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Korangi Town Area Guide

Korangi Town Area Guide

Korangi Town is a large area in Karachi consisting of nine union councils. This town is famous for its industrial area, formally known as the Korangi Industrial Area. In this industrial area, there are two of the biggest oil refineries of Pakistan. Talking about the union councils, 100 Quarters, Zaman Town, Hasrat Mohani, Korangi 33, Nasir Colony, Bilal Colony, and Gulzar Colony come in this area. This area is the home to a mixed population of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Being an industrial area, there is a large number of factories and showrooms. This is the reason why it is also known as the employment hub of the city.

Key Highlights of Korangi Town Karachi

It is one of the largest towns in Karachi that majorly serves the middle-class people. It offers accommodation at a very reasonable price. The industrial area creates employment opportunities for a lot of people. Due to the larger population, all the basic amenities of life are available here.

Facilities in Korangi Town Karachi

As mentioned earlier, Korangi Town Karachi is home to a huge population. This population enjoys all the basic amenities of life that adds value to their lifestyle. Let’s discuss all the available facilities one by one in detail to give you an idea of what life in Korangi Town Karachi is like.

Transport Facilities in Korangi Town Karachi

When it comes to the local transport scene in Korangi Town Karachi, there’s no shortage of bus stations. People who live here mostly belong to the working or middle class. This is the reason why public transport has plenty of options there. Some of the most popular bus stations are also in this area that serves the people on major times of the day. One of the busiest bus stations in Korangi Town Karachi is the Bilal Chowrangi. Other bus stations include Brooke’s Chowrangi, Vital Chowrangi, Awami Colony, and Shan Chowrangi. The Korangi Crossing Bus Stop is a famous point where you can find buses and public transport easily for all areas of the city.

Banks and Financial Institutions in Korangi Town Karachi

There is no shortage of banks and financial institutions in Korangi Town Karachi. You start looking for one, you will get in big numbers. Almost all the popular banks have their branches in Korangi Town. MCB Bank, Habib Metro Bank, Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, JS Bank, HBL, Askari Bank, Silk Bank, and others can easily be found in this area.

Markets and Shopping Areas in Korangi Town Karachi

There are a lot of markets and shopping areas in Korangi Town Karachi to cater to the needs of the residents. From groceries to items of daily use, these markets have it all in abundance. The Imtiaz Supermarket is one of the most popular shopping destinations of the residents of Korangi Town Karachi. In this area, you can find the different items including clothing, groceries, cutlery, and other items that you daily or mostly require. Here you can avail some discounts as well that may save you some money. Other than that, there is a Grace Supermarket that is a good place to buy groceries; however, note that there is no meat or vegetable available. The rates are also a bit higher than Imtiaz Superstore. However, if you add distance and fare, it would make the same amount. For monthly groceries, there is also a Momin Kiryana Store in Sector 31-D. Other markets in the area include MashaAllah Super Store, Junaid General Store, and Y Market.

Besides these markets, the local markets or bazaars are very common. Hafta Bazaar, Peer Bazaar, is very popular among the locals to buy things at a reasonable rate. Korangi No. 6 market is also a top name for buying clothes, garments, shoes, uniforms, jewelry, and other wardrobe items. This market is best known for buying clothes and wardrobe items. Similarly, another market of the same nature is the Korangi No. 2 market that offers ready-made and tailored garments for both ladies and gents. There are footwear shops as well as furniture, gift shops, décor shops, and bakeries available. During the Eid and other festive days, this market is overly crowded.

Parks and Recreational Points in Korangi Town Karachi

Going for morning and evening walks in Korangi Town Karachi is possible courtesy of the lush green, beautiful parks. There are a number of parks that are the center of attraction of families and children alike. Fatima Jinnah Park, Mustafabad Park, Model Park, Haseeb Shaheed Park, Sabir Park, Quaid Park, L Area Park, and others provide a great space for refreshment to the locals.

Surrounding Areas

Korangi Town, although it does not enjoy a central location, it is surrounded by areas that make it a good choice to live in. Some of the most popular areas in the surroundings include Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 1. It is just at an 11-minute drive from the area. Landhi Town is very near to the Korangi Industrial Area. Another nearby area that is very popular is Clifton Karachi. Clifton can be reached in just 24 minutes.

Restaurants in Korangi Town Karachi

Korangi Town Karachi is not just famous for the markets and other amenities. It is also the place where the local food street is located. Yes, the famous Kallo Chowk is situated in this town. Here you can find scrumptious food. Don’t forget to try the fried fish. It is the specialty of this food street. Other than the food street, there are many restaurants available offering delicious local and continental food. International food chains are also very common here such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and others.

Fitness Centers in Korangi Town Karachi

Korangi Town Karachi has everything for everyone. For food lovers, there are many different eat-out options. Similarly, for fitness freaks, there are a lot of fitness and sports centers located in this area. Alfalah Cricket Ground, Yesrab Cricket Ground, P&T Ground, Hazrat Ali Ground, and Labor Square Cricket Ground are located in this area where you can play sports and exercise as well. The fitness centers in Korangi Town Karachi include Ironman Body Building Club, Dua Health & Fitness Centre for Ladies, Gul Fitness Gym & Slimming Centre, Shafiq Mehboob Heath Club, and Farooq Fitness Club. These are the most popular places among the locals to get into shape.

Educational Institutions in Korangi Town Karachi

In order to provide education to a large population of students, an area needs to have a sufficient number of schools and other educational institutes. Even in this manner, Korangi Town Karachi stands out. This area has a lot of public and private schools. Korangi Public School is a famous government school located just opposite H.M. Cricket Ground. The notable private schools in Korangi Town Karachi include the City Grammar School, Pakistan Foundation School, The Kent School, Beaconhouse School, The City School, The Educators, and more. Karachi Cadet School is also a popular name among people.

For higher education, there are colleges and universities as well. Some of the most renowned universities in Karachi are located in Korangi Town including Iqra University, PAF-KIET, and Barret Hodgson University. These are the leading universities in Karachi. The terracotta pink building of the Institute of Business Management in Korangi Creek can easily be found in the area from a far distance. It is also famous from the name Institute of Business Management because a majority of students studying here are pursuing a Bachelor's or Masters in Business Administration degree. Besides the contemporary studies, there is also a Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom situated in Korangi Industrial Area that is one of the biggest Islamic seminaries in Pakistan. It is a popular place to get spiritual solace as the people and a lot of people also visit to get answers to their questions related to Islam. This place has the credit to its name for producing some of the great Islamic scholars.

Medical Facilities and Hospitals in Korangi Town Karachi

Staying in Korangi Town Karachi is next to staying healthy courtesy of the availability of some of the best hospitals and clinics. The most famous medical facility in the area is the Indus Hospital that is located in the heart of the area. Other popular names include the Chiniot General Hospital, SIUT Mehrunnisa Hospital, Creek General Welfare Hospital, Sindh Government Hospital, AKUH Medical Centre, Al Khidmat Hospital and Aziz Hospital. There is also LRBT Free Tertiary Eye Hospital that is a welfare hospital and provides free treatment for diseases related to the eyes.

Properties in Korangi Town Karachi

While choosing to live in Korangi Town Karachi, you can be certain to find a residency within your budget. You can find all types of properties in Korangi Town Karachi in your budget. Let’s discuss the available property types in Korangi Town Karachi.

House for Sale in Korangi Town Karachi

There are different types of houses for sale in Korangi Town Karachi. The houses are available in different price ranges depending on the location and the size. A simple 120 sq.yd. house for sale in Korangi Town Karachi is usually available for PKR 50 lacs to PKR 2 crores. Similarly, 240 sq. yd house can be easily purchased in a price range of PKR 48 lacs and PKR 5.2 crores.

Flats for Sale in Korangi Town Karachi

Flats or apartments in Korangi Town Karachi are the most popular residential option among the general community. The reason is that they are available in different sizes and affordable prices. You can easily find studio apartments, 2-bed apartments, 3-bed apartments, and 4-bed luxury flats. The price of flats in Korangi Town Karachi starts from 12 lacs and goes up to 3 crores depending on the size and location.

Properties for Rent in Korangi Town Karachi

Not everyone can own or afford a property; be it a house or a flat. The number of tenants is on the rise everywhere and Korangi Town Karachi is not an exception. Let’s discuss the properties for rent in Korangi Town Karachi and their price ranges.

Houses for Rent in Korangi Town Karachi

Those who don’t want to live in apartments can easily find a house for rent in Korangi Town Karachi at very affordable monthly rent. There are houses for rent in Korangi Town Karachi in different sizes. You can easily find a house for rent on as low as Rs. 15,000 a month. The rents of houses can go up to PKR 90 thousand per month. There are 2-bed houses, 3-bed houses, and even 4-bed luxury houses in Korangi Town Karachi.

Flats for Rent in Korangi Town Karachi

Korangi Town Karachi is not a central location of the city. This is the reason why you will find properties at comparatively lower rates in the area. The apartments for rent can be found for merely PKR 8 thousand per month. However, the rents can go up to PR 50 thousand a month very easily.

Commercial Properties for Sale or Rent in Korangi Town Karachi

Businesses have a great scope in Korangi Town Karachi because of a number of factors. First, a big population and second, all of them belong to different income scales. This area is also popular for its shops, offices, warehouses, factories, and other retail spaces. You can easily find commercial properties for sale or rent in the area.

Find Properties for Sale or Rent in Korangi Town Karachi

If you want to find properties for sale or rent in Korangi Town Karachi, visit today. There is a large range of properties in Korangi Town Karachi available. All you have to do is make your search, apply the search filters, and wait for a moment for our system to show you the properties as per your requirements. There are houses for sale or rent in Korangi Town and flats for sale or rent in Korangi Town available in huge numbers. For more details, feel free to contact us and talk to our team. 

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