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DHA Karachi Area Guide

DHA Karachi Area Guide

DHA Karachi – An Introduction

DHA Karachi covers a large area of about 8,838 acres of land. It is one of the most socialized, modern, updated, and prestigious housing society of Karachi. Being the nearest housing scheme to the beach adds more value in its location and increases its demand in the real estate industry. DHA Karachi has 8 phases that offer you unmatchable living standards and high-quality services and facilities. What else could anyone dream of?

DHA Karachi is not only known for its exact and professional design but also because of its regulated, well-managed, and expert management. Back in March 1953, a housing society named as Defense Housing Society came into being by a group of retired army officers who were worried about the future of living standards of Pakistani nation. Then, in 1981, this very housing scheme was taken over the government after the issuance of presidential orders. The government gave the controls of DHA Karachi to the Corps Commander, Karachi. Municipal covers are offered by the DHA Cantonment Boards (CCB), which is an independent civic body. CCB owns eight phases of Defense Housing Authority, un-civilized areas and DHA blocks 8 and 9. The operations that CCB performs in Karachi are as follow

  • Maintain the public parks
  • Keeps the streets clean
  • Maintain the greenbelts
  • Plotting the plants on the roadside with equal distances
  • Providing a sufficient supply of water
  • Implementing modern and high-quality sanitation practices
  • Conducting people poll’s over several issues and ensuring public safety

DHA Karachi at a Glance

  • A professionally planned, secure residential and commercial scheme, offering the best state-of-the-art amenities
  • DHA Karachi hosts one of the largest flower show of Pakistan and many community events all around the year
  • International styled, modern, and elite clubs for sports and recreational activities
  • A huge and expansive range of commercial and residential property for investment
  • A large range of national and international restaurants and entertainment venues
  • Nearest to the Karachi beach
  • DHA has its own educational institutes, parks, mosques, and hospitals.

Why DHA Karachi is Ideal for Investors?

DHA Karachi is a golden opportunity for real estate investors from all over the world. It offers a huge and extensive range of residential and commercial plots with a high profit. A large number of people from Pakistan or across the borders invest in DHA Karachi. Not only invest but a large number of public moves to DHA Karachi every year for many reasons. the clean network of roads and the modern infrastructure make everyone falls for this beautiful society. Highly demanded recreational amenities and exceptional medical facilities, modern clubs and top educational centers are the reason why a large number of people are attracted to DHA Karachi. Not just this, as being the nearest living society to the Karachi beach, it beholds many benefits of living here. Another reason that makes DHA Karachi the very demanding residential place is its connectivity with the highway and main roads of Karachi.

Besides being a residential area, DHA Karachi has also become a commercial and business hub. A large number of realtors are performing operations in DHA Karachi which enables them to live good earning and also to increase the rate of sale and purchase of the area.

Religious Places in DHA Karachi – Mosques, Churches, and Temples

DHA Karachi highly promotes every religion and their activities with complete freedom and also cares about all of the minorities living there. Without a doubt, there are many non-Muslim’s are residing in DHA and DHA Karachi believes that every religion should have given its rights and freedoms to live an independent life without feeling inferior to any other sect of the society. There is a large number of mosques constructed in DHA Karachi in various blocks to make sure that it is convenient for every resident of DHA Karachi to offer the obligatory prayers with ease.

Some of the most-visited mosques in the area are

  • Masjid-e-Khadija Tul Kubra
  • Masjid-e-Faizan-e-Islami -Phase 7 near
  • Fatima Masjid -
  • Gizri Village
  • Jamia Masjid Abdul Aziz - Phase 5
  • Jama Masjid Noor-ul-Islam - Phase 5
  • Sultan Masjid - Phase 5
  • Masjid E Umar Farooq – SKBZ on Khayaban-e-Rahat
  • Masjid-e-Kabeer -Phase 6
  • Masjid e Saheem
  • Masjid-e-Ali - Phase 6
  • Jamia Masjid Auliya and Shrine of Misri Shah Ghazi - Khayaban-e-Bukhari in Phase 6
  • Ayesha Masjid- phase 7.

Masjid e Tooba which is globally known as Gol Masjid is more often claimed to be the largest single-domed mosque in the world and one of the biggest mosques with a capacity of 5000 nimaazi in Pakistan.

As already mentioned, DHA cares about the other religion, for this very purpose there are also some churches constructed by following the most

  • Newlife Theological Seminary
  • United Pentecostal Church- Qayyumabad
  • Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of Pakistan – Sikandrabad
  • Anthony's Parish
  • Church of Christ
  • St Paul ARP Church
  • Church of Living Christ Pakistan
  • Andrews Church
  • The Salvation Army Church in Qayyumabad
  • Thomas’ Church
  • Holy Rosary Catholic Church

While providing an extensive range of mosques and churches, how can DHA Karachi forget about temples? There are also three main temples located near DHA Karachi and are open for the Hindus community to perform their prayers with freedom.

  • Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Samantha Dham
  • Shree Darbar SSDN

Public Transport in DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi tries its best to provide the best transportation services to its residents, especially to the students who are supposed to take routes on a daily basis. You will find a large range of public transport options in DHA Karachi and we are sure that many of them would fit your needs without a doubt.

Almost every resident of DHA Karachi has its own private transportation or through ride-hailing services. But still, there are many buses passing DHA Karachi, completing several routes, and covers different parts of the city. These routes include W30, X10, W21, Z2, Gulistan Coach, and the famous Aiwan Coach.

The highly prominent bus stations in the area are mentioned below:

  • Iqra Bus Stop
  • Madina Stop
  • Defense View
  • JolSol Bus Stop
  • Akhtar Colony Bus Stop
  • KPT
  • Qayyumabad
  • M-1 Bus Stop
  • Blue Lines Luxury Coach Service Bus Stop
  • Warraich Express
  • Gizri Bus Stop
  • Submarine Chowk
  • KPT Underpass
  • W-30 Sultan Masjid Stop on Khayaban-e-Bahria in Phase V.
  • N Focus Bus Stop on Saba Avenue in Badar Commercial Area, Defense.

Marketplaces in DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi provides a large marketplace for its residents so that no one would have to travel any far to go and grab the things they require for their daily life. From grocery products to clothing, food points to banks, DHA Karachi provides everything for your disposal. While living in DHA Karachi, you would infinite small or large markets in every sector and block while large marketplaces are located at distance and have their own identity. 

The Khadda Market

One of the most prominent and old markets of DHA Karachi, located in Stadium Commercial Area Defense phase 5. Khadda Market has everything that you are looking for. From food items to clothing needs, you are offered with everything you are looking for. The market is highly known for its eateries, supermarts, photo galleries, and unique gift shops. The market is highly affordable.

Imtiaz Super Market

Imtiaz Super Market is an all-rounder supermarket for all of your needs. From linen to cloths, from food items to the bank branches, you got everything you are looking for. You can find an expansive range of gift items here and also a large play area for your kids. Located at the Korangi road, it takes a minimum of 2-3 minutes to drive from phase 7 DHA Karachi to reach Imtiaz Super Market.

The Gulf Market

The most famous and recommended market for fabric purchases at the most affordable rate along with a huge variety of designs, styles, and fabric nature. This market does not only operates for the residents of DHA Karachi but also for the people living in other areas of Karachi. Besides clothing products, you would also find the finest jewelry and footwear here. This amazing market is located near the famous landmark Teen Talwar Chowk, Phase 8, DHA.

Besides all these major and prominent markets, there are also several other markets that include Badar Commercial Fruit Market in DHA Karachi Phase 5 where you would find the finest quality of fruits and also at the most affordable rates. Farmers market in phase 8.

There are several other markets located in the area as well. These include fruit markets such as Badar Commercial Fruit Market in Phase V and Farmer’s Market in Phase VIII, Defence. The latter market is somewhat price. However, it is popular for offering organic food items, a healthier alternative to processed and preserved groceries. There are many amazing marts and supermarkets in DHA Karachi and they follow the safety measures and ensures that the dispatching products are highly hygienic and do not cause any harm.

Financial Institutions and Banks in DHA Karachi

The infrastructure of DHA Karachi is designed by the professional designers who keep an eye at every corner. They know about every basic need that you have to deal with during your daily routine. There are also many banks in DHA Karachi which allows you to pay your payments or transfer the funds at every hour of the day. From private to public banks, you are provided with the best services and an extensive range of banks without traveling a lot. The ATM works around the clock and the security system of DHA Karachi makes sure that you make your transaction easily at every hour of the day.

All banks that are located in DHA Karachi are enlisted

  • Allied Bank Ltd. -Phase V
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) – phase V
  • Faysal Bank- Phase V
  • The Bank of Punjab- Phase V
  • Bank Al Habib- Phase V
  • JS Bank branches - Phase V
  • Meezan Bank
  • Habib Metro Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Faysal Bank
  • Bank Alfalah – VI
  • Standard Chartered Bank -Phase VI.
  • Askari Bank Limited- Phase VI.
  • Meezan Bank Phase VII.
  • JS Bank- Phase VIII

Medical Centers and Hospitals in DHA Karachi

While enlisting and highlighting all other basic yet important necessities of life available at DHA Karachi how can we forget to enlist the established and completely functional hospitals located in DHA Karachi? DHA management makes sure that above all, medical services are provided for every resident and in case of emergency, the services have to be available in the shortest duration. Here is the list of all of the hospitals available at DHA Karachi.

Some of the popular hospitals located in the area are mentioned below

  • South City Hospital near DHA Karachi phase V
  • Al Tamash Hospital a drive of fewer than 5 minutes from phase V
  • Sir Syed Hospital
  • Ziauddin Hospital - DHA
  • PNS Shifa Hospital

Besides the hospitals mentioned above, there are some clinics also in different sectors of DHA Karachi. There are skin clinics, aesthetics, and skincare clinics.  Heading to phase 7, you will find the best health care homeopathic clinic, virgin scalp clinic, health point clinic, and also the Rahat medical center.

Shopping Malls in DHA Karachi

DHA is at the top of the commercial area and has a huge demand for the establishment of malls. Civilized public residing in DHA Karachi prefers to shop from malls instead of the local market. Besides this, the shopping mall also provides employment opportunities for a large number of masses. Malls located at DHA Karachi are enlisted below:

  • The Palace
  • Zamzama Mall
  • Dolmen Mall
  • The ocean Mall
  • The Forum Shopping Mall
  • Parks and clubs at DHA Karachi
  • Zamzama Park
  • Bagh-e-Ibn-Qasim
  • Amir Khusro Park
  • Hilal Park
  • Nishat park
  • Rahat park
  • Frère Hall
  • Mohatta Palace
  • DHA Beach
  • Visually Impaired Person Park (An illusion park for your kid’s 3D experience)
  • K Khan Park
  • Darakshan park
  • Farhan Ali Shaheed Park

Properties for Sale in DHA Karachi

Because of its high importance in the real estate market of Karachi, DHA Karachi is the favorite place for investment for investors. There are different types of properties for sale in DHA Karachi. Let’s discuss some of the most preferred types of properties for sale in DHA Karachi.

Houses for Sale in DHA Karachi

A lot of people dream of living in DHA Karachi which is why the houses are high in demand. The houses for sale in DHA Karachi are available in different sizes and different price ranges. However, the prices are usually higher as compared to the rest of the city. The most common phase for houses in DHA Karachi is Phase 5. In this phase, the houses for sale in DHA Karachi have access to the best facilities in the area. The beach is located nearby and the markets are also very accessible. If you are looking for houses for sale in DHA Karachi, you can visit and browse a number of options.

Plots for Sale in DHA Karachi

Besides the houses, there are a number of plots for sale in DHA Karachi available as well. The prices of real estate in DHA Karachi has always been on the higher side courtesy of the amenities available in this area. The area is almost fully developed and there are very few plots for sale in DHA Karachi. The prices of 500 square yard plots start from PKR 6 crores and go up to PKR 12 crores. Similarly, the price of 1000 square yard plots can be anywhere between PKR 14 crores and PKR 35 crores.

Flats for Sale in DHA Karachi

Flats in DHA Karachi are also a very popular option. In all the different phases, you can find flats for sale in DHA Karachi. There are 2-bedroom flats, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and even 5-bedroom flats available in DHA Karachi. These apartments are available in different price ranges. Although the prices are very high as compared to other areas in the city, the luxury that comes with these flats surpasses the price by a fair margin.

Properties for Rent in DHA Karachi

Not only can you find properties for sale in DHA Karachi but there is a wide range of properties for rent in DHA Karachi. Let’s discuss the types of properties for rent you can find in DHA Karachi.

Houses for Rent in DHA Karachi

A lot of people come to Karachi to find jobs and the best area they find to live in DHA. Hence, the demand for houses for rent in DHA Karachi is always on the rise. There are many houses for rent in DHA Karachi available in different sizes. The houses for rent in DHA start from PKR 60 thousand per month and go up to as much as PKR 40 lacs per month. It is a costly choice to live in a rental home in DHA Karachi but the experience is all worth it.

Flats for Rent in DHA Karachi

Considering the growing demand for living in DHA, many owners have rented out their flats. You can easily find flats and apartments for rent in DHA Karachi in different sizes and of course, different monthly rent. There are flats for rent in different sizes including studio apartments, 2-bed apartments, 3-bed apartments, 4-bedroom apartments, and above. The monthly rent of flats for rent in DHA Karachi starts from PKR 30 thousand per month and go up to PKR 2.5 lacs.

Commercial Properties for Sale or Rent in DHA Karachi

Being a hub of business activities, there is a wide scope for businesses to flourish. There are specified commercial areas within this development including Teen Talwar, Do Talwar, Schon Circle, Emerald Tower, Ocean Tower, and others. Head offices of top brands are also located in the commercial areas of DHA Karachi. If you are looking for a commercial property for sale or rent in DHA Karachi, you can easily find it. No matter if it is an office, shop, or commercial space, these are an abundance of sale or rent.

If you are looking for properties for sale or rent in DHA Karachi, feel free to visit We have a number of properties for sale or rent in all the categories available. If you have some custom requirements, you can get in touch with our representative and we will find the best property for you that will meet your requirements.

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