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F-6 Islamabad – Area Guide

F-6 Islamabad – Area Guide

F-6 sector Islamabad provides a home to posh cafes, Beverly Centre which is a commercial plaza, designer brands, and themed restaurants. Also, it also comprises important offices such as the Embassy of Hungary in F-6/3, Embassy of Bahrain Islamabad in F-6/3, Consulate General of Iceland in F-6/3, Master Ayoub School in F-6/3, UNOPS in F-6/3, Embassy of Argentina Islamabad in F-6/3 and Embassy of Sweden in F-6/3. These embassies as well as think tanks and centers of national programs exist there.

Location & Division

F-6 Islamabad is situated at a 90 Degree angle to F-5 and F-7. It is sandwiched between 7th Avenue, Main Margalla Road, and Ataturk avenue. The road connects with F-5, F-7, F-8, F-9, F-10, and F-11 and that is the reason that the roads there are always busy and full of vehicles. Nazim-ud-din Road runs along Jinnah Avenue in F-6 Islamabad and the service road known as Justice Rasheed Road runs parallel to the 7th Avenue in F-6, Sector G-6 Islamabad is situated in front of F-6. 

F-6 is partitioned into four further sectors: F-6/1, F-6/2, F-6/3, and F-6/4 while F-6 Markaz is a central commercial area that combines all the four sectors connecting them. Hill Road, School Road, Garden Road, and Agha Khan Road can be spotted from F-6 Markaz.

At A Glance

  • Easy commuting options
  • Healthy security and environment
  • Well-developed and advanced
  • Huge, royal homes 
  • Great variety of cafes and dining restaurants.
  • Consistent supply of water, gas, and electricity
  • Close to prominent education institutes and well-known hospitals
  • Trail 3 is situated close-by
  • Good Quality lifestyle
  • Easy accessibility of major attractions
  • Calm, relaxing, soothing, and green environment

Amenities Available Near F-6 Islamabad

Schools, Colleges and Universities Inside and Near the Area


There are a great variety of educational institutes of every level of education on the premises of F-6 Islamabad, such as Dar e Arqam Primary School which is located in F-6/1 and is 3 to 4 minutes away from the sector`s center. It is a well-reputed school with more than 700 branches all around the country and provided modern education as well as Islamic education too for balance. 

Headstart Elementary School - The School is famous for conducting many extra-curricular activities for boosting the confidence of children, along with a great education system. The elementary school constitutes from Grade second grade and goes to 7th grade. 

Islamabad Model School for Girls in F-6/1 is a 4 to 5 minutes drive from F-6 Islamabad`s center. While the school comes under the federal government and has classes from 4th grade till 10th grade.

The other schools in and the nearby area are Master Ayub which is more an academy, Lahore Grammar School, Beaconhouse School System, Roots Millennium Schools Trafalgar Campus, Froebel`s International School, Islamabad Convent School, Liberal Arts High School, Islamabad School of Excellence, The Educators, Islamabad School of Excellence.


Islamabad Model College for Girls Shalimar College in F-6/2 – a kilometer away from F-6 Markaz, College of Science in Blue Area G-6/2, Federal Government College for Women F-7/2, IMCG in F-7/4, Islamabad College for Boys in G-6/3, Indus Group of Colleges in Blue Area G-7/3, Islamabad Model College for Girls G-6/1, Islamic International Dental College and Hospital in G-7/4; these are the colleges located inside and near F-6 Sector Islamabad.


There is no university located in the F-6 sector but there are many prominent ones nearby which includes Hamdard University Blue Area (New Campus), Islamabad campus of Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design near Ataturk Avenue in G-6/3, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Riphah International University in G-7/4, Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology on Ataturk Avenue in G-5/1, F.G Margalla College for Women in F-7/4, Prime University in G-6/4, Air University Islamabad in E-9, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad in H-8/2, Bahria University in E-8, Salafia University in H-8/1, Preston University in H-8/1.

Transportation Facility

There are many modes of transportation for the visitors and residents in the area: there are about three stops for stations located close to F-6 Islamabad which is Shaheed-e-Millat Metrobus Station on Jinnah Avenue which is at 3 Kilometer`s distance from the F-6 sector, Parade Ground Metrobus Station on Jinnah Avenue which is 2 Kilometer away from F-6 Islamabad, 7th Avenue Metrobus Station which is near Blue area and is a bit more than 2 Kilometer away. Other than that here are Metrobuses, minibusses, Suzukis, and local wagons found on various routes.

For interstate travel, nearby commuting facilities are Margalla Railway Station in Islamabad H-9 and its Railway Reservation Information Office is at 6 to 7 minutes drive from F-6. Karachi Company is in G-9 for buses, Niazi Express is also 15 minutes away from F-6 Islamabad, Faisal Movers Al-Makkah Terminal is the nearest stop and is 12 kilometers away, Daewoo Express Terminal on Peshawar Road is near NUST and is 20 Kilometers away from F-6.

For inter-country travel, Islamabad International Airport is about 36 Kilometers away if the route is taken from Kashmir Highway.

Medical Facility

Medical assistance is very important near the place you reside in. Hence, there are medical facilities inside and near F-6 Islamabad too, such as Premium Aesthetic and Laser Clinic in F-6 Markaz, Dr.Ruxana Kazi esthetic Skin Clinic in F-6/3, Dr. Fazeela Abbasi Clinic in F-6/4, Aziz Medical Center in F-6/3, Dr. Zahid Clinic in F-6 Markaz, Arshad Health Clinic in F-6/3, Center for Diabetes & liver Disease on Hill Road in F-6/2, Cough Centre Allergy and Asthma Clinic in F-6/3.

On the other side of Jinnah Avenue; there is Dental Home Clinic, Pain Clinic, Cardiac Clinic, Assisted Reproductive Technology Centre, Test Tube Baby IVF Centre, Prof Dr. Saad Rana Clinic, Skin, Hair, Nail, and Laser Clinic Dr. Mobeen Khan in G-6/2, Lodhi Clinic in G-6 Markaz, Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Clinic and Laser Cosmetics Clinic in G-6/3, Ayesha Clinic in G-6/2, Family Health Clinic in G-6/3, Zafar Ultrasound Clinic on Fazal ul Haq Road Blue Area, Dental Consultants in Jinnah Super Market F-7 Markaz, Ultrasonic Clinic in Blue Area G-7/2, Advanced Ultrasound Clinic in Blue Area G-7/3. ICSI Clinic in Blue Area F-7/4, Allergy and Asthma Centre in Blue Area G-7/3.

Other nearby hospitals are: Polyclinic Hospital in G-6/2 which is three kilometers away from the center of F-6 , Abid Hospital which is less than 3 kilometers away, Kulsum International Hospital which is at 8 minutes` drive, MEDICI is in F-7/4 which is less than 3 Kilometer away from F-6, PIMS Hospital Islamabad in G-8/3, CDA Hospital in G-6/2, Amanat Eye Hospital Islamabad in F-7/4 which is 5 minutes away, and Jahangir Eye Hospital on Fazi-ul-Haq Road.

Bank facilities Near F-6 Islamabad

The banks on that side of F-6 which runs along School Road, are Meezan Bank, HBL, United Bank Limited (UNL), and Allied Bank. On the street nearby, you will find Bank Islami and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB Bank). 

The side that runs along Agha Khan Road has Summit Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, and Bank Alfalah. 

The banks coinciding with Blue Area are Bank Alfalah, JS Bank near Ataturk Avenue, Soneri Bank, SME Bank Ltd, the First Microfinance Bank Ltd, HBL Asset Management in F-6/4, First Women Bank Ltd, (FWBL).

The banks coinciding with G-6 are MCB Islamic Bank, ABL Group Headquarters North 2, National Bank of Pakistan, Faysal Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Bank of Punjab, Askari Bank Limited, Bank of Khyber, MCB Bank Main Branch.

Commercial Area of F-6 Islamabad

Markets inside and nearby F-6 Islamabad

There are three to four markets which are located in F-6 Sector Islamabad: F-6 Markaz which is known as F-6 Super Market and this is the largest market in the sector, China Market which is a small commercial area in F-6/4 which has Zeenat Furniture Shop, two grocery stores, Furniture Market and House Imported Furniture in it, and Kohsar Market and many famous restaurants in the area are located there, Beverly Centre in Blue Area F-6/1 which has some offices, cafes and restaurants, Shirt & Tie Shop Uniworth, Lifestyle Collection, HUB, PSO Petrol Pump, World-Class Suiting and Rolex Islamabad. 

Apart from everything, there is Blue Area near F-6 which is a hub for food, clothing, and every type of commercial purpose fulfillment and it is 6 minutes away from F-6 Islamabad.

Mosques Inside and Near F-6 Islamabad

Mosques near the F-6 sector are Aqsa Masjid Ahl-e-Hadith which is at 9 minutes walking distance, Motomar Islamic Masjid in F-6 Markaz which is 8 minutes away, Ghousia Mosque in F-6/1, Jamia Masjid on Agha Khan Road in F-6/1, Jamia Mosque Sa`d Ibn Mu`adh in F-6/1, Jamia Masjid Kohsar in G-6/3, Jamia Masjid Farooqia in F-6/1, Jamia Masjid Nimra in F-6/4. 

Other mosques outside F-6 are Al Khizar Mosque in Saidpur, NTC Mosque in F-5/1, PTV HQ Mosque in F-5/1, Masjid Al Huda and Masjid Bab ul islam in F-7 Markaz, Masjid Farooq e Azam in F-7/3, Jamia Masjid Sydena Farooquie Azam in G-7/2, Umer Mosque and Masjid Daar us Salam in F-6/2, Masjid e Usman and Bilal Mosque in G-6 Markaz. 

Last but not the least, the fourth biggest mosque in the world is Faisal Mosque on Shah Faisal Avenue which is about 5 kilometers away from the area.

Spas and Beauty Salons Inside and Near F-6 Islamabad 

Salons and Spas inside F-6 are Tariq Amin Salon in Beverly Centre, Tony, and Guy in F-6/1 which is an international beauty salon, Depilex in F-6 Markaz, Natasha`s Saloon in F-6./1, The Lounge by Depilex Men in F-6 Markaz, Anushay Khan the makeup saloon in F-6 Markaz, The Grooming Lounge in F-6 Markaz, Dessange Paris in F-6 Islamabad, Royal Salon in F-6 Markaz.

While nearby are: Anz Beauty Parlour in Aabpara G-6/1, Bia`s Salon and Bridal Studio, and Jugnu`s Salon, Daniella`s Signature Salon, Allenora Annie Signature Salon in F-7.

Restaurants and Bakeries Near F-6 Islamabad

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Zeezora Matka Masala Tea, Butlers Chocolate Café F-6, Pakeeza Café, Shalimar Restaurant, The Gyro, Munchies, Kaffe De Caribbean, Café Behbud, American Steak House, Istanbul Restaurant, Mama`s Ice Cream, Khyber Dodai, Pizza Originale, KFC, Desi Accent, Chaaye Khana. While in the previous lane there is Ravi Restaurant, Naan Dhaaba, Baauz, District 6, the Smokey Cauldron, the Butcher`s Café and Grill, Kaspa`s Dessert, Nando`s, Baskin Robbins, and Chop Chop Wok.

In Beverly Centre F-6, there is Cannoli by Café Soul, Khoka Khola, Asian Wok, BunBurry Club, tiger Temple, Qalandari Tandoor Chai, Serai Bistro, Burning Brownie. 

In Kohsar Market F-6, there is Table Talk, Mocca, Nom Nom Wok, Tuscany Courtyard, Street 1 Café, Porterhouse, and Side Walk café.

Near F-6, there is Salt n Peppr, Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant, and Usmania Restaurant in G-6/2, while royal elephant Thai Restaurant and Sakura Japanese Restaurant in F-5/1.

In F-7, there is Qishmisch, Arz Lebanon Restaurant, Atrio Café & Grill, Roasters, Xinjiang, Café Aylanto, Howdy Islamabad, Golden Dragon.

Talking about Bakery, there is United bakery in F-6, Toas`d Café and Bakery, Gourmet Bakers and Sweets in F-7, Tahzeeb Bakers in Blue Area G-7/3, and Loafology Bakery and Café in Blue Area G-7/2. 

Malls Near F-6 Islamabad

The Malls near F-6 Islamabad are Safa Gold Mall in F-7 and Centaurus Mall In F-6. These two malls are the most prominent mall in Islamabad and people love to visit them because they both have a floor with all food brands and a food court over it, another floor with a cinema, and other ones with different clothing and accessory brands. Centaurus mall provides home in form of Apartments to people, which are too expensive but luxurious.

Parks inside and Near F-6 Islamabad

Parks inside and near f-6 are Hasoo park in F-6/3, CDA Park in F-6/3, Margalla, Shalimar Cricket Ground in F-6, National Press Club Park and Kids Park in F-6/1. These parks add to the greenery of the area and provide freshness to the residents and visitors.

Sports-Oriented Facilities

Sports and workouts are important for the human body. To meet that requirement there is The Gym in Beverly Centre, Blue Area, F-6/1; Studio 8 in F-6/1, Shoukat`s Spa in F-6/1, Knockout fitness in F-6 Markaz, Metafitnosis in F-6 Markaz, Fitness Lounge in F-6 Markaz, ZK fitness in F-6 Markaz, Imperium Fitness Studio in F-6/2, Kinetix in F-6/4. 

Properties for Sale in F-6 Islamabad 

House for Sale in F-6 Islamabad – Price Trends

The price trends of houses for sale in Islamabad fall between Rs.4.5 Crore to Rs. 1 Arab. 5 Marla houses can be bought in Rs. 1.85 crore to Rs. 7 Crore. While 10 Marla houses can be bought between Rs.4.5 crore to Rs. 35 crore. When it comes to 1 Kanal, the price range is Rs.6.5 crore to Rs. 7.5 crore.

Plot for Sale in F-6 Islamabad – Price Trends

5 marla plots for sale in F-6 Islamabad will range from Rs.9.95 lakh to Rs. 20.95 lakh, 10 marla plot ranges from Rs 2 crore to Rs 12 crore. While 1 Kanal plot in F-6 costs between Rs.7 crore to Rs. 34 crore.

Properties for Rent in F-6 Islamabad 

House for Rent in F-6 Islamabad – Price Trends

For 5 marla houses, the rent will fall around Rs.85k each month, for 10 marla houses, the rent will be up to Rs.1.75 lakh each month, for 1 Kanal house, the rent will range from Rs. 50k to Rs.1.8 lakh every month.

Flats for Rent in F-6 Islamabad – Price Trends 

For renting 5 marlas flat in F-6 Islamabad, there will be about Rs.60k rent per month; for 10 marlas flat, the rent will be approximately Rs.1.2 Lakh, and for 1 Kanal flats, the rent will be about Rs.2.25 Lakh per month.

Commercial Properties for sale in F-6 Islamabad 

5 Marla commercial property, for buying purposes, in F-6 will range from Rs.4.25 crore to Rs. 9 crores, 10 Marka commercial property can go up to Rs 10 crore, while 1 Kanal commercial property in F-6 Islamabad will range from Rs.13 crore to Rs.2.5 Arab. The price trends may vary with the passage of time, with increasing property rates.

Prominent Areas Near F-6 Islamabad

  • Parada Ground Metro Station which is about 2 kilometers away from sector F-6`s center
  • Safa Gold Mall which is more than 2 kilometers away from F-6 Islamabad
  • Saidpur village which is less than 4 kilometers away from the F-6 sector`s center
  • Parliament House of Pakistan which is 3 kilometers away from F-6 Islamabad
  • D-Chowk which is 5 minutes away from F-6 Islamabad
  • Trail 3 which is about 4 minutes away from F-6 Islamabad
  • Marghazar Zoo Islamabad and Japanese Children`s Park at 6 minute drive from F-6 Islamabad
  • Supreme Court of Pakistan, Pakistan Secretariat, President House, National Assembly of Pakistan, are hardly at 10 minutes drive from F-6 Islamabad.

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