aftab Clinic is best known for providing treatment of eye problems.

Besides this optics clinic, there is a Hashmi Clinic located in Cheema Town Bahawalpur, Ortho & Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, ZamZamHijama Clinic &Aculife Therapy Center, Syed Homeo Clinic, and others are also located in different areas of Model Town Bahawalpur.

For women, the Hashmi Clinic provides quality medical care services to women seeking treatments in areas of gynecology. Not just allopathic clinics, the Syed Homeo Clinic is known for its best homeopathic treatment throughout the city and not just Model Town Bahawalpur. Coming to the hospitals, there are Sohail Infertility Treatment Center Hospital, Bahawalpur Institute of Nuclear Oncology, Khan Trust Eye Hospital and other hospitals.

Properties for Sale in Model Town Bahawalpur

There are a number of properties for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur available. These include plots, houses, and others along with commercial properties. Let’s discuss the trends one by one.

Houses for Sale in Model Town Bahawalpur

Model Town Bahawalpur offers houses for sale in 5 marlas, 10 marlas and above, and 1 Kanal sizes. The price of houses for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur starts from PKR 2.16 crores and goes up to PKR 3.6 crores. Courtesy of the fully developed area, a house for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur is always a top choice even for investment purposes.

Plots for Sale in Model Town Bahawalpur

Because of how large this area has developed, there are very few plots for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur. A majority of plots for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur are 1 Kanal plots that are priced in a range of PKR 1.6 crore and PKR 2.3 crore. You can also find plots for sale in Model Town Bahawalpur on but rush now before the last few runs out.

These plots are ideal for constructing grand mansions where you can enjoy a peaceful life.

Properties for Rent in Model Town Bahawalpur

Not only properties for sale, but there are also properties for rent in Model Town Bahawalpur available as well. These properties come at very reasonable rent but are known to provide the best level of comfort to the residents.

Houses for Rent in Model Town Bahawalpur

There are multiple houses for rent in Model Town Bahawalpur in different sizes. The monthly rent of the house depends on the size, age of the house, location, and other factors. The rent for a 5 marla house for rent in Model Town Bahawalpur starts from PKR 20 thousand but goes up to PKR 70 thousand per month. The rent of a 10 marla house for rent in Model Town Bahawalpur is between PKR 40 thousand and PKR 1.7 lacs per month. The most expensive property for rent in Model Town Bahawalpur is the houses in one kanal size. They can be rented in the price range of PKR 70 thousand to PKR 2 lacs per month.

Commercial Properties for Sale or Rent in Model Town Bahawalpur

If you want to establish your business in Model Town Bahawalpur, you can find commercial properties for sale or rent in the area depending on your choice. Although there are a few commercial properties for sale in the area, you can find a lot of them on rent. These include shops, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, and others. The commercial properties can provide you with a lot of comforts and an opportunity to grow your business more conveniently.

Find Properties in Model Town Bahawalpur

If you want to find properties for sale or rent in Model Town Bahawalpur, visit today. There is a large range of properties in Model Town Bahawalpur available. All you have to do is make your search, apply the search filters, and wait for a moment for our system to show you the properties as per your requirements. There are houses for sale or rent in Model Town Bahawalpur and flats for sale or rent in Model Town Bahawalpur available in huge numbers. For more details, feel free to contact us and talk to our team. Not only residential properties, but you can also find commercial properties for sale or rent in Model Town Bahawalpur in different price ranges.

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